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Survival around the home: Exercise, water, protein - is it possible?

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 08:18 AM
I was quite shocked to discover how many "porn" sites have very private locker room scenes, allegedly filmed with hidden cameras.
I sometimes wonder about the people depicted on such footage, and whether they don't have any legal rights to remove it.
At other times I'd like to think it's a ruse, and the "victims" are actually paid models.
I mean if that stuff is really footage of nude, unaware people in showers and so forth, that is the most foul conspiracy EVER.
In that case "web freedom" has gone too far.
The reasons for anyone to leave their home becomes less and less attractive, even in "normal" society.

On the other hand it made me feel slightly smug, since I've been working out at home with a skipping rope and a pair of weights for over a year, and with some crunches and push-ups I've had noticeable results.

Are there any specific exercises for a SHTF situation, or ways to maximize results?
Is there any device to make sure one is never filmed in bathrooms and so forth? I just figure that exercise is crucial for survival, and if public space to do so is compromised, then it becomes an issue for alternative survival space (and not everyone can afford an expensive home gym).

About two weeks ago the Internet collapsed, and our water was cut off. I thought the Apocalypse was upon us. Turned out it was just a coincidence for repairs, but it brought the message home.
Is there a small, safe way to save or condense drinking water around the home (without buying a huge tank)?
What if the taps run dry for days, weeks, months?
Any immediate and long-term tips?

Would one rather abandon the home, or are there hidden potentials for survival within it?
Does survival always have to be in a forest?
I once heard one is never more than a few meters away from a mouse in the walls, and that's good, replenishable protein. So, any tips on catching/cooking them?

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by halfoldman

I saw a documentary on survival 2012, and it said that people with swimming pools will survive much better and longer (but without rain, that also goes). The scenario here was that all electrical/digital equipment would die from satellite interference, and all services dependant on them would cease.
The issue might become protecting the water from thieves. How would one sterilize the stagnant water?
Maybe a coldwater fishtank would be good? (At least short-term water and protein.)
I suppose that wouldn't matter in countries with lots of rain, or people close to rivers and lakes.
But that's why I ask for suburban/urban areas - because fuel would run empty.

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 09:14 AM
As far as water storage a rain tank is best but as you dont want this i would suggest 20 litre food grade containers and a small water filter,Or if funds are low just fill up used soft drink /water bottles and stash them in cupboards,or where ever.I think your exercise will come from gathering food ,catching those mice, scrounging in the garden etc ,you dont want to be doing to much with limited water and food ,survival is about conserving energy.Mice and rat traps will be fine for your meals but this food source will quickly expire as cats and other predators will be much better hunters than you ,I would look elsewhere like insects or plants .If you are in south Africa ,you would probably know that there will be a lot of violent competition for any food or water and if you plan on staying at home make some good hiding spots.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by 12voltz

What about that whole scenario they do in the movies with some plastic sheet and a hole to get water overnight.
How does it work again (if at all?) - could it produce more H2O if done with a bigger hole and sheeting?
I suppose collecting dew is one option.

I don't even want to think about the social disaster after a week or so, but I'd like to think there are better targets for looting before desperate masses get to me. So, I'm just concerned with basic skills.
Saw a movie once on Devil's Island, and even in a solitary cell there must be possibilities for obtaining extra food and water.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 09:45 AM
You can collect through windows or in smaller tanks rain and store it in your bathtub or sink or even your toilet.

You can wipe condensation off of your widows and siding and lawn with a towel or two and set up some to intentionally collect condensation.

Calisthenics are always good exercises that dont require much space.

Food should be alright as long as the outside world hasnt died. Bugs and rodents love houses.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by halfoldman

If you are at the stage of collecting dew using the plastic sheet ,leaves in the bottom of the hole,you are not going to last long ,this method even with a large hole is going to produce minimal water and is really only a last resort,Try and find a better water source before you get to this stage.If your going to venture out in a bad situation,it would be wise to look like you have nothing,but you probably already know this.A lot of people seem to look forward to TSHTF scenario but if it happens and the reality of it kicks in its not going to be pretty and they will quickly wish for death.If you are really convinced that things are going pear shaped ,now would be a good time to set up your kit. If nothing happens ,what have you lost ?

