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Video claims humanitarian aid to palestine is cause of world's problems

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posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 12:43 PM
This video is claiming that all the humanitarian aid that is going to Palestine should be going to places like Africa and other third world countries. I noticed that the video doesn't show any pictures of Palestine and the benefits of their aid.

The video also says

"The Palestinian Authority receives more aid per capita than any other country."

Maybe because it is a very small country, smaller than Israel, and Israel is always referenced as a very tiny country in proportion to the Arab states around it. Maybe also because Palestine is a concentration camp with 20 foot walls surrounding it. But hey, I thought Palestine didn't exist, so somehow this non-existent country is the cause of the world's problems. Who would have guessed.

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posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 02:29 PM
It’s an evil little piece of propaganda. It says much of the money that goes towards Palestinians is unaccounted for. But it doesn’t mention how much of the money that goes to Africa is accounted for. I bet it’s a lower percentage, as certainly in Nigeria up to 80% of aid money finds into corrupt, government hands.

With their argument you could argue that giving money to homeless people in the United States is a waste of money, because the same money could help more Africans. This doesn’t even touch apron money sent to Greenpeace, or money sent to animal welfare charities. After all pets should suffer, if you could use the money to increase the African population (and therefore increase the number of starving people still further, for tomorrow).

The truth the video tries, to obscure is this: No money that goes to charity is ever wasted. Some charities are more cost effective than others, some save animals, some save people; but the ones that save animals, do so because they’re animals that need help too.
If the video had wanted to be good-useful it could have focussed on the Palestinian charities to avoid, and the ones to promote. But alas that would be saving Palestinian lives!!! Clearly the video is against anything interfering with the settlement-expansion plans with the state of Isteal (Nazi Jewery)!

In many ways Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestinians "deserve" our help far more, than Africa because they're reasons for being poor are largely artifial i.e. down our taxpayers money propping-up Isteal. Whilst in Africa the poverty is mostly rooted in cultral problems, and wars that often have very little to do with where our tax money is spent (but rather the ruthless ambitions, of various dictators).

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posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 07:07 PM
5 flags and only 1 response. Remember people: all evil needs to exist is for good people to do nothing. If you have the moral fortitude to flag this thread, why not speak your mind about how ridiculous this video is? If anyone is interested, I found out about this thread at, I'm not a Jew basher, in fact they can have their religious customs, like a prejudice on intermarriage (just go to the website to see for yourself), but when they come up with something as inane as this I just have to speak out.


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