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Peak Oil, Pacific Plastic and Hawk 10

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 05:52 AM
Yes, I posted this in the correct forum. Read on..

To start, I found many threads on ATS regarding the problems of huge amounts of plastic debris floating in the Pacific Ocean.
Here are a few of the ATS links to go get informed.

Giant garbage patch floating in Pacific
Continent-size toxic stew of plastic trash fouling swath of Pacific Ocean
The Pacific trash vortex.....

And there are many more threads on the subject.

At a glance or in depth, this is a very disturbing problem, since plastic doesn't really degrade. One might wonder what the future will bring. Piles of plastic so vast that it covers entire oceans?
It is a valid concern. Or is it?

Let us journey into the creative minds at the Netherlands-based architecture company, WHIM.
ABC NEWS reports that WHIM plans to make a plastic island in the Pacific Ocean.
Pacific Ocean to Receive Plastic Island

turning it into a fully sustainable island with enough space for half a million inhabitants

But guess what. That's not all the benifits of living on a plastic island. There is much more to look forward to there.

residents will be able to use seaweed as bio fuel and fertilizer.

Isn't this just wonderful? Not to mention a very green approach.

Well, If this is such a wonderous idea, even in lowered waste alone, one might ponder the question rising from the following news interest.

Why Don't Electronics Companies Use Recycled Plastic?

well here's one reason from the above linked article:

Apparently, it's more difficult for cell phone companies to use recycled plastic, since there are fewer opportunities to hide the recycled plastic inside the mobile phone. Recycled plastic looks different from so-called "virgin plastic," so when companies do use it, they try to stuff it away in a place that consumers won't notice.


Makes good sense. But if the electronic industry is still focusing on "virgin plastic", how will we ever clean up the plastic floating around in the Pacific, let alone keep up with the volume perpetually added to the existing mess?

Well, that could be the enigma of all enigmas.

But it is not, however.
Not the enigma of all enigmas,
Not the horrific and unsightly blob of plastic immortality.
Not even the eyesore it would be if collected and dumped onto your property for your neighbors, God and all creation to view as you are alienated by all who see the behemouth of plastic you call home.

Why, in reality, it is just the opposite.
That pile burying your house and lawn and reaching up to the heavens could be the plastic equivelent of lead to an alchemist that can turn lead into gold.

However, the dream of turning lead to gold is perpetual whereas the dream of turning plastic into gold is a reality. But this gold is black. That's right.


Not just oil, but also, gas, steel, sulfur, and carbon black, amoungst other petroleun based material.

Let's check out a patent by inventor Frank G. Pringle; applied for, December 14, 2006 and filed this last December 8, 2009.

7629497 Microwave-based recovery of hydrocarbons and fossil fuels

By using specific microwave frequencies, plastics and many other materials can be decomposed into petroleum materials.

Note that there are many Foreign Patent Documents listed, but no U.S. Patent Documents.

Well, at the Assignee, Global Resource Corporation, as early as 2007 NEWS report reveal that the microwave machine used for this has been dubbed The Hawk 10.

Hawk 10 turns plastic back into oil – seagulls rejoice

While many are up in arms about the plastic floatilla bobbing around in the Pacific, as well as mountains of old tires and uncounted other disgards that we are paying for in services, taxes, studies, cleanup, etc...

We should be seeing a financial return for our garbage and the plastic blob in the Pacific could be the start of the end of imported oil, without tapping into out vast reserves that are hoarded, untouched.

Peak oil is another scare tactic and control device to manipulate and further push the agenda of a few elite oil tycoons and their banker buddies.

Hawk 10 the trash and plastics and eliminate imported oil and the need for a plastic island in the Pacific.

Use the oil decomposed and no need for recycling plastic by "green compliant Companies, no need for massive algae farms or corn crops to convert to biofuels, No need to pay to pile refuse in landfills, No need for more legislation that forces us to comply to another money taking scheme due to containers with a half life of hundreds of years or more contaminating our world.

Where is the MSM, Government, EPA, et al and the other compartmentalized departments / creations? Ignoring their mandates at least since 2007 on this obvious solution? Is it obvious yet?

In the pockets of the petrol-giants? Any other explainations?

Oh yeah, one more explaination....Peak Oil.


[edit on 8-8-2010 by imd12c4funn]

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