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psyops 101

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 02:28 PM
From Mary Tillman, author of "Boots on the ground by dusk"
Major General Stanley McChrystal had been in charge of Joint Special Operations Command in 2004 when Pat was killed, but I had never heard of him until March 2007, when someone anonymously sent an AP reporter a copy of a high priority correspondence, a P-4 memo, written on April 29, 2004 and sent to McChrystal and to Generals Abizaid, Brown, and Kensinger. The purpose of the memo was to warn President George W. Bush and the Secretary of the Army not to make any comments about Pat's heroic death at the hands of the enemy since there was "potential" that Pat was killed by friendly fire. The memo was sent in an effort to spare the White House embarrassment, "if the circumstances of Corporal Tillman's death become public." It provides irrefutable evidence that not only did McChrystal lie about the circumstances surrounding Pat's death, but in it he even proposes false language for the Silver Star award citation. It also makes clear there was never any intention of telling the truth about Pat's death unless circumstances made it absolutely necessary.
On May 13, 2009 Senator John McCain called me. McCain had given a eulogy at Pat's memorial service and was instrumental in pushing for the third investigation of Pat's death, but I hadn't heard from him in several years. I have always believed Pat's case was politically awkward for him, and so he'd chosen to distance himself from the entire affair. I was surprised to hear from him. He said he was contacting me to see if I wanted to give him questions that he could pose to McChrystal at the hearing, which I was willing to do until I learned that McCain was already publicly endorsing the McChrystal appointment before the hearing even began. I let the senator know I wouldn't be sending him any questions, as I feared they would be used to prep McChrystal, rather than to put him on the spot. McChrystal's appointment was approved.
Article on McCain's view of the Afghan war.
McCain’s national security policy platform does not include a strategy for Afghanistan. As of July 15, 2008, John McCain’s website contained no mention of a strategy for Afghanistan in either his national security policy section or his Iraq policy section. [John, 7/15/08]

I did a thread on the weather around the world. I threw in what it was doing to crops and how a food shortage was on the horizon. I added in Obama & HAARP with the 2 plane crashes in Alaska as spice. The responses were all over the field.

In this example we see a covered up friendly fire death with 3 congressional investigations, a paperback by the mother and a documentary.

We find McCain well versed in the data but supporting the men in charge. One article claims he does not speak much on Afghanistan but a lot on Iraq. The other article finds he is informed supports the Afghan war.

Now following this we can make a path of our choosing.
1. McCain, who appeared sympathetic to the Tillman's was actually worming his way in to be aware of upcoming political troubles. He wants to help cover General McChrystal and anything bad about the Afghan war.

2. He is just a politician doing the best for himself.

Now if we throw in Where McCain attacks RNC Chairman Michael Steel's Afghan remarks
"During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama made clear his belief that we should not fight in Iraq, but instead concentrate on Afghanistan," he said. "Now, as President, he has indeed shifted his focus to this region. That means this is his strategy."

From this we can push the idea that McCain has a vested interest in a continuing Afghan war.
We can twist this more that not only is he a paid for politician who actually supports some of Obama's war strategies as long as it is Afghanistan but is willing to protect Obama from his own party.

As long as a logical chain can be made then any jumps over breaks can be seen as small enough that the reader by-passes them. Like any magician you must keep the peoples eyes upon what you want them to see.

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