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A dream I should have talked about.

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posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 04:04 PM
I have just finished reading another thread, that speaks of a dream a member had.
It reminded me of two different dreams I have had.

The first though is something that seemed very minor at the time as I was in my mid teens, not really understanding or caring about anything for that matter.

It was very brief and blunt, but vivid as hell.
It was a friend and my self (my only christian friend), we were horsing around on a bridge extending over the highway in my local town. We continued until we almost reached the end of the bridge. We met the intersection ahead and found a few shopping carts, for some dumb reason, we decided to throw these carts on the road, yet not one car went by. We continued to go on the road and bash them in to each other over the median. I remember looking up at the stars and seeing a wierd set of stars, almost as if they were detailing something. I pointed it out to my friend, and we were now both eyes on the sky. As we both focused our attention, with in these stars the area became very dark and appeared become bold and embedded in the sky.
Staring in awe, we just watched as it slowly revealed its self, it appeared as a very thick knight in all black the sky.
Just when I thought, hmm something is not right here. I hear an alarming yet calm female voice just echo all around us, not piercing our ears, but it felt as if everyone around us also could have heard, if we were around any one.

"Do not be alarmed, this is the Dark knight global security system. Do not be alarmed, you have nothing to fear. Strict surveillance is in effect."
after the announcement I was awaken from my sleep and WIDE AWAKE.

Dreams are dreams, but I really feel sometimes are dreams could possibly a product of collective consciousness.
Now I don't know about you guys, but is a security system implemented in the sky not as far as we think.


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