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 10:14 AM
your water heater will have a bunch of water in it, along with a lot of your pipes, and toilet. you'll want to secure all of that into one container as soon as possible, use the bathtub if you have to.

get yourself an air rifle or slingshot and you'll be able to live off of squirrels for a while, if at the very least lookup and printout instructions on how to make a sling out of things you find around the house.

depending on where you live, there may be a pocket of water under your house or yard, i believe they are referred to as "water tables, sometimes they are only about 10-15 feet down. you can spot these in places where the earth is uneven (dont mistake for a big tree root...although following those will usually lead you to one as well)

as for the working out, i would suggest modifying a Bicycle to turn an Alternator from any car and charge up a 12v lead acid(car) battery. youll stay fit and have electricity too. with that battery you can run m,any things but a hugely benificial thing would be a water pump (for an RV) that way if you find a source of water you can pump it to you house or whatever container.

squirrels are very easy find, kill, clean, and cook. go on youtube right now (seriously right now it takes like 5 minutes) and learn how to prepare a squirrel, its simple and once you know how its pretty much the same with all small animals like rabbits,rats, racoons, cats.with 2 people its even easier if you find one up in a tree just have the other person go to the opposite side and the squirrel will run around to your side. if you get some sort of air rifle or bb gun youll be able to get birds too.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by LurkerMan

Spot on with the water heater (boiler), just asked - up to 12 litres!
As for squirrels - the closest I know are in Cape Town (quite a drive). However, we have big rats in the plants. Not even the cat touches them.
I hear them rustling about the bushes at night. In fact cane rat is a delicacy with some population groups. So that could be similar, and we have doves, lots of them.

To a previous post - one can't go under our houses, all solid foundation.
It's always strange when I see US thriller films and the killer gets in through a window, or crawls under the house. Those plot devices don't work here - all the windows have bars, and so do the doors.
Or is this normal everywhere these days?

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:40 AM
If you are serious about staying fit at home rather than paying for gym membership or persuing strenous outdoor activities such a climbing then you should purchase a copy of 'Solitary Fitness' by Charles Bronson, the prisoner - not the actor.
He's been in solitary confinement for decades and is an absolute machine when it comes to kicking ass and taking hostages.

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:44 AM
Reply to post by halfoldman

Bars on the windows mean different thing to different people in different places.

For instance, where I am there are no bars on any windows. Where I was there bars on all the windows and it was popularly viewed as a horrible place to live with rampant violence and widespread poverty. Where I am now there isn't much wealth but also not much poverty and violence or crime in general for that matter is a rare event. So rare that a theft makes top news for weeks.

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:44 AM
You might also consider investing in a wormery, it doesn't take up much space at all, produces vast quantities of edible nutritious worms and in a SHTF scenario you're not going to be short of decaying organic matter to feed them. They'll eat carboard, paper, leaves, fruit peel etc. etc.
I know the idea of eating worm's isn't particularly appealing but people have done it before in Scotland and Ireland during food shortages.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by Arkady

I hate worms, but if I was hungry enough....not a bad idea.
However, I've heard people on radio who bought these expensive wormeries, and in a few days the whole bunch died.
In our summer they need to be moisted with extra water.
We used to have loads, but since the previous water restrictions we replaced most lawns with pebbles, and now there's very few.
I once read that snails were probably the oldest domesticated animal, and there are snails about. Maybe the first thing is to start a captive snail colony?
And we've got garlic plants!
Mmm, I wouldn't know quite how the slimey snail eventually hits the plate with the garlic.
I vaguely know one must first put them in salt.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:16 PM
Oh, I am just waiting for the day when I open a porn site and see myself; I looked good back then! LOL

I wouldn't worry about getting filmed in public, everyone looks the same without clothes on. Some have more than others no big deal.

As for survival, my water is being filtered by 'Berkey' water filtration system. I could pour puddle water into this thing and what comes out is pure and clean. They and most other companies sell a single, carry-type canister for hiking and back-packing. I also have noticed more and more hand water jugs with the filter attached to them.

How and what choices we make when shtf can never be anticipated completely, some element will present itself that was never considered an issue. The water is a good point to focus on and then food sources. Learn all your local weeds. Here are a few that might help you that grow in my area; you might recognize some of them.

Salsify, Lamb's Quarters, Daylily, Burdock, Cattail, Rose, Mustard, Amaranth, Tumbleweed, to name a few. All of these can be prepared and eaten. I have been actively trying all of them and I dare say they are quite delicious!

Here is a rule of thumb for you: Blue and Black berries are edible, Red berries sometimes are, but White berries almost never are edible. Roots and tubers contain more food value than the above ground parts. Avoid fungus unless identification can be determined. Avoid molds! Most greens contain elements which could potentially harm us but can be cooked out, so it is best not to be a raw-plant forager unless you are used to those plants. Each of us has the capability to over come toxins by exposure but a sudden or increased amount could harm us. Never trust that because an animal can eat something we can too; our nervous system is slightly different in the processing, such as with psychotropics.

