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[Gov document] National Space Policy of the United States of America

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 11:37 PM
Saw this on NASA Watch June, 2010 and couldn't find it on ATS - please point it out if it's been OP'd.

National Space Policy of the United States of America.

“Fifty years after the creation of NASA, our goal is no longer just a destination to reach. Our goal is the capacity for people to work and learn and operate and live safely beyond the Earth for extended periods of time, ultimately in ways that are more sustainable and even indefinite. And in fulfilling this task, we will not only extend humanity’s reach in space—we will strengthen America’s leadership here on Earth.”
—President Barack Obama, April 15, 2010

The United States hereby renews its pledge of cooperation in the belief that with strengthened international collaboration and reinvigorated U.S. leadership, all nations and peoples—space-faring and space-benefiting—will find their horizons broadened, their knowledge enhanced, and their lives greatly improved.


A robust and competitive commercial space sector is vital to continued progress in space.

GOALS [Emphasis added by Thermo Klein]
Consistent with these principles, the United States will pursue the following goals in its national space programs:
••Energize competitive domestic industries to participate in global markets and advance the development of: satellite manufacturing; satellite-based services; space launch; terrestrial applications; and increased entrepreneurship.

••Expand international cooperation on mutually beneficial space activities to: broaden and extend the benefits of space; further the peaceful use of space; and enhance collection and partnership in sharing of space-derived information.

••Strengthen stability in space through: domestic and international measures to promote safe and responsible operations in space; improved information collection and sharing for space object collision avoidance; protection of critical space systems and supporting infrastructures, with special attention to the critical interdependence of space and information systems; and strengthening measures to mitigate orbital debris.

••Increase assurance and resilience of mission-essential functions enabled by commercial, civil, scientific, and national security spacecraft and supporting infrastructure against disruption, degradation, and destruction, whether from environmental, mechanical, electronic, or hostile causes.

••Pursue human and robotic initiatives to develop innovative technologies, foster new industries, strengthen international partnerships, inspire our Nation and the world, increase humanity’s understanding of the Earth, enhance scientific discovery, and explore our solar system and the universe beyond.

••Improve space-based Earth and solar observation capabilities needed to conduct science, forecast terrestrial and near-Earth space weather, monitor climate and global change, manage natural resources, and support disaster response and recovery.

There's more info but to not copy any more please check out the link!

but also, from John Logsdon, Space News, from the NASA site linked above:

I interpret the new space strategy set out by the White House Feb. 1 to be at its foundation a proposal to move from the 20th century, Apollo-era approach to human spaceflight to a new approach consistent with 21st century national and international realities and future exploration and other strategic space objectives.

Edited: really surprised NO stars or flags after half hour... I added emphasis for easy skimming in case it seemed a little too much like school work

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 11:40 PM
This should also be noted:

from original .gov link
The United States shall develop and use space nuclear power systems where such systems safely enable or significantly enhance space exploration or operational capabilities.

I think this is all great news! No specifics on funding but hopefully some $$ will leak into some public companies!

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 12:58 AM
Although educational, I think the kids want something a little juicer.

Like a doc showing a secret gov agenda that's been hidden from the people the last 40 years.

It does seem though that TPTB want to encourage the use of space so they can step in to regulate it.

"Space, the Final Frontier of the Federal Reserve System"

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