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AU 60 minutes "The Poison Tide"

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 06:35 PM
So, the video was removed quite a while ago

It was the Australian 60 minutes. They did a piece called "The poison tide" that had some great visuals of the spill, as well as an interview with Kindra Arnesen from this thread's fame:

Does anyone have it cached anywhere?

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 06:45 PM
Transcript and 19 photos here if that would help.

But you're right, the video seems nowhere to be found. Not even on the owning site. Not even pay-per-view or on-demand. There could be a few reasons for this. Makes you wonder though...

Wait...does this work for you?

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 07:01 PM
I'm watching now...this is a MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!

Hurry before it's disappeared...

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 07:30 PM
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I am watching it now. I have looked high and low for this and am very excited to see an unfiltered report. Star & Flag. Thom

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 07:34 PM
Could someone please save it? I don't have the right version of Quicktime to do it.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 08:05 PM
Found another video in two parts on You Tube

The Poison Tide AU 60 Minutes Gulf Oil Video

The Poison Tide Part 2

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 08:09 PM
Nicely done, folks.

Everyone make sure they make some hard copies.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 08:28 PM
some sound bytes:

20 mile river of oil...

a sheen as a far as the eye can see...

the 20 oil covered pelicans in this crate will be hosed down in about an hour or so, we expect many of them to survive.


sri oracle

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 09:16 PM
Wow, the youtube one seems to be being taken down and put back constantly. Another hmmmm....

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by ~Lucidity

Like I said, make your own copy if you can. I'm not on my good computer, so im sol for a while.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by justadood

And like I said, way before you said it, I can't. LOL

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by EyeHeartBigfoot

PapinA on the Wirlpool forum found a mobile version of The Poison Tide video and that is what you are seeing on the You Tube link (which is why the quality is so poor).

Several people emailed 60 min Au to ask why the video was removed, no one I know of has gotten a reply. Caledoz posted on the Whirlpool forum posted about phone calls to ch 9.

Michael Usher (The 60 min Au reporter) has a blog, I tried posting, I think it is no longer accepting post.

The question remains....why would 60 minutes go to all the trouble of making the video, have it aired for 24 hours then let someone pressure or tell them to take it down?

It is a question I would still like to know the answer to. It is probably found in who owns 60 minutes. I encourage you to email them or call them to find out the answer.

the phone number is 02 9438 3433 or

Personally I would like to see the removal of The Poison Tide become on of the hottest hits on the Internet, it certainly is not that way now.

It was a stroke of luck that 60 minutes got the clearance to go where other media were not allowed, its a moving program (and quite old by now).

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 10:14 PM
Good stuff to know.

Absolutely needs to be known that this is happening.,,,that the video is being deleted everywhere.

They did have great access, and I bet there's a lot here BP and others would rather the general public not know.

Everyone needs to see this video..

Thanks for taking the time to tell us some of the history. I hope this thread stays bumped and in view because a lot of people were looking for this video.

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 10:31 PM
Thanks for posting!! I uploaded it to my face book account so all my friends can watch this!!!

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 10:48 PM
I just watched the vid. Absolutely horrible damage to wildlife. And even if most of those pelicans survive, where can they go? We can't just drive them a few miles down the coast and let them out. The marshes are trashed! It broke my heart to watch that one hobbling towards the water, dragging a wing, with oil clumps hanging from underneath.

Way to go BP/Amoco. We just can't be satisfied until there are 50,000 rigs in the gulf to power those 'status quo' land yachts.
I also remember the one lady who witnessed the Valdez spill say it could be another 50 years before the ecosystem returns to normal. This disaster will probably take a century, regardless of what the 'oil is organic' people say. Hell, arsenic is organic too!

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 11:02 PM
for future referance i downloaded the videos just to be sure everyone here at ATS will have this available if needed. This needs to be shown to a lot of people!

I am not well versed on how to upload to ATS media, so if anyone can tell me how or if i can send my copies in email to someone so they can upload that'd be great.

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 04:46 AM
reply to post by ziggyproductions05

Thanks great. Thanks. There might be some rules about copyright and content, so you might want to just stash it in a safe place "in case."

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 10:11 AM
That little documentary has successfully put a grown man in tears. I absolutely cannot believe how horrible this is. God help us all.

This (like all of the other videos) needs to be seen by absolutely everyone on the planet. It will be their problem soon.

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by ziggyproductions05

Hey how do you download youtube videos? I (as well as many of us I'm sure) would like to keep a copy for themselves.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by DaMod

I have a program called realplayer downloader or something to that effect. i'll get the full link to you when i get home from work.

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