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Demonic attack or lucid nightmare?

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posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 10:34 AM
On Wednesday night I had the most awful experience.As a grown man,who considers himself something of a tough nut in day to day life this 'event' scared the hell out of me. I was alone in my bedroom and had been asleep from around 3am,at approximately 4.30am I awoke,or seemed to and saw a grey mist above me,it was trying to make a form but never quite made it,it was laughing at me though,audibly,not in my head. I somehow knew I had to turn the light on to get rid of it.I reached for the light switch but couldnt move,when I eventually could move I realised that the 'Thing' was trying to confuse me and had made my room appear to be my old bedroom at my parents house.There was no light switch above my bed in the place Im living now! After another spate of manical laughing and the grey stuff floating over me I managed to get up and go to what I thought was the light switch,again it was like Id been tricked,the place where I thought the switch was was where it had been in the last house I lived in.I was really panicking by this point and started physically crying.I remember trying not to look at the grey form and looked at the gap in between the curtains and the alarm clock,this helped me focus to where I was and I dragged myself off to the correct light switch,as soon as I turned it on it was like nothing had happened except for my eyes being wet and the bed covers being all over the place.Sleep was a long time in coming and I admit I left the light on for the rest of the night/morning.Ive had weird things happen all my life and do have a keen interest in the subject and sometimes wonder if I read in to things to much.I wondered if anyone could explain it or if anyone had had anything along the same lines happen to them.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 11:03 AM
Sounds to me like sleep paralysis since you couldn't move at one point.

I have suffered this many times and have often heard and seen things in this state even after forcing myself to move.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 11:16 AM
sleep paralysis for sure. but with that said do the demonic souls do this to you? thats the question. I have that stuff happen to me all the time and scares the heck out of me

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 12:33 PM
sleep paralysis....these things feed on fear. i know its easier said than done because iv been there, but if you can show no fear these things cant mess with you. good luck

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 04:45 PM
I created an account so I could explain the experience that I have had which is almost the exact same, and help shed some light on your experience.

In my experience I was in my bed, and it was daylight out. I went to bed while it was daylight out, and honestly I am not certain if I was awake or asleep. The blinds left the slivers of light on the wall in the same position approximately when I was going to bed. I was able to see around me but I was unable to move, I could move my eyes and breathe but that was essentially it. I heard the most booming voice in the deepest tone say " I CAN SEE YOUUUU", now I am telling you this voice was coming from right near me, and it was absolutely thunderous, extremely loud, if this sound was transmitting to anyone else they would have freaked out. I was able to look up to the left and I seen a thick black/grey(where there was not enough smoke to block all light) smoke that was able to move, and it was trying to pull itself out of my field of vision. It was like extremely black thick smoke that would have, I was following it with my left eye and it was coalescing itself together, not dispersing like smoke normally would. My window was shut, and it was as bright as when I went to lay down to sleep. Nothing had moved in my room, and I then started screaming inside my mind, roaring with anger "I will not serve you!", then I started to pray, and when I began the lords prayer, I am not sure how far through I was, I immediately woke up and was in the exact same position I was during the event, and I immediately started to look around the room and house for anything out of place, and reaffirming my faith in prayer.

As far as I am concerned the smoke that speaks is essentially the devil, or Belial, which is mentioned in the dead sea scrolls. It felt evil. I think if I gave in to it, I might not be the same person I am now, it might have turned me to evil or used me to do something. I did not submit to it, and have not seen it since.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 04:55 PM
sounds like sleep paralasys apart from the going to the light switch bit.
i've had a few episodes of sleep paralasys when i was younger but about a week ago it seemed to happen again.
in all past episodes i never felt a presence, just the inability to move or wake my self fully but this time it was like something staring at me going past my feet and where ever it moved i felt immense cold coming from it as if it were an open freezer door. i didn't feel scared as i'm familiar with sleep paralasys, i felt scared after i woke.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 10:33 PM
Unless your house is haunted (not being facetious - a very real possibility) you have definitely had an episode of sleep paralysis. Normally, when you are in a state of REM stage sleep, your brain "paralyzes" your body to keep you from sleepwalking, kicking or knocking things about. It then goes away when you drift in to a more awakened state. When this natural mechanism malfunctions, the paralysis and dream-state continues into a state of semi-consciousness. Hence the frightening sounds and images, confusion and not being able to move properly. This all occurs and you feel as though you are totally awake.

If the episodes continue or are interfering with your sleep or daily functioning, seek professional help from a sleep specialist.

