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In a land of dreams and smoke!

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 07:11 AM
In a land of dreams and smoke!

It was just a normal day, in a normal month, in a normal year for Kim as she lay reading her favourite poems of her day. She lay on her tummy with her legs in the air, swaying from side to side in an almost tidal motion. Her hair as gold as the sun and as soft as silk, Her eyes as big and as sparkly as the moon. Her lips as tender as a butterflies wing. Whilst reading she hears an unfamiliar sound. “ What could that be?” She ponders, Floating to the window she sees a pillar of smoke and a orange glow that could only suggest a fire in the far distance. As the hours pass Kim falls into a graceful undisturbed sleep where she begins to dream the most vivid dream of her short life.

“ How can I help you? “ asks a strangely dressed man.
“ Ermmm I would like to know where the Kings castle is please?”
“ Down the street there and to your right, you cant miss it m’lady “
“ Why thank you kind sir” Kim gracefully replies.

Making her way along the pebbled path she notices that this is not like the world she fell asleep in and cant help but get the feeling she has been here before. The sights and sounds all seem too familiar as she reaches the castle which stands proud and bold in the sun lit skyline. Upon entering the mammoth front entrance Kim hears a familiar voice.

“Well hello there fair lady “
“ H…..Hello “ Kim sheepishly replies still not sure who this person is.
“ I ponder as to why you are here this fine day Princess, shouldn’t you be in the next shire? “
“ My business is done there my lord “ She quickly blurts out without a thought.
“ Well your prince awaits you in his quarters dear child “ The monstrous jolly man chuckles.

Standing alone in this massive hallway Kim starts to notice paintings dawning the walls. Scaning over them she stops at one which seems so familiar, a young majestic prince stands nobly in a suit of armour that shines so bright it almost seems like its made entirely of light. The face of the prince brings butterflies to Kim’s tummy and she hurriedly makes her way up the swooping staircase to try and locate the faced that made her smile. Upon entering the door at the end of a long hallway kim sees the prince standing there. He makes his way swiftly towards the princess, takes her hand and pulls her close. Gently pressing his lips against hers, Kims heart misses a beat and all goes black.

Waking up to reality Kim feels incredibly in love with this almost perfect figure from her dream. Climbing out of bed and checking the time, Kim realises she has an hour to get to work. Kim is a nurse in the local hospital and really loves her job for she makes a difference in peoples lives. Hours have passed and Kim is working hard in the hospital when she is called to ward 3 where there is a bed obscured by curtains. Reading the chart she sees the victim was part of a car crash only yesterday. Opening the curtains , Kim drops the clipboard and loses her breath. “ That face…….it… cant be! “ She struggles to think. The man looks at Kim and lets loose a smile that can only suggest that he recognises her also.

“ My saviour, My Princess! “ the man softly whispers.
“ My Love, My Prince! “ The reply comes so naturally to Kim.

Slowly making her way towards the bed Kim feels a sense of complete euphoria and its overwhelmed at how much love is being passed to and fro just from eyes. Taking his hand she feels the same missed beat in her heart. Slowly lying down next to this man she closes her eyes and whispers “ I love you my prince, I always have and always will. “
“ I love you too my princess! “

Weeks pass and the man fully recovers and a love blossoms that most would only ever dare to dream about.
All the while Kim knows it was fate. Her eyes glow with a brightness only equalled by the sun and her face always wears a smile for she has now found the love of her life. Lying in bed that night with her head on his shoulder, Kim’s heart beats so loud it resembles a war drum. Her eyes slowly fall shut and a single thought crosses her mind.

“ I am the Princess and I have my Prince “

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 08:22 PM
Who doesn't like fairy tales or dreams with happy endings?
I liked the concept, the idea that there is a soul mate for all of us.

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 11:19 PM
Really a very cool story that should have gotten more comments than this. IMO, this story is about what is achievable, but is also almost universally beyond us.

I spent some time on this story, and think Kim may have gone totally insane from horrific loneliness and desire.

I hope that isn't the case, and it is really just a happy story.

I know that people can achieve that ecstatic happiness from love. I also know that people can sometimes just crackup. Sanity is a merely a state of mind.

It seems like Kim is a nice person. I hope the best for her


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