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The Bridge: Documentary

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posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 12:22 AM
(Theres a thread in this forum already about this, but could not find it in the search to post.)

This is a documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge Suicides. Basically a film crew filmed the bridge for 24 hours a day, for a whole year. They caught 24 people on tape who jumped to there deaths.

They then contacted the family members of the said people, to ask them about the person, and learn about there life and what they were going through.

Ill tell you, its not for the faint of heart. Right in the beginning it showed a man jumping to his death and as he hit the water. At first I thought it was just a movie and that maybe it was fake, but upon further reading, saw that it was a documentary.

Its truly shocking to see how nonchalant some of these people are as they jump. One guy literally just walked up to the railing and jumped right off, no expression on his face, nothing.

Some people would sit on the railing and cry a few minutes before jumping, and people walking by would not say one thing to try and help.

Ide like to hear opinions of others who saw this movie.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 07:24 PM
I recommended this movie a while back from this thread (maybe that's the one your referring to):


It is a very powerful documentary and as you pointed out not for the faint of heart. It shows a side of people I think most only hear about and not actually see yet alone what they are capable of carrying out. At times there are no words to describe how cold and determined their mindsets are. We are certainly desensitized given daily exposures to chaos and disorder but there is just something else about this film that is drawn differently. Hard to explain really, but I would encourage others to watch it. Highly recommended.


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