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Iraq War to start on March 18th

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posted on Mar, 12 2003 @ 11:47 AM
Israeli monitor intercepts order: War starting on March 18 --The U.S.
military has been ordered to launch a war against Iraq on March 18,
an Israeli official said in a televised report. Israeli government
monitor, Michael Gurdus, reported on late Tuesday that the order was
relayed by U.S. Central Command to all American forces in the Persian

Defender of Jerusalem and Crusader, Jacques de Molay:

Roman connections:
The Ides of March begin on the 15th and last 8 days. However, the
celebration of the goddess Anna Perenna was at the first full moon of
the new year -- by definition, the Ides of March. This year March 18.

PURIM 2003:
March 18: Celebration of the Deliverance of the Jews

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