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the EU(UE) factor

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posted on Mar, 10 2003 @ 06:33 PM
does anyone agree with me that a factor in the british governments decision to side with the US government's illegitimate and unnecessary war in iraq and the current theatrical opposition by central european states at the UN is a ploy to make the people of britain look more favourably upon a future european alliance/state instead of their current american alliance, coinciding with a shift in power/wealth from USA to europe?

posted on Mar, 10 2003 @ 07:04 PM
"The Biggest Secret" by David Icke. Then you will know that no such transition can and or will ever exist. The financial center of the World is London, the London Stock Exchange has and been the center for nearly 400-600 years now. When England falls off the face of the planet then we might see a new center for trade, but for now the real power is in the British Empire. Mind you this country never got it's real independence. I know, ha ha ha, yeah right, I'm crazy. Well I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

Come and get some.

posted on Mar, 10 2003 @ 07:29 PM
well abe, i'm aware that the true power isn't being shifted, just the overt as opposed to covert, as Mr. Icke would say.

I edited this out of the first draft of my post because i didnt want it to turn into a discussion about who is really in control. Just about whether or not whoever may be in control(doesnt really matter who) is trying to influence british public opinion in the way i brought up in my first post.

i assumed that those who have read Icke would take for granted that i was speaking of a shift in the overt power, not covert. in that way i also wouldnt piss off anybody whos likes to maintain the illusion that they live in a free country.

So please, lets have an opinion from at least a couple of people before you turn this into some kind of flame war about who is and who isnt in control and then whose daddy could kick whose daddys ass etc etc.

[Edited on 11/3/2003 by bottledchips]

posted on Mar, 10 2003 @ 07:58 PM
I will not turn this discussion into something you don't want it to be, that I will not do. Nor would I suggest what needs to be done to overcome this burden, I was merely trying to point out such burden so people could know. Everyone deserves the right to know, right??? Well from what came from your keypad sounded like you didn't know, so I thought maybe I would tell you.

So I guess now I would have to ask, what do you mean??? I figured you believe that America holds the wealth of the world, but it seems you believe otherwise. So please explain what you are asking me again, I am a little confused.

posted on Mar, 11 2003 @ 08:01 AM
ermsss guys to what i do know is USA today is actually
the son so just think liked this EUROPE is his father
most of the europe civilised came into USA sometimes ago
so it became evolution until now i m just think the
EUROPE SPIRIT has change into USA SPIRIT to now a day.have a gun will travel, maybe SADDAM need more ball to encounter DARTH BUSH elite forces.

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