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The Aprons

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posted on Mar, 10 2003 @ 10:20 PM
Upon light of the recent "Fez" incident, where someone was horribly confused into thinking that Fez's were worn by Shriners because the Fez came about from Muslims dipping christian hats in christian blood. I wouldn't want someone saying a Mason's Apron is some "cross-dressing" thing or whatever it is whacky Antimasons come up with.

When initiated an Entered Apprentice, the new Mason recieves a Lamb-skin or white leather apron, it signifies innocense, and it is the badge of a Mason.

Upon death all masons are buried with this Apron, and a sprig of evergreen (really cool reason why the evergreen but that'll come some other time).

How a mason wears his apron is determined by his degree.

And this is the super abbrieviated story of the Mason's Apron.


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