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Strange occurences in my house, getting worse?

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 10:02 AM
Okay so some background info on me: I'm 18, I would say I'm a Christian though I don't prescribe to any specific denomination. I do believe in ghosts though I wouldn't be able to say why they are there, like, what if any purpose there is for them.

Are they simply echoes of past events or do they have full consciousness...I couldn't say for sure, though I feel it is the latter.

My house is a bit over 100 years old and began life as two houses and a sweet shop but at some stage was knocked through into one house.

Now as with any old house it has its fair share of things that go bump in the night and you try to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it's just the floorboards and pipes. But every now and again something particularly odd will happen, for instance a rack with shower gels on it that had been standing for years completely sturdy on its feet by a brick wall fell over in the middle of the night. Similar things have happened with other small shelves or coats falling off hooks etc.

Things you can’t explain…but quickly push to the back of your head telling yourself there must be SOME reason for it.

Until this year, I wouldn’t say events have gotten more frequent, the majority are still small bumps like you would expect in a house of this age, but there have also been some much ‘stronger’ happenings. At one time whilst my younger brother (12) was at home alone after school he heard bumps upstairs so much that he actually called my uncle to come over, who of course upon looking could find no disturbance upstairs.
Another time something similar happened whilst I was at home with my little brother, and it was enough for me to slowly go upstairs wielding a shovel as ‘protection’ xD But again of course nothing was disturbed.
Then perhaps the 5 most disturbing events have happened to me and me alone, and with varying effects.
The dining room of my house has always had an odd feeling to me, one my friends seem to agree with and in my younger years I used to hate having to go down the hallway and passed it to reach the toilet… though as I grew older I grew out of that. But nonetheless it is where the first strong event happened, as I was home alone hovering the floor, I turned around right outside the dining room to head in the other direction and saw ‘something’ it was like I had seen it out of the corner of my eye only it was dead centre of my vision. It was a blueish gray and I would say had a humanoid form but disappeared so quick I can’t be sure. Now almost as shocking as that was my reaction, I was scared to have seen something and jumped backwards away from where I had seen it, but by the time about 20 seconds had gone I simply carried on hovering, a bit wary yes but not scared of what I had seen. Scared of the experience but not scared of ‘it’.
Now the second event would be a couple of days later where I saw the same thing when pulling the towel off of my face after a shower, again, I didn’t fear what I had seen…it didn’t have a fearful presence.

The most recent happened when I had the house alone for a week, on the first day I could hear the doors upstairs opening and closing, I told myself it was just wind blowing the doors partially shut and then open again through open windows, but when I checked my window was the only door open. Anyway I closed all the doors and went back down, only the sounds continued… but for some reason I didn’t react, I avoided upstairs for a while but still slept in my bed that night. This confuses me greatly after these next two occurrences.

Both occur in my bedroom, strangely the room I have always felt safest in. The first occurred whilst I was very close to falling into a deep sleep when I heard a tapping against my window which is right by my bed, now knowing the roof is right by my window I simply assumed some late night birds had tapped it on the way home…I wasn’t worried but it had woken me up; after a few minutes the tapping happened again, only this time I was awake enough to hear it properly. I swear it was not birds it was someone’s fingers tapping on the window. Four in a row as each finger would be tapped against it, after this happened for say the fourth time I woke my dad to come in with my when I opened the blinds. Nothing was there, but when I tapped my own fingers against the window it confirmed to me that was definitely what I had heard.
My dad told me nothing was there and to grow up and go to sleep…so I did, I maybe heard it happen once or twice more but continuously told me even if there was something, it was outside and I was safe inside.

The scariest experience though, and one that will stay with me forever happened just as I was trying to go to sleep again. Though this time it happened mere seconds after I had gotten into bed. My dog was lying on the bed next to me and we both heard something (I know because he looked up briefly) and then about 5 seconds later my dog attempted to get up and go to the end of the bed but I was cuddling him (its comfy xD ) and that would usually stop him, only this time he was really fighting to get out of the bed. So I looked up to see where he was trying to go, and at the end of the bed was the dark shadow of someone (my room was extremely dark so I could barely see anything) I stared for a few seconds and could tell whoever it was had a very angry look on their face, now I decided it was my brother because it was the most rational explanation, though in hindsight this ‘thing’ was fully grown and so taller than my brother. Then it faded away…that’s when I really became scared.

