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"Is the volcano a false flag to evacuate the gulf states?"

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:04 AM

Just a link I found. I do not support this theory, all I can say it's "I don't know". 90% I don't believe this.

Bruce Lee said: "the highest technique is to have no technique". Everyone - myself included - constructs a "world view" for himself, a system - and all new information must fit into that view - else it's ignored or made to fit. That's a wrong way to search for the truth - if you are searching. Advanced "technique" - add to your system only what fits, do not mold the truth - until it fits, and - what you do not know - leave it outside for a while with a question mark on it. Like the link above

More interesting links:

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:33 AM
theres a great big hole under the gulf that is constantly releasing copious amounts of oil and gas under pressure. That pressure is what keeps the floor from collapsing, displacing vast amounts of water in all directions. Tsunami and major methane releases radiating outwards could decimate the low lying areas of the entire Gulf.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 07:43 AM
It is not my intention to sensationalize anything going on around DEEPWATER HORIZON 252. However, I am told today [26/06/2010] via the DAVID ICKE website that the WASHINGTON POST newspaper has published that the Government of the USA are planning to evacuate no less than 20,000,000 or even 26,000,000 people from the affected areas of the Gulf of Mexico coast line. People are reporting that they are having severe breathing difficulty and nausia and some report that they are suffering skin disorders such as legions and sores. This is very bad. It proves to me that the amount of BENZENE C6H6 from the crude, already in the atmoshere, is way above safety levels. Longer term effects are cancer and blood disease like as leukemia. Pregnant woman would be advised to under go abortion so as to avoid giving birth to babies with skeleton deformaty. Consult with a Doctor of Medicine. People not having their own means of transportation are being told to start enlisting immediately so as to get access to the massive number of buses and trains that are being planned. It is believed that the evacuated will be distributed in FEMA CAMPS dotted all over the USA. Half of Texas, whole of Louisiana, half of Mississippi, all of Florida, and half of Alabama and half of Georgia are planning mass evacuations. However, the toxic atmosphere and toxic rain is going to affect areas outside of those most strongely affected areas where the evacuations are planned to occure. I wonder what the animals on the farm are going to do ? Who will feed them ? Obviously many farmers will prefer to stay on their farm to continue attending to their live stock ? I was told weeks ago already that millions of birds were reported flying north for so as to be evacuating the coastal areas. What radio station do the little birds listen to ? They seem to know something that we do not ? Perhaps they are listening to our internet traffic as they clutch to the telegraph wires ? Or do they possess Citizens Band transceivers stuffed under their wing ?

Methane CH4 in Gulf "astonishingly high": U.S. scientist
Julie Steenhuysen
Texas A&M University oceanography professor John Kessler, just back from a 10-day research expedition near the BP Plc oil spill in the gulf, says methane gas CH4 levels in some areas are "astonishingly high." Kessler's crew took measurements of both surface and deep water within a 5-mile (8 kilometer) radius of BP's broken wellhead. "There is an incredible amount of methane in there," Kessler told reporters in a telephone briefing. In some areas, the crew of 12 scientists found concentrations that were 100,000 times higher than normal. "We saw them approach a million times above background concentrations" in some areas, Kessler said. The scientists were looking for signs that the methane gas had depleted levels of oxygen dissolved in the water needed to sustain marine life. "At some locations, we saw depletions of up to 30 percent of oxygen based on its natural concentration in the waters. At other places, we saw no depletion of oxygen in the waters. We need to determine why that is," he told the briefing. Methane occurs naturally in sea water, but high concentrations can encourage the growth of microbes that gobble up oxygen needed by marine life. Kessler said oxygen depletions have not reached a critical level yet, but the oil is still spilling into the Gulf, now at a rate of as much as 60,000 barrels a day, according to U.S. government estimates. "What is it going to look like two months down the road, six months down the road, two years down the road?" he asked. Methane, a natural gas, dissolves in seawater and some scientists think measuring methane could give a more accurate picture of the extent of the oil spill. Kessler said his team has taken those measurements, and is hoping to have an estimate soon. "Give us about a week and we should have some preliminary numbers on that," he said.


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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 10:14 AM
aside from the fact that that image is awesome, i really dont believe magma plumes are nearby to be ruptured in the gulf.

yes, it aint too far from the caribbean plate but its inside the north american plate enough for stability. does anyone else see the potential for a hotspot to arise? i dont. it aint like the new madrid fault or the pipe underneath yellowstone.

that is such an awesome picture, im sorry, im stealing it...

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