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Web Bot Project and the Prediction it Never Made

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:02 PM
Almost everybody here on ATS has heard about the Web Bot Project at one time or another, if you have not here is a read up on it,Web Bot Project.

The web bot picks up on internet chatter in forums and other places, and makes trends of the most popular topics being discussed online, then predictions of future events are made from all of this with the help of 2 or 3 guys through their interpretation of what they read from these trends it picks up on.

Operation Blackjack
This was a heavily talked about topic online for the last year or so.

From what I can find the web bot never predicted Operation Blackjack or anything for the month of June 2010.

My question for the followers and the skeptics of the web bot and the topic of debate here is;

Why didn't the web bot project predict Operation Blackjack?

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:11 PM
'cause it didn't happen

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:12 PM
why does it matter web bot's predictions never came true and neither did blackjack

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by jacktherer

Of course it never happened.

The web bot picks up on what is being talked about online, so with all the talk about blackjack, why didn't web bot predict it?

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:25 PM
Hmm, I'm not sure!

Perhaps the interpretation of these '2 or 3' guys didn't interpret all the talk correctly, or didn't feel it was important. I really don't know, just guessing here, haha.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by Hitotsumami

Thanks Hitotsumami.

The reason I asked the question is, I remember reading that if you talked enough about a certain topic online, the web bot would pick up on it and in return make a prediction about that topic.

Now when you type in Operation Blackjack in google search as is you get about 1,200,000 results,

When you put a space between black and jack (operation black jack) you get about 9,800,000 results.

That's a pretty good number of results.

I am just curious why web bot or the people who run it never predicted anything for it.

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by InvisibleObserver

Perhaps the web chatter on the subject was a little too precise, and something in the process caused the topic to be eliminated for that reason.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by DISRAELI

That is a good answer.

I'm not exactly sure how the people who run it choose what is good and what isn't when they draw out the predictions.

I thought for sure I was going to read a thread about the project predicting it, but no dice.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:15 PM
did the web bot
predict the
gulf spill?

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by The Drunken Cow

Strikingly so.

As well as the General fiasco.

Weird times.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Perhaps because it discarded the name blackjack as a card game.

Or possibly rather than picking up on the name operation blackjack it picked up on some of the same predicitons as operation blackjack. Will have to have a look through the alta reports and see if it does mention anything.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by keldas

That is another good answer.

If you have access to the reports read through it and see if anything comes up.

I don't have access to any of the reports, the only stuff I can find is what gets posted online about the reports.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 06:03 PM
black jack didnt happen.. so i think it gives even more credibility to the webbots. they actually nail real things.. not contrived things..

They way the bots work is they look at how people are talking not what there saying its like you a English speaking person trying to cypher what people are saying in Arabic by using body language. the bots pick up there predictions on the way people talk on the net but don't actually use any of what they are saying to conclude the predictions.. the idea is based that if people are slightly psychic they may show signs of what there "picking up" in there everyday talk.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by E-ville

Thanks E-ville.

I'm trying to get both sides of the aisle to chime in on this question.

Hopefully more people will see this thread.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 07:20 PM
Maybe because the webbot is a big, fat scam?

And its just some guys setting up a charade?

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 07:31 PM
Clif says that we all 'leak' psychic info when choosing words.

The web bot grabs those words and so many before and after that key word.

Apparently blackjack is not a real scenario. Otherwise 'we' would have psychically leaked it out.

It has nothing to do with internet 'chatter'.

It has to do with the 'word' you use that one day when you were on some forum. Maybe you used a word different than a word you would normally use.

Case closed.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 08:17 PM
reply to post by theyknowmyname

Thanks for your reply theyknowmyname.

Since blackjack was not real there was nothing on the radar of our collective unconscious.

Like someone posted earlier, since the web bot never made any prediction for blackjack it only gives the project more credit.

Can't close the case tho, not without a quality follow up from a skeptic.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 08:24 PM
first off operation blackjack never happened and second why would you ask why it did not predict it? well it never happened

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by pavelivanov22

Did you not read any of the posts? You had to of at least read 3 posts down.

Its pretty obvious blackjack never happened, I am well aware of that along with the rest of ATS knows blackjack never went down. Hahaha come on now pavelivanov22.

You failed to see the whole point of my thread, did you even read it at all or take in any of it?

Do you know what the web bot project is?

As I stated before with all the talk of blackjack over the last year to 2 years, and knowing what the web bot does, why didn't it give a prediction of blackjack a year in advance, 6 months in advance, 3months in advance, a month in advance? With all the talk about blackjack and the date of it, web bot never gave a prediction for it.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 08:52 PM
by the bots not predicting blackjack and it not happening , one it proves there nt just grabbing onto the latest "FAD" prediction and running with it , and also proves they are actually trying to predict real events not just the latest greatest thing to come up..

The may6th prediction was there most recent one that really nailed it in that they are doing some amazing stuff.. they said watch on the 6th for a little sample of whats to come it will be notcable yet wont effect much on the entire scheme of things, may 6th was the day the market mysteriously crashed 1000 points then magically came back up... with no real explanation behind it even now... and its since been forgotten very quickly..

The bots next prediction is that after June 28th silver will really start to climb in value.. eventually up to $600 a ounce at its peak.. thats insane sounding, but I loaded up on silver , just in case it's true .. worst that will come of it is it will not grow any more than normal and I'll curb inflation... thats better than letting that money sit in the banks as FRN's loosingvalue every day..

There other recent prediction is that in the July 8th -11th date range.. they say this will be the start of a "choppy" time period of ups and downs till Nov 11th.. and November 11th is a huge tipping point .. far greater than the 9-11 tipping point.. as to the effect it will have on people.

The way I put it to friends and family was on the 8th , life should start to get "really interesting" .. more so than usual. If you start seeing lots of really interesting abnormal stuff after the 8th.. I'd really start making some contingency plans if you have not already..

However I feel there did predict this oil spill pretty accuratly .. and they nailed the May6th event as a happening that was very notable, yet not very eventful.

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