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Lebanon warn UN: Israel will suffer consequences if our ships are attacked

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 12:54 PM
The Lebanese foreign ministry on Tuesday announced that Israel would suffer the consequences for any attack against Lebanese ships heading for Gaza.

In a letter to the United Nations, Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali Ashami wrote that “Israel will be held fully responsible for any attack on Lebanon.”

"[Lebanon] can not prohibit a ship from leaving its ports if its cargo, passengers and destination all comply with Lebanese law,” he added.

The situation is definitely escalating, the Israeli's will not back down, history shows they have committed horrific atrocities and always got away with it, they simply do not care what the world thinks about them.

Added to this there are the US and Israeli warships in the area and you have a recipe for war.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 01:06 PM
"Israeli's will not back down"

Israeli's WILL back down and so will it's bed partner the USA who allows these terrorists to not only bomb the Muslims but also bombed the british in a hotel in 1947 and they set up the USA military when they tried to sink the Liberty in the 60's.

These zionists have all the money in the world and it might cut it with our leaders at the UN but it's not cutting it with the worlds population.

cowards that think they can attack aid ships have got another think comeing and its nice to see that some countries have workers that refuse to unload goods from iserail so lets see how they like these unoffical sanctions.

Nice to see some americans suport the boycote e%20to%20Israeli%20Piracy,%20Terrorism,%20and%20War%20Crimes.htm

here is another one of many

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