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A Serious Discussion About the Holocaust and it's Effect Today

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 02:46 PM
I think it's clear that millions of Jews were killed during WWII.

They were killed at the hands of Germans, who thought they were sub-human.

How many Jews were killed will never be known, and can be debated until all of your heads turn blue.

The fact is a lot of Jews were killed. Whether it was by gas chambers or hard labor conditions as the Germans needed them to work in their war factories can also be debated til you turn blue in the face.

What no one can deny, is that after millions of Jews were killed by Germans, they took land from people in the Middle East.

Actually, the Palestinians GAVE their land to the Jews without a fight, as they agreed with the world that a great atrocity had happened.

People moved off of farms that had been in their families centuries, families packed up and moved in with relatives and friends.

If you look at history, the people who lived on the land which now is israel, did not put up a fight, and agreed to give their land to Jews.

At the time, in Jerusalem, Muslims and Jews had lived together for centuries.

Durring Jewish holidays and festivals, Jews would leave their children with Muslim families, and vice versa.

There were MANY Jews who already lived in peace in Jerusalem, and said there was no reason to kick out their neighbors and actually PROTESTED against the creation of israel.

Mostly because in their Bible, it was God who took israel away, and it's God who's supposed to give it back to them, not Hitler. (Who was part Jewish) And the Jews who already lived peacefully in Jerusalem, knew this would piss off their neighbors and couldn't understand why they would kick people out.

Actually, to this day, Iran has the largest population of Jews living in the Middle East besides israel. Over 20k alone in Tehran. So when you hear about them wanting to "KILL ALL JEWS, AND WIPE JEWS OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH", why wouldn't they start in their own back yard and start doing public hangings of Jews along with Gays?

It's because the state of israel, has used the holocaust, something that was horrible and actually happened to them, by the hands of Germans, to now act like Nazi's to the people who's land they took.

I just can't understand how the Palestinians are still being punished, for something Germans did decades ago.

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