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When you need help...

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 02:50 AM
When you need help you can never get it and have to go to other lengths in order to find the people with the expertise you require...

That is one of my, and possibly others, biggest problems here on ATS.

I currently have an active thread where I need someone (or as many people as possible) to have a good look at, and examine, a photograph in as much detail as possible. I have requested such in the thread linked here

Now, here's the problem. Where are the people with the ability to do what I am asking?

Answer... Mostly in other threads and sections reading about and studying other pics of their fields of interest and/or expertise. Therefore, the help I require is not being found.

JohnQ has stepped forward and is having a look at the pic but by his own admission, he is not an expert and neither am I. We are both still learning about photo analasys.

If someone who can help reads this then please, if you have time and are willing, check the thread I linked as I need a photo studied.
I need the object in question looked at in detail, its distance from the lense, its overall height and anything else you can discover about the pic.. basically pull it apart and give me all that you can give..

Now, and more to the point, would it be a good idea if there was a section or method in which memebers could post their fields of expertise or skills or abilities?
Can there be a section where we could search for the people we need in order to get the help we require.

We see countless threads asking for help in avatar creation, we see many forums which have forum subject matter experts, yet the people we need can only sometimes be found whithin these sections, and then, only in threads. It's difficult to keep track of all of the abilities that certain members have at their disposal.

I can't create another thread elsewhere in order to get this picture looked at. I can't go trawling through thousands of threads trying to find a member who could help me. Sending multiple u2u's would take a long time.

Perhaps something could be done where either skills are listed or evidence/data/photos etc could be placed where those with the skills can regularly pop in to see if anyone needs help.


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