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Help me prepare!

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 12:12 PM
Hi guys i've been following the threads and news for some time and this # is getting all too real, i mean the news everything.

now locally and in the national news i hear nothing but online i see many credible threads about ww3 and everything else

now before i go on i'll tell the following, 4 air craft carriers sitting off iran.... bills passed to allow massive troops to attack iran... obamam given iran a deadline of september to stop it's nuclear powers coming forward...

and now i read iran is threatening to stop oil trade with the west. after seeing the war in iraq for oil i presume iran is going the same path...

When usa and uk attack iran russia and china will attack usa and uk henceforth ww3 reaching a climax of nuclear war by 2012 but the start occuring october 2010 as seen in predictions

So everyone help me prepare.. i for one and i belive also 80% of our country will not fight....... they will say no to conscription, it is going to be upon us in the early days many of us will head out bush.

Now come 2012 nuclear war and fallout i need shelter from i do not believe Australia will be keft unmarked as our foolish leaders will take us to war and we will in ww3 be invaded and nuked also .

Now help me with the following...

I'll start with what i have, i know of a place that is within a 40km radius to several major and minor towns that will not be a target of nuclear bombs. It is sheltered and offers protection from elements and also offers natural protection to hide my existance there

It has fresh water running via a river system and it also has a couple of large lakes nearby... also has fresh running waterfalls and natural baths.. as well as open areas for use of solar power...

it's accessable via dirt road and yet can be concealed so nobody knows of the existance once i park up the vehicles they will be used to simply transport me within 20km-30km day or 2 walking distance to a town for supplies...

i've got tents and tin and wood as well as supplies and tools and medical gear... i've got all this ready..

The only thing i want to know is radiation? what will offer me the ebst protection from radiation fallout now look regardless if a nuke hits overseas in ww3 many nukes will fall and eventually the fallout will hit me there is no stopping it

Now i know i can survive a month without food but only a week without water. I can ration canned food. canned foods can be stored for years and fresh fruits nearby can be eaten. medical suplies for emergency only... now canned foods a can a day will let me live on for enough time to survive WW3.... however upon nuclear fallout the lakes and rivers will be contaminated,.

How can i purify water simple and easily? without using much resources in the bush. i'm not sure if boiling and capturing steam will prevent radiation.

Unfrotunatly in australia guns are hard to get otherwise i'd have a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition already out there.

fuel will be my largest problem, once pumps shut off and trucks stop running things will get tricky.

so guys i need and suggestions you have. Any info u can provide that might assist with me preparing for the inevitable

Right now i've got planned about 1,000 cans of assorted food, at least 800L drinking water in bottles/containers all this i am ready to buy and have room to store in a shelter out bush i know a good spot.

It's for 2 people but i am waiting.. If usa attacks iran i know WW3 will happen by 2012 and i will go bush immediatly anyone in Australia who wishes to join me and help me prepare for the future message back

Otherwise what other equipment can you suggest? anything u can think of i have room to hide 2 vehicles and a trailer only

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 12:30 PM
Talk about paranoia lol. It's never gonna happen. If usa attacks iran, iran is done for. No one is going to stand up for them, they know the usa is too powerful. And no one will ever use nukes, because no one can win from that.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 12:47 PM
I dont think no body is going to backing Iran if we attack. And if so we have the force of the UN behind us if a nuke gets dropped somewhere. I would not worry about it. your going to waste your money.

You should though have food and water for about a week or two just in case the power goes out or something of that nature. I would worry more about solor flares then WW3. solor flares would wipe whole grids out.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 11:40 PM
like always good old usa thinks nobody will have the guts to stand up to them... well i reckon it's wrong... Fkn world police!

Look around every military base is getting active, there are training bases and military bases nearby me... lately they have been active with fighter jets training tanks army trucks the lot this whole area is becoming active very fast

china and russia are more powerfull than usa... now they are allies with iran... i reckon they will stand up against usa

you watch it will happen!

