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Time Slip/Shift Experiences

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:36 PM
Hi everybody.

I am looking for some help or information on peoples experiences in time slips/shifts. I am asking this as i recently experienced "something" i cannot quite explain.

It was roughly threeish in the afternoon a couple of weeks ago, i was walking down a popular, busy, well known street in Liverpool called Bold Street en route to meet the missus. I remember looking at some designer shops to my right, a car horn to my left attracts my attention but as i look over my vision becomes glazed, to put it best. I instinctively rub my eyes and as i open them the light seemed to be much heavier/darker/hazy. I keep walking straight a few more more steps when the general bustle of people and bags becomes slightly muffled, at this point i think im about to feint and grab my phone to ring the missus as she was waiting at the bottom of the road. It was as i squinted at my screen and called her the sun seemed to come out, the street got louder and everyting around me sharpened up. I spoke to her and she came to meet me, proceeded to get food as we believed that would help. We then started our shopping and everything was forgotten about.

Now i only started looking into this as i remebered a case in one of Tom Slemens books about time slips in Bold Street.

The policeman turned around and saw that the people were wearing clothes that would have been worn in the Forties and Fifties, and this really unnerved him. He realised that he had somehow walked into the Bold Street of forty-odd years ago

When looking into it there seems to be some common traits that people experience in the lead up to a shift/slip:

1) Surroundings take on an oddly flat, underlit and lifeless appearance.
2) Feelings of depression, unease, uncertainty.
3) Normal sounds become muffled.

As she sat down, she noticed that the sun did not seem as bright as it had been moments before, in fact looking back in later years she described the light as similar to when the area had a partial solar eclipse.

Now, did i inadvertently prevent myself from "slipping" by interacting in the real world? I didn't see anything out of my time frame nor feel any diference in time. Or did i simply just have a funny moment and need a good fill up!

Share and discuss any experiences you may have heard, or have first hand account of with reagrds to time slips and shifts, i would like to discuss similar rich places of interest on this topic and see whether they have any common traits.


posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:56 PM
I think that the "real world" is more fluid than we can usually detect. There are several times in my life's experiences when I was positive that the world was a certain way, on to discover it was not.

Some of this I could be convinced that my own perception was flawed.

But consider this:

Suppose one could slip into a parallel existence where there is indeed a you, and you are known there, but you are the entity that sliped and somehow merged with the one that was there but had no awareness of this. Everyone in your new existence would know you, and you would know them.

I don't like to invoke that movie with Jet Li. (The One?) But it is sort of like that, POSSIBLY.... I am not stating that life IS like that.

One such thing for me that sticks in my mind is John Wayne's death. I do remember his dying and I also remember him being interviewed on a talk show after his death, and it was not a rerun. That stunned me for a long time.

There are other things like that, that I have experienced, but I have given up trying to provide an explanation for it.

Some people tell me:

"Well! It seems you learned something and slipped forward into your higher incarnation!"

But I don't know anything about that. I can only surmise and conjecture.

But that feeling that somehow the world has changed and no one noticed but me... is a haunting one.

If your mental construct allows for the possibility of that, then you should simply try to get used to it.

I distinctly remember the appearance of a car out of thin air on my left rounding a curve that I had just looked at and checked only a moment before. Could you attribute it to visual agnosia? Maybe. But that answer is as unclear as thinking it came through it's or my own shift in Time and Space.

We hairless monkeys like the fantasy that everything is cut and dry, black and white, and entirely explanable. That is our narrowness roughly described.

We don't have a ufo on the white house lawn...
There is no bigfoot in MY neighborhood...
I've never seen a Shadow person...

There are none.

This sort of thinking is too typical.

So we can admit these things into our language and thought just as easily as we can allow physical paradigm shift. There is no reason why this could not include a perceived time shift.

Here's an interesting movie: Dark City.
It may help you think about it a little.

I do not believe that individually we have the ability to actually "create our life" like the motivational speakers that want your bucks and the hooky dooky "spiritualists" tell you or I would be a lottery winner many times over. That's mostly horse crap to me told to you by people who desire to manipulate you .

Do not forget that this idea of obtaining "power" of control, of manipulation is stictly a human nasty attribute.

What reason have I to believe that the universe operates as puny humans tell it to? I don't buy it.

Existence is odd, and miraculous.

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:39 PM
Friend, to begin with....your not nuts.

My wife and I were in Mesquite leaving Best Buy. I635 runs in front with an access road running between it and the commerical area.

