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Did the Web Bot Predict the Oil Disaster on 3/12/10?

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 09:09 PM

published March 12, 2010:
"The oceans are described as being not as before."
"Disastrous summerproblems with oceanic convection currents."
"the supporting aspect/attributes sets for the oceans being unlike their former selves."
"oceanic nightmare."
"tidal problems to impact the offloading of ships in ports."
"Ocean changes linked to volcanos" (lots of volcanic activity and the oil blowout itself has been compared to a 'volcano' of oil)
"many areas of costal habitat are forecast to be effectively forbidden for use."
"Destruction of life support systems."
"Indications are many of the problems are related to the core of the planet."
"humans and other life directly impacted by large clouds of drifting complex methane..."
"methane gas release events coincide with dysfunction with the propaganda press."
"percolating up"
"governments merge naval operations into some large and mysterious fleet operations."
"Substantial changes within our planetary environment under ocean"
"The Terra entity is also indicating that natural disasters will be contributing to summer 2010 blues, emotional depression of millions of humans (This is described as a coastal event.)"
"The un-natural disasters are showing as being a particular problem over July through August"
"More failures on the part of civil servants within the federal government during a regional disaster causes a large paradigm within the populace of USA over late spring through summer."
"natural and unnatural catastrophes that will require humans to grab their wits and immediately put them to use."

There are a couple other ATS threads with similar subject matter:
in "dreams and predictions"
in this forum regarding september 2009 predictions
in "predictions and prophecies"

but none of those discuss the March 2010 predictions in the webbot project blog

Your thoughts?

Sri Oracle

[edit on 25-6-2010 by Sri Oracle]

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 09:46 PM
Well, this is a cryptic notice on Cliff High's Halfpasthuman website...

The posting of the report on Jeff Rense's site was a hack into his site, and an illegal posting of our material. There was no permission given to post our report. To purchasers of our work who were offended, our apologies, we did NOT participate. There was no attempt to deceive you on our part. The nasty rat bastards are attempting to cause problems. I have not checked the illegally posted PDF to see if the rat bastards have messed with content, but be warned. If you did not get it from us, it is not warranted to be our work.

No mention of whether it is this particular report he's talking about. One thing I do know, I'm sure "purchasers of (High's) work" were far, far less offended about this than was High, himself, if it meant his profiteering ass lost money. His failure to verify or disavow the prediction reeks of him hoping the report equals more buyers and more money in his pockets.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 10:23 PM
Those predictions look pretty valid in retrospect, even if they were pretty useless in any specific forewarning sense.

Perhaps their greatest value was in mentally preparing some to swiftly recognize and accept the enormity of the disaster, and ease the shock of that acceptance.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 10:39 PM
When the webbots made these predictions they didnt know what they were, they could only speculate, they though some how Iran would nuke a oil well and it would burn and rise up into the air and pollute the water... all the pictured with "oil volcano" was a on land oil volcano.. But it was the MSM that coined the term oil volcano.. after the blow out happened..

Yes I believe they got it.. they were off in there interpretation of it, but they got the effects of it pretty much dead on ... . but it does fit very very well with there predicted events.. , now wait till the rest of it happens.. thats the scary part.. what we have on our hands now is child's play compared to whats going to come at us in last part of this year..and into 2011, If the bots are correct it's going to literally be the ride of your life. There word for it is "Monumental".. meaning generations after ours will erect monuments in our remembrance and honor..

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by Sri Oracle

Damn, seems this sucker is going to be a big nasty event. All BP can do is slow it down.


posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:10 PM
you should of put BP caused a volcano and web bot gurus predicted it!

maybe more responses.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:37 PM
when i glanced over the linguistics stuff... i had the impression that the (ALTA) report was speaking in terms of the approahing hurricane season here and increased cyclones in the East...
and a general theme revolved on rising tides/rising water levels

outgassing by undersea volcanos which is becoming better known...

no where was there any impression (in my view) that the ALTA report was predicting a major well blow-out that could not be capped using existing technology... or that the major unabated gusher would be in off the LA coast in the deep water basin.

no its a lot of filling in after-the-fact

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:30 PM
If you read those webbot thingers, they're so densely packed with information that your eyes will tend toward the glazy side.

I think Cliff and George's intermittent appearance on C2C are really the only useful way of falsifying the thing. They give several major trends and occasionally date ranges (like the big November one).

Otherwise you could probably do a semantic linear regression on basically any part of report to best fit something that happened subsequent.

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