Now i've got a generator for electricity and batteries large ones that run off my vaan for power

whats a good way to purify water from radiation?

how muhc rations should i prepare for. cmon guys i assked for help and advice not the good ld ignorance of nobosy will attack usa

look at iraq and vietnamn u guys got hammered attacking a country where they have the field advantage.. there is no news here telling us of the wars nothing!!

online has all the truth

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 11:58 PM
I don't blame you one bit for being prepared. Who knows how things will go down, and as for predicting a likely outcome, there are too many variables, too many unknowns. Besides. If you're ready, and nothing happens, you've spent a chunk of money on a very cool place to hangout, and won't have to shop groceries for a year. No harm done, and may it serve you well

Underground Bomb Shelters

Shelters & Construction

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:06 AM
If your vehicles have electronic start ignition make sure it is protected from EMP. There are faraday cages and things of that nature to protect radios and anything electronic. You will need some sort of radio to know whats going on. Stock up on batteries.

Water filtration? Maybe a Berkey filter. Not sure how good they are, but at least its another type of filtration that wont require electric. But in case you need electric have a couple of car batteries on hand.

Make sure if you get a mask it is desert military spec. There are websites and forums that explain all that. You will want what was used during Desert Storm.

Make sure you have barter items because no matter how prepared you think you are, something will always be forgotten. I think a great item is non-hybrid seeds. Purchase heirloom seeds online by the gallon. Most of the stuff at the store is junk that has been purchased by Monsanto, but still under the name of the original company- Don't stock up on BURPEE for instance.

You might want to have a bicycle or something in case there is no fuel. Make sure you have extra tires and parts for it ahead of time.

You can make your own MRE's if you have a FoodSaver machine and prep them ahead. Fruits and nuts sound ok, but you can reach the point of starvation and food fatigue once you've had enough of the same thing over and over again.

Also, you may want to have some colidal silver on hand.

Just my .02

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:10 AM
I recommend an undisclosed secure underground lead lined location in the U.S. desert southwest (not Utah). Somewhere near Badwater California. Mt. Whitney is a short jaunt to the west in case of flooding. You might also want a personal lightweight gyrocopter. Sometimes going straight up is the only option. And sterno. Lots of sterno.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by Alienslayer

There are many sites online, you can google, and pdfs too that you can find to download for free including gov ones for survival information, rain purification, no flush toilets, all kinds of things, including radiation, and shelters.

But only some can do the one man show idea. It may be an idea to start a small local survival group and recruit others with a variety of skill sets and tools, and also collect a bit of info, blueprints, knowledge.

And while its ok not to want to put any belief into end of the world disasters, thinking ahead in any era, and having groups knowledgeable in what to do in ever community at all times, is just plain smart.

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:33 AM
Well i was thinking food i'm thinking anything canned a mixture because canned foods last for years stored properly and where i am does not get very hot maybe 40 degrees celcius at max in summer but in winter for 6 months at least it's all below 20celcius food will last in cans stored properly.

i'm thinking canned fruits canned vegies and canned beans ect... anything like that in the thousands.

nuts are good yes i hate them but they will at least keep me alkive and can be storedd for ages

look this stuff can be bought cheap too, i mean at max i'll be be spending a thousand i reckon maybe but to prepare for the future i think is worth while..

my biggest problem will be water and a hiding place nobody else might find close to town

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by Alienslayer

Research how to build a distillery and how to desalinate water, you need to purify water. You can use water treatment and also, boil it, but distilling it is best for impurities of some kind.

Please understand that a group is best, and also, meditation and waking up from fear, but being strong in your knowlege of self, asking who you are, why you're here, and how you can help, while meditation, listening to binaurals and whale songs, and sungazing is something that can bring you to inner peace and a sense of who you are in source.

I have two threads that can help, my first one and the one about manifesting eden.

