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My Muse

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 04:48 PM
Lest my mind be torn asunder
I tread the path of rolling thunder
Still dawns tears shall kiss my feet
To taunt my resolve with defeat

Uncharted waves cascade and swoon
Dark temptation bloodies my moon
Wheels of fate spin into the night
Glinting slightly as they leave sight

Nostalgia paints my canvassed mind
Landscaped tribulation binds my heart confined
But on the morn of cracking dreams
I fell through through my own lifes heavy seams

Lost in the fight on the battleground
Distant memories creep and resound
Somehow my eyes are drawn somewhere
Into the distant misted air

Plumes and whisps exit her mouth
I'm drawn curiously, forward due south
Poetic thoughts, they feed my walk
Nebulas in her eyes, they tame my gawk

As the time ridden rust started breaking away
I called to myself for light of mid day
Alas my armed cavalry rode out of view
And all that was left was the myriad of you

Shining through the darkened pitch
Like the rarest diamond without a glitch
I found myself caged in your spell
One in which, my thoughts I couldn't quell

Now caged within your lovely midst
Your kiss feeds me and my battle fist
To daunt the world abroad I shall
For you're the core of my morale

So thus my strength will shelter you
Shall part you peace and love unto
No dark shall fall upon you my dear
Not from me, nor single tear

And if I lose you to the woe's of war
Your memories beauty shall make me soar
For the day I don't have your love to infuse
For the day I don't have my lovely muse

Is the day I'll fight with no life to lose



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