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One reason BTS doesn't have stars? ATS's flawed logic ... or a faulty ATSer?

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 12:43 AM
ok, math may not always prove to be wrong, maybe ....

can we agree that computer programs are based on math, alone, allegedly?

so, if ATS is a series of mathamatical programming, and programs within programs, and programming overlaping programs, and all these programs are fundamentally substantiated by a foundation of mathmatical equasions, then ...

how is it the same programming does not equal the same effects?
how is it the same identical cause can result in different results?

i took an empty star from ATS, and then i intoduced it numerous times, the same way, but the same identical cause did not produce the same identical results, and i was wondering if any ATSers could tell me why?

[img][ /img]

Above is proof ...
The same identical cause obviously does not always render the same identical results ????

flawed programming of ATS, or Flawed ATSer using the tools wrong?

food for thought ... maybe ...

thoughts, things and stuff,

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 02:35 AM
some of your post i can't undersatnd
i do not even really understand the star ing system
if i like the comment i will star it

and usually the "op?" is that poster of thread?

same goes for flags i like i flag
but this is not a better way i feel somehow
ats may be enough for stars
i am just trying to make a friendly guess et, if its ok with you that i use et, not ET

is it all math? endless?
i do not know.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by bonkera
some of your post i can't undersatnd

me either.

and usually the "op?" is that poster of thread?

i think it means Opening Post or Original Post of the particular thread, and yes it also is an abbreviation for the OP author, i think.

is it all math? endless?
i do not know.

me either. i remember having to go to summer school for algebra around 7th grade and thinking to myself: i don't know all the numbers yet and now they are adding the alphabet into math?

i was :bnghd:


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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 03:33 AM
where is the best place to communicate with you?
or others i may meet on here.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by bonkera

depends on what you want to communicate, whatever you want to talk about. there are plenty of thread subjects.

i don't use it much, but there is also a chat room like feature at the top of the screen, third from the left below the banner across the top.

you can also put your mouse clicker over someones avatar name and click it, and it will take you to their personal ATS page. Then you can click on their "posts" near the top of their page and see their most recent posts and what threads they have recently been posting in.

ATS has a great deal of networking & information, and also A LOT of threads venturing into the realms of peoples imaginations, creativity, and just plane "out there" subjects.

you can also send anyone a U2U (sorta like ATS email) if there is something private you want to talk about, or just say hi.

ATS has alot of nice features, and has grown other aspects i don't even know about yet since i started posting here .... 2005 i think??

be sure to take some time to bounce around to subjects you like as much as you do subjects that you don't. take time to read what is said, and try to weigh in both ways if you can. when attacking the information you disagree with or think is questionable include your opinion, but also provide the facts as you understand them and provide information to the contrary if you know of some.

These things will probably help you posting on ATS & BTS (PTS, too).

and do not take negative posts that attack you or your character personally, simply redirect them to the topic of the post and the information.

also, be willing to concede when you may be relying on previously missunderstood information. be willing to think: "well i might have been wrong when i posted that..."

it happens. we have great posts, and we have not so great posts.

we can author threads that get dozens or hundreds of flags.
we can author threads that get no flags, or only a few.

i have one thread (cryptic and deep from my perspective) in BTS Spiritual and Theological forum that i started years ago. it has more than 50 pages, alot of information, and only 6 flags. but it is one of my personal favorites, and i have put alot into it. and made a real good friend with Queenannie38, who has helped me with interesting ideas, and "automatic writing techniques.

hope this information comes as some use to you, and i truly hope your ATS experience is a good one.

remember, you are on my friends list, and we may often agree when we post in threads, but there will be times we can debate on opposite sides of an issue in certain threads, on certain subjects, and still be friends.

my best advice to stay on my good side is ... don't be a

share how you really feel about things, and try your best to be who you really are, and i will

and have a sense of humor! be a sometimes, the subject matter may require it.

End Transmission,

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 04:39 AM
i was about to sleep but on the tv was last 10 mins of frisky dingo tv episode kiilface president and looked like simon grey? i came back to look it up neat cartoon i guess. i am not so interested in ats as i am in you. what is clwndnc? text is fine but what about voice video or ? things like is it ok to type and press return or just keep going and going and going?
i have to get back to zzzzzz.
if ats bts text is better for you fine by me.
earlier i was searching for something you typed on ats or bts and i wanted to have you view on it right away but could not u2u so i was looking for a faster way to know your view faster while not wasting you time or whatever the case might be

this was the search is that you?
Searched for Eduard Khil Dub

Searched for "Perhaps a hundred years from now someone on" -

Viewed 1 resultViewed 1 result

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Searched for Perhaps a hundred years from now someone on

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 03:09 AM
oh i had a free pass to the a team film the steak oil antifreeze was weird but i knew that on another level of usa past action
3:23 AM 28/06/2010

ever have accidents maybe incidents involving impact to body
close calls with death
did harry potter jelly beans make you laugh
cant discuss substances to intake but
my answers are yes to all

did your skin ever melt, burn or ?
10:17 AM 27/06/2010

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