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What is the price of a virgin child?

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 12:14 PM
What is the price of a virgin child?

The R C C has in the past sold indulgences of various types.

Before the reformation, a man could buy forgiveness for just about any sin.
The higher the sin, the higher the price.
That practice continues today.

With all the Catholic sex scandals of late, and with the Vatican seeming to protect priests from secular law, I wondered just how much the Pope and Bishops were charging, in the way of indulgences, from priest for forgiveness for raping a virgin boy or girl.

I know that the Vatican, as well as other Christian churches pays well to the parents of these children to shut them up and make them go away without prosecuting, but wondered just what penalties or price they asked from the sinners. The priest that is.

I also wondered what indulgence the Pope would ask of Himself for collusion, in facilitating the freedom of these perpetrators and pedophiles and allowing them to offend again and again.

Since the Church seems to be getting away with these crimes with impunity by indulgence, I think all R C should be curious as to the indulgences required by the Church so that all believers will know up front just how much a virgin rape is worth.

I know that most financial settlements from the church, Catholic or Protestant, come with a non disclosure clause but would invite any that have profited from the rape of their children to anonymously let us know as we would not want those parents who will profit in the future from the rape of their child to be short changed by the Church.

Help your fellow Christians and Catholics gain full value for their children’s virginity and abuse by stepping up and telling us how much you received.

It is possible that none will tell us the price they received, for fear of losing this dirty money, so I would ask all other Christians and Catholics---

How much is your child’s virginity and good mental health worth to you?


P S. This thread was born of another issue speaking to bringing the Pope and others to justice for pedophilia but most responders, here and elsewhere, had little to no care or concern for the victims and seemed to think that it would be impossible to get justice because politicians and officials were too cowardly to enforce the law, so I thought it my duty to the victims to insure that they received the full going rate and payment for their virginity and good mental health.


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