Preparing for disasters is one thing, helping to mitigate them and envisioning eden, holding light and spreading awareness is another.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 03:50 AM
buy a gun and something that will frustrate the living crap out of you.
when # goes down, frustrate yourself to the point you shoot yourself.
that way, you won't suffer anything other than the frustration you experienced before heading off into endless peace.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 06:47 AM
What kinda #ed up sugestion is that.... ok first guns are out of the question it's australia not america we aint all gun happy and it's alot harder to get a gun..

second we can't buy at your local fkn 7-11 store geiger counters and radiation suits... for crying out loud.

i asked for simple advice and just ended up with a bunch of bull#...

At least i'm prepared for 2 years worth... after that well i guess at least it's enough to get a head start from the others

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:41 AM
well im glad your stocking up. now i have someone to steal from when the world ends

Best thing to do is build comunitys around a water supply. start growing food. find cattle to keep for food and milk. I really dont think AUS have to worry about nukes but if you do worry your just going to have to live underground for a few months.

Lead is the best to pretect you from fallout. if there is nothen around sand or dirt is also a good stop to fallout. make sure you have a two foot deep around you and on top of you for whatever building your in.

I really dont think you can fillter out fallout out of your water. your just going to have to keep a clean source and wait for the fallout to disapate. "will take a few months"

After fallout your going to have to scrape the first foot of soil off the ground and throw it away if you want to plant anything on it.

your just going to have to kick it old school. plant in the spring harvest and can it for the winter. this will be your new life for a few years till things get back to normal. if they get back to normal.

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:00 PM
I would suggest you go live in your set aside place for a week or 2 just like you would if you had to. You will then learn all that you will need that you currently dont have along with probably learning about yourself.

Sadly, 99% of the people on this board will make lists and buy things and say they are prepared but they never even go out into the wilderness or backpacking. People think its much easier to walk around with 100lbs of gear then it would be.

The best thing you could do is learning to do more with less. Your food in your cans could go bad and make you sick. If you have little experience living in the lifestyle you will be forced to live then you probably wont make it.

Water purification:

Check out Gravity feed purifiers. Platypus makes a nice one.

Radiation? Probably screwed anyway but colloidal silver will help.

Get some backpacking magazines/books.

Get in great shape.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:06 PM
So because Iran threatens to stop oil trade to the West, you jump to WWIII? Nowhere in your theory is the mention of mutually assured destruction, or UN sanctions, or anything remotely close to a rational thought for that matter.

Could there be a WWIII involving Iran and the U.S.? Sure there could be, but no one knows for sure how anything will play out. China and Russia attacking the U.S. and the U.K.? Where did you come up with that one?

There has got to be more that you're aware of that you aren't sharing about this. Why exactly did you come to this conclusion, and why are you so certain of it's outcome that you're willing to head for the hills with water and whatnot? I ask because to me it seems that you're just paranoid.

The height of the Cold War was seriously more scary than Iran threatening oil trade. Don't you remember? No atomic weaponry was used and we lived. Why are you convinced that this time we will have nuclear mayhem which will climax in 2012? Where does the year 2012 fit into any of this, and why do you think that?

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:38 PM
I'll tell you why...

first lets start with a few things. the local news is hiding all the real facts.. everywhere u go online on sites like this you find the real news.. The fact our media is lying about it is covering it up from the public

The second reason is the increase in military activity around this region. the fact it's been built up and increased training more than ever before says something big is coming

the second is USA has threatened to invade Iran by september/october if it does not back out of it's nuclear program which iran is not creating nukes they are using nuclear material for a new form of power

iran is cutting it's $ out of the market for oil trade this will force prices higher as demand gets higher and products get lower. henceforth adding to the excuses of inavsion of oil like iraq.. whats the first thing that happens secure oil fields... iran has oil whats the first thing to happen... secure oil fields

the third is the increase in military forces around Iran, massive build up of USA troops as well as 4-5 air craft carriers on their way to the seas nearby Iran

