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Toyotas, dirtbikes and stinger missiles... vs. massed mechanized forces.

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 02:14 AM
What if you were George Washington and the continental army? You had just broken political ties with the dominant world power of that age. This superpower has dispatched his gun boats and troop transports. They sit off shore and you have heard more are coming. The redcoats and cavalry of that day are analogous to the air-mobile and mechanized infantry now fighting wars in Irag and Afghanistan.

You can't match these guys force for force... So you work on them from ambush. from behind trees. you harrass and force them to take losses whether they are sitting in a camp and you wear them out looking for you... You make the battle costly enough and they will go home, eventually.

You dont have to WIN the war... you only have to get the other guy to see it is pointless to try to dominate you

Fast forward to 2010... Stinger missiles and their cousins fired from the back of dirtbikes or taken from out of the camper shell on that four wheel drive Toyota truck.
While an apache may use 20minutes to take out four trucks hidden at a farm there are 20 others moving within traffic to a prepared hide or the next mountain pass they know your tanks have to traverse...

I thought this guys analysis was quite good... It focuses on

exactly what is faced by invading troops of conquest / occupation in a foriegn country

Iran is not Iraq, It is not Afghanistan.

It has 3x the area, 3x the population and 3x the mountains.

With that in mind enjoy the article. Heres a snippet:

The Toyota Horde:
Examining a Lost Cost Military Capability
by William F. Owen

Download the full article: THE TOYOTA HORDE

The subject of this article is a broad technical and operational examination of how almost any country on earth can currently gain a viable level of military power by building on the enduring elements of combined arms warfare. These elements are enduring and appeared in the first twenty years of the twentieth century. It is further suggested that skillfully applied this type of capability may enable its user to confront and possibly defeat NATO type expeditionary forces.


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