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Going to Sedona, AZ next couple weeks...

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 10:14 PM
Hey all,
Me and the partner are considering going up to Sedona in the next two weeks (from Phoenix), and I know from this article:

and obviously a few others that UFO sightings are common place. I've also heard persistent rumors, always about the same area, Boynton Canyon. supposedly located under the Enchantment Resort, there may be a secret UFO/advanced aircraft base. The link to the area, with the resort pinned:,-111.855068&spn=0.016327,0.042272&t=h&z=15&msid=109654326048362459412.00048d1efff fe4f26c595&iwloc=00048d1f01cb7b1b208ae

I found a few articles via Google but this article specifically mentions the resort:

Given the history of the Greenbrier I don't think it's preposterous that there are other bases we may not know about.

Does anyone here with any experience with the area have any suggestions about viewing areas or any good places to check out? I would be happy to report back with photos and vids, we usually carry cameras with us everywhere.

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 10:16 PM
I don't know about the UFO stuff, but unless you are blonde haired and blue eyed I'd make sure to keep those cameras close if all I've heard about AZ lately is correct.

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 11:00 PM
MY best suggestion to you is to follow your heart while in Sedona and keep your time schedules and plans at a minimum. If you get the hit to go out at 2am then go, totally trust your intuition on this trip and be sure and visit the great Java houses there.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 12:44 PM
Having lived in Sedona for several years and hiked it's many beautiful canyons and mesas, I have a few suggestions:

Firs, be prepared for all of the, ahem, 'extreme' viewpoints from all sides of the aisle regarding UFOs, New Age stuff, and the like. There is no question Sedona is a hotbed of activity in this regard, and, consequently draws throngs of visitors and residents alike eager to 'share their beliefs' with all passerby. It can get tiresome after awhile, especially when you are seeking some R&R or healthy scenery while hiking and are stopped for yet another lecture by strangers with a "story" to tell.

When hiking around the canyons, you will see all sorts of 'markers' that these believers have left behind, such as stone cairns, graffiti, and crude scrapes and symbols on stone faces -a sad reflection of humanity destroying the natural environment in an effort to 'convince' others that the magic 'is real'. While living there, I've had more than one encounter with tourists who were absolutely sure they 'discovered' evidence that an ancient civilization (e.g., the Anastazi) left a hidden message about aliens because they saw some marking on a stone that looked a lot like a "grey's head and body'.

Boynton Canyon is loaded with caves and unusual rock features, many that still have artifacts and old Native American relics in them (pottery shards and such). Please, please resist the temptation to disturb or remove them. It is not only against the law (the Antiquities Act is strongly enforced in Arizona) but also immensely inconsiderate to others who may come to experience the canyons after you not to mention the disrespect it shows toward the ancient cultures that once lived there.

Boynton Canyon dead-ends and really is more of a giant horse-shoe shaped cut into a part of the geologic formation know as the Mogollon Rim. The best way to experience it is to drive in past the Enchantment Resort (which was a HUGE controversy itself before finally getting approved to build), park your car and then hike the large loop trail.

They have several 4-wheel drive jeep tour operators in Sedona, and one of them, Pink Jeep Tours used to go into Boynton Canyon, though I;m not sure if they still do so (more controversy about that I remember). Anyway, if your not up to a strenuous hike, taking one of these jeep tours is an option. The added 'benefit' is that the jeep tour drivers usually know a lot about the history of the area, though I understand they have a tendency to "color" their narration a bit to gain a few laughs and gasps from their audience.

If you are hunting for visible UFO activity, there are two suggestions I can make:

One is that the best place to view potential activity over Boynton Canyon is NOT in the canyon itself, but rather from the road leading up to the Sedona Airport which sits on a mesa opposite and south of Boynton Canyon. Drive up the airport road along the face of the cliff at dusk, and pull over just before turning left to the airport property near the top of the mesa. Look to the north toward Sedona and Boynton Canyon and you'll see the most glorious view imaginable after sunset - and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to spot some lights in the sky with curious characteristics!

A second great vantage point is from Schnebly Hill road toe the east of town. As you drive up the road you'll see several turn-offs with exceptional views of Sedona and the skies above.

One final note: IMO, Boynton Canyon is over-rated and now highly commercialized as the 'story' has taken on a life of its own. Remeber also, that though the area all around Sedona is breathtaking in its beauty, that it is mainly a tourist/resort destination, and the place is loaded with tourist shops, restaurants, and related activities, all of which have a very strong incentive to "keep the dreams alive" regarding UFOs, Vortex anomalies, and such. Everyone in town will tell you that Sedona is the center of the Universe regarding these things and that they have lots of kitsch and yarns to sping as you sip your cocktail and contemplate yet another tee shirt to keychain to 'remember your experience by.

That said, I have a few of my own favorite places in the Sedona area that don't cost anything and that I 'feel' are much closer to actually experiencing what you are after. The ones I am willing to share here include the canyon up the West Fork of Oak Creek on hwy 89A north of town, The hills and mesa above Page Springs west of town, around the town of Jerome and Mingus Mountain area, also further west of Sedona, the old ruins on the cliff face know as Montezuma Castle, among a few others.

My best kept secret and favorite place to get the "experience", shared only here for my ATS pals: Sycamore Canyon to the northwest of Sedona. Sycamore Canyon is loaded with history and is a very rugged, almost impenetrable area that has made "the hair on my neck stand up" on several occasions. You can get to it from Hwy 89A through the small town of Clarkdale just west of Sedona, but the best access to the most magical recesses of the canyon can only be reached by driving through Flagstaff, west to Winslow, then south to WhiteHorse ranch/campground. From there take the forest road as far south as you can to the upper edge of the cliffs above Sycamore Canyon. Then, if you are fit and able, climb down into the canyon for an experience you'll never forget... be sure you are well prepared and someone knows where you are going. Note that this is the place that supposedly some Spanish conquistadors got lost/attacked by Indians, and also a popular legend area for buried treasures, lost gold mines, and also where Geronimo tried to escape with his band of merry-makers -all in addition to having UFO reports, hidden bases and alien activity, among other things. Caution - when I was living in the area rumors persisted (and some actual reports) of hikers and treasure-seekers and such going in there and never being heard from again...

Best bet: just drive up to the top of the Airport road and take your camera and some refreshments and drive back down to your hotel after an hour or so of ...waiting.

Good luck and have fun!

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 02:04 PM
Wait, "conveniently" located under Enchantment Resort? Look, I want disclosure as much as anyone else, but this sounds like something 'Enchantment Resort' came up with to bring in visitors and their money.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 02:16 PM
I have been to Sedona and can say that it is very beautiful. I didn't see any UFO's or anything like that (sadly). However, I saw an abundance of dirty New Age Hippies.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 02:29 PM
Schnebly Hill and Airport Mesa are great places to view the town. You could also try and find the Bradshaw Ranch which has had some odd things happen over the years. I don't know where that is though I lived there for a few years. I found out about it later, after I moved out of there.

Don't forget to check out the Red Planet Diner, it is as kitschy as they get but a good joke with all the decor.

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 01:32 PM
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