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Saudis Spending $ Billions on Spread of Muslims - Wahhabism - Islam ??

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posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 02:30 AM

Wahhabism remains the major source of Islamist ideology and Saudi Arabia has never stopped funding its expansion.

This site claims that billion-dollar funding is being bankrolled by the Saudis in the promotion of Wahhabism, which is the fundamentalist and sectarian form of Islam (i.e., it comprises the Saudi religion, and major theological component of the Sunni version of Islam )

Claims that billions are being spent by the Saudis in their determination to spread Islam into every little corner of the planet

Muslim convert Stephen Schwartz, author of the “The Two Faces of Islam,” a book that warns of the spread of Wahhabism, said the Saudis established and continue to finance hundreds of mosques and centers in this country, as well as some of the nation’s leading Muslim activist organizations. They also control the training and appointment of many imams, he said.

“The Wahhabi presence in the United States is a foreboding one that has potentially harmful and far-reaching consequences for our nation’s mosques, schools, prisons and even our military,” where a number of chaplains are influenced by the movement, said Sen. Charles E. Schumer

Most people are unaware of the breadth and efforts of Saudi prostletyzing ...

Saudi Islam is called Wahhabism, and is severe, ultra orthodox, and violently intollerent. And the Saudis have spent tens of billions spreading it around the world ... including in Canada


" Their message to Muslims in Europe and America is extreme and intolerant: 'Do not accept their ways, and do not consider yourself as one of them. You only exist as a Muslim, respecting Muslim values alone.'

Implications of Saudi funding to Western academic institutions

My seach request was simple: ' Saudis funding spread of Wahhabism '

It turned up 114,000 results, apparently

Other, more sophisicated and specific search-requests would undoubtedly uncover more, much more

But suffice it to say that even using my basic search-request, it becomes immediately clear that according to the US and other governments and journalists, the Saudis are devoting billions of dollars in the relentless spread of Wahhabism, which appears not at all to be friendly towards the West or to non-muslim beliefs. In fact, it's claimed Wahhabism isn't even friendly or supportive of many Islamic sects

So why ARE the Saudis investing billions of dollars in the push to drive Wahhabism in the West ? Why is Wahhabism so opposed to the West and to Western belief systems ?

are Wahhabists flooding into the West *IF* everything Western offends them and runs contrary to their beliefs and culture ? Why ?

It's claimed that by their own admission, the Saudis have openly spent 87 billion dollars on promoting Wahhabism in the West.

That's by their own admission

How many more billions have they spent ?

And how many of our politicians and educational-institutions, media sources, etc. have taken the Saudi dollar ?

How many posters on forums just like this one, have taken the Saudi dollar in exchange for posting pro-Islamic comment in order to sway others ?

Those interested in what's going on apparently right under their noses should perhaps run searches of their own, re: Saudi funding of Wahhibsm, Islam, Muslims and the West


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