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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 03:23 AM
This morning i was reading a local newspaper, and i came over an article describing electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The man interviewed said he got huge relief after he was diagnosed, as now he knows what causes his symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of EH described in the paper by a doctor and a researcher: trembling of muscles, palpitations, nervousness, tingling, hand tremors, coordination problems, vertigo, memory problems, ADD, muscle&joint pain

They went on to write that the biggest cause of symptoms is a computers wlan and mobile phones. According to the paper about 10% of the population are suffering from this.

I have no idea about how i should react to this. The symptoms seem to pretty accurately describe some 80% of the posters in a huge thread here at ATS: , including me. Could it be this simple? Why is this the first time i hear about this if it affects 10% of the population?

A huge conspiracy to keep information from the population and instill fear, or a psychological operation to keep the effects of an awakening from seeming supernatural?

Realted wikipedia link:

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 03:36 AM
To me, those symptoms are way too general for them to be attributed to one cause. How could they come to that conclusion? Perhaps just another way to make money by prescribing drugs for it.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by above

orgone seems to work very well against electromagnetic waves.

could be placebo but i feel much better since i go around with one in my pocket.

it is quite easy to make yourself and you can buy in more and more places everyday

it is basically quarz crystals mixed with crumbs of metal in suspension in some natural resin

shungit is supposed to be completely amazing, but this minerai is hard to get (just one place to find it in the world somewhere in russia)

There are a variety of ways in which Orgone Energy devices can be utilised including but not limited to the following;

* Removal of dangerous EMF fields in ones home or workplace.
* Recharge foods or drinks with life force (this is easily observed by filling a glass with water, and then drinking some of the water observing the flavour. The glass of water is then placed on a Schumann generator and the flavour compared. Many comment that it is a lot "softer" and more palatable).
* Better hydration of the cells in your body with water charged with Orgone energy, and surface tension of water effectively reduced.
* Improved flavours in foods and wines.
* In geomancy, Schumann generators can be used to counter geopathic stress, resulting from ley lines, curry lines, the Hartmann or Benker grid or water vanes.
* People have often reported improved mood and emotions in the presence of an Orgone Energy device.
* People find that they can often sleep better (especially the case with the Geoclense which harmonises earth magnetic grid lines and all EMR fields within an entire building).
* The deadly radiation from a mobile phone can be compensated by special Schumann Generator devices (see below).
* Plants are observed as growing quicker in the presence of a Schumann generator device, especially if the plants are on a earth magnetic grid line (e.g., Benker grid).
* Fish tanks and aquariums function a lot better with fish swimming in a vibrant water packed with life force. For this purpose, we recommend the Schumman Generator Disc.
* With the range of the various devices, more bird and animal life is observed in the areas around the home, almost as if the wildlife senses an ambience rather than the constant hum of electromagnetic radiation.
* Using an orgone protection pendant will increase the size of one's aura, their physical strength and their psychic/ intuitive ability.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 05:53 AM
I have a book on that somewhere. Written in the 80s I think. Anyway, it's not just computers and mobiles, it's even electric lights and living with a power source in the home that can affect some people. One woman mentioned was severely ill all the time; muscle pains and migraines affecting her sight etc. and when they removed all the 'rays' and 'waves' from around her she was cured. I don't know how that would work permanently though. But I do think she had to move away from technology to have a normal life.

Look at cancers too though. Some of them do happen in clusters, (no matter what the experts say). That's frightening.

All the folk in my family before me have died from cancers. One thing I do know they all had in common was the electric blanket.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by above

Any information which will help the population maintain good physical and psychological health is systematically suppressed.

No doubt a populace suffering to a greater or lesser degree of symptoms of EMF sensitivity is much easier to control - and yes, it will also probably slow down the awakening and rising of consciousness.

That said, I believe the human psyche/soul is tremendously resilient and powerful. Just look at all the things they bombard us with and yet consciousness is still expanding at an increasing rate.

There are things we can do to protect ourselves from the effects of EMF and mind control waves - you might want to look into making orgonite, which you can make yourself and is relatively inexpensive. There are also other things available on the market.

I am finding that I'm spending more and more time trying to find ways round the continual deluge of poisons they are bombarding us with. But I also have tremendous faith in the immense power we humans can tap into.

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 06:13 AM
Nothing HYPER about it. We are all sensitive to EM radiation.

Normal to freak out when you're basically being microwaved alive, as we all are.

Where do you think all this cancer is coming from??? Not all from smoking you know

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