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The psychology of the ATS member

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 11:46 PM
I have labeled this post “The psychology of the ATS member” for a reason,. To not only address every one of you, but to also address the agencies who are watching our site, and are tying to figure out what went wrong. We in the ATS forum, have somehow, who knows how, been able to negate the main stream media as lies. We are willing to do the research to find out the truth on specific issues, and we are willing to question our leaders. So obviously something went horribly wrong in their plans. I can just hear the joint meetings that are taking place in Nation’s governments World wide, they would be the following.:

1. Were their areas where we did not have control of the media?

2. Did we not put enough fluoride and other chemicals in the water?

3. Are they not watching enough TV?

4. Why do they continue to question us?

5. Is their something unique to their brain chemistry that makes them resistant to us?

6. Others have been so compliant, why cant we influence them in the same way?

7. We have tried every form of brainwashing we know of:
Chemical. Through Prozac and every other pharmacy drug we know of, “WHY AREN’T THEY TAKING THEM? We have marketed a way to a better life yet they resist. We have put so much fluoride in their water and oral hygienic products, that it is the equivalent of a chemical lobotomy (at least that’s what the Russians figured out.)

8. Media: We have completely taken over the media in every nation. We are even policing the internet and any other form of alternative media. We create all the viruses that “coincidently” crash the computers of those who are still against us. We have tried to slip through laws that would give us complete control of the internet. (at least China doesn’t need to deal with that one.) Every time we bring up a law to restrict or deny internet access, one of them has to bring up “freedom of speech”. Come on, as if it was ever free.

9. We have filled the air with chemtrails, there are enough dissolved solid heavy metals to make everyone in the world mentally retarded, although still willing and able to work.

10. We have pumped their food with so many hormones it is ridiculous. Not only estrogen based chemicals to make them less aggressive, but other “special” chemicals to make them more docile.

11. Gun Control: If we can’t control them, at least we can take away their weapons. Unfortunately the stupid people of America still have some memory of their original constitution. Disarming them will be difficult, but in the end will be necessary if we are to prevail. Europe was a breeze with this one, yet America still holds on strong to their guns. WHY?

12. The simple fact of the matter is that too many people in the world remain somehow “free”. We have been able to be an almighty influence in the European countries and, now even Australia. The Muslim countries we will leave alone for now, the same goes for the communist countries, they already have a steel fist control of their people. It will be far easier for us to control their leadership, versus trying to control their people..

13. In summary, there are far to many people who have been resilient to our methods. The only question at this point is whether to double our efforts, or to simply kill the remaining few?

Good Bless ATS and every sight like it. We are the only ones left. Continue to question. Continue to be proactive. We’re the only ones left.

-Dreamwalker 74

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