635 was being worked on some at this point.

We left out of the store and got on the service road to enter the interstate. My wife and I saw a small subcompact (like a mini except they really werent out yet) take an on ramp to the highway.

"Wow, thats a great place for an entrance! Finally!", we said. We looked both ways before hitting the service road, turned right, and where the "entrance ramp" wasnt! We looked at each other and said nothing. A few minutes passed and we said to each other, "did you see that car". Of course we said yes because we both commented on the convienence of the new ramp. We compared notes on the shape and color of the car.

All we could figure was we had slipped between either time or history. The area between Mesquite and the next small town are pretty well known for timeshifts.

This is some of the other things and another local commenting.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 04:30 PM
It's probably not as cool as time shifts and all but I'd make use of that NHS you have there and get a thorough check-up. Could be the more plain, everyday neurological problem or even something like a mini-stroke. They can create the kind of perception oddities you described and you should rule them out. A stroke can really ruin your day.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by 35Foxtrot

there are many threads that are available... just some FYI though...

There was a witch hunt going on on ATS, there were some many here that felt that during/before the Haiti Earthquake and after... here are some threads that might help

Changes I've noticed to the World Map (Timelineshift)

Shocking: New Zealand and Australia are out of their place on the map

And here is a compilation put by a Member here PennyQ

Bringing the Timeline Threads Together

Best regards....


PS... there were only a few that noticed these changes.

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by Winchester_La

I had a major experience in 2003,I woke up got the paper and opened it and the headlines were about Iraqi freedom fighters and US atrocities which is definately not what one expects to see in an Australian paper,it was a fine day but everything seemed to have a blueish tint to it,anyway I went to buy some milk from the local shop at about 6.30 the local shops were not there in their place was a brand new shopping centre with a big supermarket I wondered when the hell did they build this I went to the other local shop which was open then went home,I saw the newspaper again and it had re-written itself into the usual Murdoch publication...then thinking Id lost my mind I went back to verify the new shopping centre but it wasn't there anymore it was normal.Three years later on the same site the shopping centre I visited that day was built in 2006....pretty freaky huh.

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 01:12 AM
That is an awesome account!

How often do you visit Bold street? Did you happen to notice what time of day it was, what day of the month it was, what day of the week it was?

Can you try to go back to the same exact spot, same day of the month, same time and see if it will happen again for you?

You must try to document this, imagine- taking your cell phone and taking a picture of 1950's street!

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by xynephadyn

I must visit Bols Street several times a week if not more.

I remeber the events quite vividly, yet only once have i really thought about the notion while in the vicinity these slips are happening.

I dont think purposefully pursuing it will yield any outcome but i will always make sure i have some form of docmenting if anything should happen. I did read an article where somebody had several slips/sifts in an adjoining street, i'll dig around and edit the link later.


posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 11:08 PM
Ok, I just had something weird happen to me. I would have thought I must have fallen asleep for a while and left it at that. It seemed like I lost an hour. I thought I had fallen asleep all of a sudden and must have woke back up again. The movie I was watching was an hour advanced.

I watched the end of the movie and turned on my pc. The time clock on my pc was one hour slower than the actual time now. I know my pc clock was correct just the other day. I have a new pc and I don't believe any time changes were set to take place this weekend in August. Has anyone heard of a bug in windows 7 causing clocks to change time?

I thought the reason I was having trouble sleeping at night and am sleeping at odd hours was just something out of whack with my sleep cycle. Now this mystery is making me wonder. Maybe I'm not losing my mind and something strange is going on. Actually the time change on my pc is off by an hour and a few minutes since I did not have it set exactly to the same time as my atomic clock. However when I looked at it tonight, it was exactly one hour off.

Well if I want to explain this away, I guess somehow the time was changed on my pc unintentionally to the wrong time and I did fall asleep for a little while. I just don't remember the time being off on my pc.

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by orionthehunter

This happened to my PC shortly after I got it too, also it is a windows 7, I just assumed my kid did this, but now, it may have been the windows 7??? Possibly. Also, losing an hour though that is weird! but yeah about two days after I got this system I had the same time change exactly an hour!!! It may be an update that caused it?? I am not sure. The odd hours I know that you may be interested in another thread : Sleep disturbances and the time monks! Lots of us having issues with sleep lately!

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 11:59 PM
Thanks for the info. I just noticed about an hour mix up on a futures site I check. That is the time mixed up on another site online. I've had my pc for a couple of months now and turned off automatic updating. I'm sure of that.

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