Now as I said I’m 18 so thought I get scared by things I’m foolhardy and my body usually attempts the fight option, and when it chooses run I run very quickly. But this time I was actually frozen with fear…I grabbed my phone from by my bed, dived under the covers and woke my best friend up texting her shaking. Eventually she convinced me to tell my parents and the realisation that this meant I had to come back out from the covers actually caused me to cry uncontrollably with fear…I ended up spending that night on the floor in my parents room.
And yet when I had the house alone for a week as I said earlier, I managed to sleep completely alone in my room just fine.

I don’t know…it has rather confused me, the part of my house that has always felt odd is where I saw something that didn’t scare me, and the part of my house I feel safest in is where I saw something that’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life… it doesn’t seem to make sense. And it doesn’t seem to make sense having such conflicting occurrences (feeling fine with one and fearful at another) in a relatively regular sized house.

Any ideas what could be going on…and why these things happened where they happened?

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 10:51 AM
You could have been visited by a shadowman, standing at the foot of your bed. Cool dog, wanting to confront it.

You have a younger brother? Poltergeist activity is said to be related to teeenagers, although it seems to be more attributed to female teens.
Doors opening and closing, things falling off shelves are sometimes attributed to poltergeist.

I'm no expert, I'm not sure anyone is truly an expert of that which there is no definitive explanation.

Do you have a digital camera? If you do, take some photos in your bedroom at night, with the lights off and use a flash. Especially when you feel some sort of presence in the room. You might get some interesting results.

Our house is quite old, too. It began as a log toll house and was expanded upon over the many years. We have activity in our house as well. Shadow creatures of some sort, unusual noises. The most interesting noise occured when we first moved here. My daughter moved into the upstairs room. One large room with wall to wall carpeting. I was awakened by the sound of furniture being moved about upstairs. However, that would have not been possible, the type of sound, considering the thick carpet and pad. I went upstairs to see what was happening. Nothing. My daughter was asleep and the furniture was in its usual place. Weird, for sure.

There is an increase, for the last week or so of strange things, though. My wife and I both see adult sized forms moving about the house. They are quick, though and disappear quickly. But what is unusual is we are not catching glimpses of them within our peripheral view. We are seeing them from right in front of us. And they aren't the usual black shadowy forms we usually see. There is some hints of color and they are a bit transparent. To me these seem to be ghosts. Whatever they truly are, though, I have no idea.

It's all very interesting, though.

Maybe there is a paranormal investigation team near you? Google if you want. Most groups will do an investigation for free.
I belong to a fledglin group called Kentucky Paranormal Research and Investigation. We are mostly inexperienced in investigating, however, the founder is quite experienced.

My house will be an upcoming investigation project. I want the group to investigate because I don't want my past experiences to cloud my actions.
Our founder did a walk through of my house when we first met. He "felt" things in precisely the same places my wife and I experience things over the last 7 years. We did not reveal to him our experiences or where these things occured. Now that he did the walk through, in daylight, he can better understand what sort of things could interfere with an investigation and give false results of actual paranormal activity.

I have often considered that many paranormal events are likely some sort of "memories" that remain in an area. But, still, there are things that happen that seem to be a conscious reaction by whatever these things are.

Hey, investigate. It can be fun and might very well provide ATS with some interesting results to consider and analyze.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 10:56 AM
Cool story.

I wish I could give you a reasonable answer that makes sense but speculation is all any of us have to offer I'm afraid.

If anything your story just raises more questions, at least with me that is.
Flagged any way.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 11:00 AM
Investigative tools don't have to cost much. An EMF meter can be had for about 20 dollars or so. An inexpensive battery powered thermometer, a used digital recorder that can be connected to your computer so you can download recordings for further analysis, LED flashlights (2 for 5 bucks at big lots) a digital camera with flash capabilities. None of these things need be expensive. You can find these, used and new at and other places online. Stay away from specialty stores. They want to charge way too much for much more equipment than you need. Concerning a digital camera. no need for a super high pixel capability. That can just create many false "orb" images. I have never taken a photo of what I would consider an orb that can't be explained as more than dust or water vapor. However, I have seen a few photos by other team members that cause me to consider, just maybe it's something other than dust or water vapor.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 11:12 AM
Things falling could be an uneven area.