The 4th all the predictions of a massive event in late october building up to a final event in 2012 it's all starting to tie in pretty damned well i'd say

the fifth germany and uk are siding with usa and israel is going to force an attack very soon on Iran which in turn will force usa to assist... china and russia will not sit by for long before they decide to step in and say enough is enough

the sixth, like vietnam conscription will occur in our country because we will need to back up USA our allies in war and we don't have enough troops so when they come knocking 50% of aussie will say screw this we aint fighting another persons war and will go bush we want peace not war...

the seventh! i doubt we will be nuked and if we do well australia is pretty much screwed as your standard nuclear fallout can travel up to 500km depending on winds ect... rain i'd say canberra been our major capitol city inland that should pretty much contaminate most of australias eastern coast cities like sydney and melbourne

Now putting all this into consideration i doubt we will have a nuke drop but i plan on been prepared for all this and i'm waiting first... As soon as usa attacks iran i know these events will fall into place leading up to 2012 and it's time to go bush...

Now i've worked out canned food can last a few years if properly stored if a mixture of pastas and vegies and canned meats is made you can live off this for some time, dried biscuits and nuts ect should provide the rest of the nutrients needed.

1L of water a day 2L on weekends is survivable on rations

my biggest problem will be nuclear fallout. i know where i can go how much fuel and food and water to carry now for 2 people this should last me at least 1 year for food and 6 months for water but only 3 months for fuel then i'll use natural fire and remaining electrical for power...

Now i'm ordering a geiger counter online but need to know a few things. i think the yearly dose of radiation a person gets is 0.2 rem a year

I think 100 rem or more is bad and makes ya sick but 300 rem is a 50% die rate.

Now how many rem in a day can i live on? and well how long does it take to get out of my system. also what foods will help?

I don't have any way to protect or shelter from nuclear fallout as most spots are well known or marked or not accessable i've decided to keep a stash at home and pack and go within 30 minutes of the first bomb drop if need be of course dependin how close it is as to how long i do actually take!!!

now i think i'm prepared for at least a year before things get tricky but i need to know a bit more about radiation i have looked online with little luck as all countries use different measurments from what i can figure out.

But basically how long will radiation stay in my body and what is a max dosage for a day... i suspect 50 rem

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:45 PM
Dude, alienslayer, I sent you a U2U! private message, read it. It's important. Then hit me back.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:47 PM
First off OP, you sound not only paranoid but angry. Both traits lead to poor decision making.
It sounds like you have fallen for the mass hysteria propagated by the mass media.Sorry but occasionally coming here feeds the fear monster as well.
You can be as stockpiled as you want to..but sooner or later you may need to be mobile, what then? You can't haul 2 years of can foods with you.
The best preparedness is your brain. Fill it.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:54 PM
I like how you want to prepare. But you got alot to learn.

First off, WW3 may or may not happen in 2011. What WILL happen is a total breakdown of society which will descend into anarchy in 2011 because of a second recession, much worse than the one we just experienced.

Second off, you forgot all about the coming pole-shift in 2012. Did you know that many top scientists of our world are saying we should be worried? Look at the sun. It has almost tripled in intensity. Earthquakes are up 500% around the world! We just had 2 world record quakes in the span of 1 month in Haiti and Chile. Yellowstoen earthquakes are up 57%. Volcanoes are active.

Oh yeah, and the guld of mexico is going to blow its top =(

Basically, the United States is NOT SAFE AND WILL BE A KILL ZONE. Nuclear war, and gigantic disasters.

I forgot to mention earthquakes in the oceans causing 5000 feet tidal waves. =(

IF you want to survive the next 2 years, I recommend you stay in contact with me. WE HAVE A HUUUUGE SURVIAL PLAN.

More people would be great, which is why I have messaged you.

Hit me up and gimme your email, I can send you the documents I have made for our plans.

Please remember, we are going to be setting the foundation for the next generation and for the next several thousand years.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 02:00 PM
there are plenty of websites to get prepared.

for food.

for gear

that site has many things in that would help out. maxpedition gear is the best stuff i have ever used. best packs ever!!

for martial arts and skill set books.

research SAS survial secrets. the SAS is the father of all spec ops teams so their survival lessons should be good

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