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BP oil spill vs. Waterworld

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 04:59 AM
Could the Gulf oil spill be a staged production?

Comparing the footage of the video (link below) at 11:38 minutes, we see the oil rig on fire surrounded by water spraying boats.
(by the way, this video has a different take on the oil spill)
here's the link
Media Mind Control & The BP Oil Spill In The Gulf

Now, if the footage at 11:38 minutes of the above linked video is compared to the footage of another video (link below) at 21:00 minutes,
here's the link
WaterWorld (Full Show) Universal Studios Hollywood

we can compare the images and possibly agree the two are simular.

The argument is, where's the live footage other than BP's that prove this as big of a disaster as the MSM, BP and Government claim?

As a matter of fact, the disaster footage that is broadcast seems cherry picked and then mimiced en masse.

I know there are affected areas, but the greatest disaster ever?
Or could it be a production scarcely worthy of mention by the Academy?

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