Ann M., Ba. S. Psychology
Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by Rockerchic4God
you have definitely had an episode of sleep paralysis. Normally, when you are in a state of REM stage sleep, your brain "paralyzes" your body to keep you from sleepwalking, kicking or knocking things about. It then goes away when you drift in to a more awakened state. When this natural mechanism malfunctions, the paralysis and dream-state continues into a state of semi-consciousness.

I caution you to avoid this scientific nonsense because your life may be in peril if this ever happens again. I readily admit that the above quote is in fact a reality, but it in no way sufficiently answers the dangerous and paranormal experience you had. These smoke entities are in fact devious and harmful entities that come from another dimension. You were not in a state of REM stage sleep.

The reason you were practically paralyzed was a result of the dimensions melding together for a short time. It becomes extremely difficult for not only humans, but other objects to move from this rift type phenomena. Light is able to bend and distort the dimensions back and that is the very reason these beings disappear and are afraid of light.

I once knew a man who ignored these entities and let them corrupt him because he was unwilling to accept that their literal existence. Over time they became more violent and would possess him to some degree and it almost got him killed. His hair began to fall out in clumps and sores developed on his outer thighs, inner forearms and feet. He had bloody noses very often and suffered terrible migraines on a regular basis. Eventually he had to go to the hospital because of rectal bleeding and his penis became infected. It sounds gruesome and I assure you it was. That poor man is still recovering and on the verge of losing his mind. I suggest you take these entities as the serious threat they are and be prepared in the future.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 02:56 AM
Thanks guys,I thought sleep paralysis myself as I had a few experiences of that when I was younger. This seemed slightly different.More real.And the feeling that I had turn the light on was overwhelming which fits in with what someone said about altering the reality/dimension.The doctor who posted has to be taken seriously though and I really appreciate your educated advice.On a side note,i awoke this morning and had been crying again but have no memory of why.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:11 AM
It sound more like sleep paralysis with a very vivid very bad dream. Have you been dealing with a stressful moral decision lately that perhaps you do not feel you have any real control over the matter?

The reason I ask is because your dreams are very important, and while most of them do not mean much sometimes they do reveal things that your inner you is trying to tell you. I wouldnt worry much over demons attacking you, they seldom do so in any physical way, it is more likely to be an influence exerted on your life. A ghost while a possibility seems unlikely for what you describe, on the basis that from what you have said was an isolated event with no build up whatsoever for an event so violent and brief.

So yeah probably sleep paralysis, but it should be noted that not everyone is "paralyzed" when they are in REM sleep.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 06:02 AM
I have been having my fair share of problems recently,a relationship break up,money worries.I was telling one of my colleagues was that Id had an ex army friend round the nigth before the initial incident and he had been getting things off his chest about some of the atrocities he had seen in Iraq and Bosnia,some really evil sounding incidents etc.He has since gone on to be addicted to opiates and my colleague said that some of his unwanted dirty laundry so to speak could have been left in the atmosphere and contributed to what happened.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:24 AM

Although Im highly suspicious as to whether im dreaming or not, as these events have all happened when Ive either been either asleep and supposedly woken up or when Ive been dropping to sleep, I have had a couple more weird occurences.Firstly when I got back in bed after emptying the old bladder(getting old lol) last week, I immediately moved over to the opposite side of the bed as I felt someone get in with me,in my dreamy state I just thought it was the ex who Id split up with recently(5 months ago). There was movement and a feeling of someone lying beside me but when I realised I should be alone I quickly turned round to find nothing at the side of me. Secondly, two nights ago(ive been staying at my sisters quite a lot recently so havent been home much in the periods between events),I decided to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room,I awoke around 3am to someone stroking my face,it was pleasureable until I again realised I was alone,I opened my eyes and found nothing there again.Its starting to freak me out now!!!

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posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by Cwood

Sleep paralysis is one thing, but to actually see and hear something after awakening could be a sign that something else is going on and the paralysis is a side effect.

Im a firm beleiver of debunking sleep paralysis as much as possible because I know that there exist entities that are only able to affect you within the dream world and some that are only able to affect you in the waking world.

So to say that sleep paralysis is nothing more then a natural human condition feels a bit silly to me...Something is happening to us in that moment that is not supposed to happen, we are being sought after and our reaction to it is fear.

My experience with sleep paralysis has been waking up scared, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, just fear, so to me this means that the entity I had experienced was not within the physical world.

You could go on and on with this description, but the best cure for these situations is educate yourself with as much material as possible and try not to fear the darkness.

Know that through your own humanity, you are invincible

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