So now is the time! Reach out to anything you can find out about water in your region and food sources that are native to you. Who cannot grow a tumbleweed? I hear they steam like asparagus, but it is still on my "To Try" list. Lamb's Quarter is so heavenly delicious. Amaranth is a great filler plant, but I have yet to try to make flour out of the seeds. I will eventually, I think we all will eventually! LOL

Oh yeah, spices! Learn to cook if you haven't yet; food without the "touch" is hardly worth eating at all, even if it is from wholesome product.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by Greensage

Thanks for all that advice - especially on berry/plant colors.
Just wondering, if a snail eats a toxic plant, will the snail be toxic too?
We have a lot of Oleander (which is toxic, but makes a great hedge).
If one starves the snail first? (Not like they touch it much in any case.)
Just wondering how safe a regular garden snail is to eat.

It's amazing what one thinks of and suddenly recognizes in the environment with this forum!

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:15 PM
Ok...lets be REAL here. I have been though survival training in the Marines...and I work on the streets every day (LEO). I have been through combat...whatever...I have some experience...and I weight train 4 days a week...5'11 190lbs 95% bodyfat.

There is survival and then there is SURVIVAL. The most important thing to get across to everyone here and everyone out in the real world is practical multi-purpose-use products. What I mean by that is obtain the absolute necessities. Food, Water, Protection, Shelter, Medical, and equally important for mental health is practical Entertainment.

Here is the issue I ran into. I am married with two kids. My wife is not into the whole doomsday thing and finds it a waste of money when I drop 100 dollars on a field water purification pump...I hear about it for a's the trick.

Numer 1 rule for all "Survivalists" dont call survival supplise "Survival Gear" call it EMERGENCY GEAR...for all the sheeple they are more receptive and less fearful...especially when bragging to coworkers or family and friends about your latest purchace of Emergency MRE's...looks safer and more sane on the surface but means the same thing "Survival Gear" cause thats what were in the buisness of...surviving!

Be practical based on your basic needs first and get a few containers and start putting items in them slowely but surely over a period of time.

Food. Go to the grocery store and buy a big bag of beans, flour, and sugar. Then go snag up a few cartins of green beans (16 pack) and corn...that is almost vegiee for 48 some days...not bad for about 20 bucks.
Grab some canned food....that can be expensive if you get the good kind. Go online and purchace a months worth of MRE's for like 77 bucks...
Buy another 'main meal entree' case of 24 for like 57 bucks...

That will give you food for a few months and it will store for a long a dark and room tempurature room...thats a good start but make sure you throw in some hard candy for moral booster...

*you seriously dont want to be shooting squirrles with a slingshot...lets be realistic here..not much to eat and no need lots of fat when surviving...converts more energy and things like squirrles and rabbits can kill you if eaten for long periods of time...cause its just protien and it will shut down your kidneys from protien poison...but thats worse case and would probably take a while...months and months.

Water. Probably most important. will have 55-75 gallons in your water tank, water in toilet, bathtub, washing machine, and you can divert water into big 55 gallon barrels drums from your guttering system...but that is sorta impractical and overkill (lets be real).
Go to the store and buy a few 5-10 gallon purified water and put it with your food at room temperature and NO SUNLIGHT ON IT...less light the alge will grow in it when stored for long periods but alge wont hurt you...actually good for you. Then go buy a few weeks of canned-long-term (30 year shelf life) case of water. 4.2 oz water packets...there are 64 of them. The reason I say grab this is beause its only 30 bucks and its 64 individual usage. If you have to be out and about you dont want to carry huge water juggs around...throw a few in your back or pocket and go...use these as last resort though or a moral booster from drinking the nasty shi7 out of the gutter. Then get a water purifier (field hand-pump) up to 500-1000 you can filter (and render biologically safe) nasty water out on the streets or in a stream or river. I also grabbed a little straw-like water purifier...basically stick it in the river and drink straight from it but it passes through the filter and cleans it...threw it in my buggout bag.

Medical. Very important if you have a medial condition to have PLENTY of extra meds (however you can get them). You might want to save up a few muscle relaxers or high power meds in case you get hurt and have to self operate or stitch a wound closed. Have lots of sterilizing alcohol and wipes. Bandages, wraps, splints, petro gel, eye drops, advil, tylonol, aleve, huge thing of tumms, anit diarea pills (lots of them beause you loose most water when you crap it out beause your sick...kill you very quick if you loose water) Sutcher kit, field surgical kit, grab a good ol field med kit...get to thinking about things you'll need. Lots of sanitary products for cleaning things...antibacterial products!!!