Do you have a level to check it?

I would also check the EMF level.

I recently investigated an old house and the EMF was off the charts.

No wonder people felt creeped out in there.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by StevenDye

My first thought was that the word evil is live backwards and the word live is evil backwards. Opposites, and it seems that the thing has tried to play an evil trick on you by making your safe place scary, and your scary place safe. Maybe to confuse you but I sense that it will become worse even though you had the reprieve. You can ask a priest to come and bless the whole house. That works quite well.
Also Crucifixes and Holy Water can't hurt.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by DARKCYDE_CROWLEY

For sure, some old houses still have wiring that are the old copper lines wrapped in a cloth type of material. These types of wire eventually leak a lot of electricity. That can cause high EMF readings, as well as cause people to feel ill, or hallucinate. Same goes for leaking ducts in heating systems. Too much carbon monoxide causes illness and hallucinations as well.

In an old cemetery we were investigating, one new member saw a rise in temperature of about 15 degrees. Whoa!! What caused that! He was very excited. What I determined was he was pointing the thermometer at a stone crypt which had been sitting directly in the sun the entire afternoon, and was still retaining the heat, unlike the smaller headstones nearby and of course, the night air.

This is why it's a great idea to do a walkthrough during daylight and notice everything. Including, the levelness of objects. I fortgot to add in an earlier post about equipment, a laser level is a good tool, too.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by Starbug3MY

That's a good idea if the OP leans towards Catholicism. We lived in a house where the crucifixes would fall or appear to "leap" off the wall, though.

Another ritual that might be of help is smudging.

OP, perhaps you can find some ideas beginning here, concerning smudging, should you want to try it out.

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Meh, spelling, two hands for beginners. lol

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 12:11 PM
Explanation: S&F!

These occurances are increasing rapidly recently.

Here is why...

The Black Man (by shamus78) [ATS]

My post is at bottom of page2.

Personal Disclosure: Love is the only cure! I'm sending both you and the spookyness lotsa Love right now [and focused Love for next 10 mins] so please soak it up and bask in it OK!

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:27 PM
If I can get a chance I think I will over the next couple of weeks set a camera recording during the night, and on another night take a picutre or two every now and again with a digital camera in my room while I lie in bed.

A bit of white noise couldn't hurt too much either, depending what I get from this, or if any other events occur I will buy some equipment to look further.

Thanks to those offering ways to rid the house of the spirits, but I'm actually slightly interested to see what, if anything will happen next.
As scary as it was to see that sight, and though the explanation of an evil spirit trying to fool me does seem to make sense...

I want to give whatever I saw the first couple of times the benefit of the doubt, perhaps rather than being a trick it WAS a good spirit staying around me while I was somewhere I feel uncomfortable... perhaps it was protecting me from whatever I did see that night. In which case, I wouldn't want to push no such spirit out.

(I expect this new-found courage will dissapear by bed time tonight

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:37 PM
The first shadow entity I observed was in the film "unbreakable". I could not locate it by frame stepping tho. The 2nd time one was observed was during an obe. As I hovered above my body I noticed a shadowy mist in the corner between ceiling and wall. Perhaps some of these beings are oob travelers. Do u know anyone who is practicing lucid dreaming or meditation? It is also possible that if it is an oob traveler that they are unconscious. Meaning that they are tuning in based on something tho it may or may not be the conscious intent of the sojourner. Also, some believe that obe may transcend time considering space is. Could be an entity with or without a body. By without a body, I mean that the incorporeal entity has not "moved on". Perhaps u are sensitive.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by StevenDye
Get a digital voice recorder and do an evp session in each room. Turn the recorder on and sit it close to you and then start asking questions. like why are you here, whats your name, etc. Do this about 5 to 10 minutes per room. Dont forget to leave enough space between questions for someone to answer. Ive had some pretty good luck doing this.

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