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Dumb chain loop dreams go away. Thank's.

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 03:00 AM
Before these dreams lasting a bunch of days I travel thousands of kilometers at 100km/h give or take. I leave a population of ten ish thousand and travel through million ish populations before the reverse return trip. The sea ferry ticket was instant leaving but a two week wait in the reverse return. I was speaking with some in the lineups of pissed peoples. I lucked out and got the new ticket after one night asleep in the line ups with a nice personal dream to boot. But that next night the dumb bunch of chain loop dreams for many sleeps all related to the ferry situation starts. Some of these dreams were those feels like years past long dreams but so dumb because they were all related to the ferry and its services.

i guess i expect dreams sometime about:
the dumb like four o one and its others
the roller coasters
the water slides
the high priced parks
the sleeping in a car in 30 ish degree c but feels like 40 ish
and more
dream sometime i guess
who is smart, most or all.
who is dumb, some or none.

typing this makes me think of and want to hear "Don't Pay The Ferryman - Chris de Burgh"
again with any form of text i remember more dreams
Reply for fun bts fun deny boredom is it?

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 03:42 AM
Ok I THINK I get what you are saying. You are tired of dreaming about riding the ferry and waiting in line for the return trip, the other people in your dreams feel the same way and complain about the line. You want to dream about water parks and amusement parks. You wish the boat went faster and the trip seems very long and boring.

The best thing to do with any recurring dream you don't want, is to go lucid in it. Really though we don't always dream of exciting things. I just dreamt of going to a baseball game - I don't like baseball but I like hanging out with people at the game.

Well, a ferry would be a great dream environment - especially if it is on a beautiful open ocean, or maybe a wide river. It would be awesome if everyone on it is having fun. You could incorporate that Ferry into lucid dreaming or even semi-lucid and go anywhere in the world on it. Look on the brightside, you may have something good.

For instance, how many different places has the ferry taken you by now?

Replying for fun, deny boredom.

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by Novise

to add to the bts for fun

i guess i ended my own dreams before my bts story upload by telling someone and then one more ferry theme chain loop dream and then nothing

overall i dont mess with lucid dreams or trying to be remembering all dreams but some just stick out as always for me.

your text ideas overall are nice like the soul flash so here i have some moments i lived for you.

my father and i watched sun below sea he saw a flash and i did not, and soon after two of us in toyota tercel late 80ies meets moose on blind turn at 80 ish km/h 3/4 of windshield gone and my 1/4 left. both of us covered in fur glass blood and poo and drove hope with awe from the leg imprint on hood to the dented down driver side supports to the shock line extending to the back of car on drivers side to the spiral blood patterns leading to the dead moose, felt like hitting a rock i said i was almost asleep, he said im glad my fingers were not up there on the wheel when the moose body flew over the car.

btw for more bts
Before my trip in my head i thought for males as i yelled "stupid f ing sewer" out the back window
Then i thought for females as i yelled out the front window "stupid f ing sewer system"
soon after i saw an asian hot water for recovery use idea on peswiki as ive heard in past asians use human poo for rice mmmm i like rice too.


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