Saftey/hunting/protection. 12g shotgun...go to wal mart and get a box of 100 shells for 20 buck. 22 rifle. go buy a box of 500 shells for 20 bucks. You will absolutely want an air rifle or bb gun. They are silent and acurate and good for hunting small game and go buy lots of BBS and Pellets for cheap. Go buy a few knives. 1 fixed blade (rambo knife or Marine Corps K-Bar), multi tool knife, small pocket knife, and a few spare knives....can go wrong with spare knives!

Shelter. Get a decent flashy colors along with a low grade temperature sleeping bag (you'll wish you spent the money on a good one when your cold trust me). Have a few space blankets handy their worth it. For the love of god purchace a rollout mat that you can put under you on the will pray to the gods because you got one.

I didnt include COMMUNICATION beause were being practical...if you have a few two-way radios that is good. Go buy a small solar-powered hand crank radio...mine has a LED light with all sorts of cool things on it.

Extra Musts...LED Lights...get a head mounted LED light, Plenty of Fire...waterproof matches, batteries, chapstick, gum, wristwatch, get some good underarmour long jon's with a have under your clothes. Cold and hot weather clothing...nothing flashy or bright colored.

Have little bag in your car with alittle of all of these things in them...

To answer your question. Yes, working out is good and eating protien powder is can buy a 12 pound bag here at my local supplement store for 33 bucks for weight gain powder. I use this anyway...went from 152lbs to 192lbs in 3 months. Im taking alot of other stuff too and eating well but.. This isnt priority!

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:16 PM
right off the bat I read my last Im not 95% bodyfat...hahahahaha. 9%. Just a FYI..typo

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by Reconer

An informative read.

However, it sounds like you have places to go and hideout. I'm planning on staying right here. In which ever direction I go the situation will be infinately worse. But a lot of that can be adapted, although firearms can not be bought here in a supermarket (wouldn't help much in any case).

As for a hiding place, I read once about an alcoholic who woke up terrified in a dark place, until he remembered that he had passed out in a drawer.
He wrote that it's surprisingly hard to open from the inside, but it's an idea.

95% fat

I was wondering about that.
In a lifeboat situation that's the guy to draw the shortest-straw to be cannibalized, and the crew will arrive with leftovers

No, but really, I think everyone can gain a lot of knowledge from the last two posters. It's definately provisions to keep updated.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

Yeah. Weather your staying put or "bugging out" you'll need to be prepared for the only real likely almost absolute situation where rioting occurs and thats where the whole populace will kill each other ...most within a month if not a few weeks...then its just a matter of making it through the year...without someone killing you for your supplise or whatever they want...everyone will want something different so you will NOT TRUST ANYONE...make no human contact other than family and that can even get me...hunger and thirst will drive people literally insane.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by Reconer

Well, their could be two SHTF scenarios.
1. Civil war or genocide breaks out in SA, in which case I'd go with a convoy, and one could collectively hold-out to be rescued at an airport or harbor.
2. Everything cuts out across the planet - that would be my personal hiding scenario after a week or so. In that case you are on your own and even your people will be a case of: man is a wolf to man.
I think there will be a massive refugee exodus to rural farms and outlying self-sufficient areas (even to the Bushmen), and that's where the carnage and chaos will be. Everybody will think, they've got sheep and a borehole, and they're usually surviving off the grid - let's collect the last fuel and go.

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posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 05:50 AM
Reconer beat me to it! I'm honestly not sure why people are discussing eating mice and worms or why people are suggesting draining water tanks and toilets.

Surely if your that worried about survival, especially long term survival at home, then you do what most other people do who have similiar concerns and you stock up.

You can stock up water, food, tools, survival equipment etc

Buy in bulk things like pasta/rice/beans, get yourself a supply of MRE's. Get some basic survival equipment; water purifying tabs, torch, tent, a good knife, a good multi-tool.

There's plenty of threads that detail common survival/emergency kits.

As for working out at home? Well that's pretty easy to do, get yourself a good 50/100Kg barbell/dumbell set and you can do the free weight equivalent of pretty much any exercise you would do at the gym.

You've already got a skipping rope so your sorted for cardio although you can always practice a martial art (if you know one) or do a bit of shadow boxing to spice things up.

Don't forget the basic exercises that you can do almost anywhere like pressups, situps, star jumps, burpees etc

Throw in some stretching and it's entirely possible to keep fit and healthy at home.

As for the porn reference, I don't really understand why thats related to be honest

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