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Steps to take for EOE violations?

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posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 05:40 PM

A friend of mine has worked for a wealthy school district for going on twenty years. They have been bounced around throughout these years. Recently, she was informed that once again her job was being changed and she would be moved to another position.

In this unionised schoold district, there are classes for the employees. I mean based on the job duties, they fall into a certain "class" and their income is based on that.

My friend was told her job was being changed or removed, and it would be filled by a higher class worker (male), who would be getting paid more money to do the same work.

On the other side, where she is being moved to, use to be filled by a man, who was earning a higher wage, than she will be offered.

She has so far contacted the EEOE and is following through with their paperwork. She has also notified and been in contact with the union representatives and union lawyer. To follow greivance procedures etc.
I am curious if in some location if she doesnt do her homework and cross the T's and dot the I's, that she could get burned somehow?
She definately has a case, and this has been an ongoing thing at the school, where she was left in the building alone to do a "maintenance persons" job...but was labeled as a class that did not get paid maintenance class wage.

Anyone have any experience dealing with this?


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