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"Texas Dems Grapple with Their Own Alvin Greene"

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 10:58 AM

This time it is a locally-recognized, high-profile candidate. The Texas Democrats have a nervous and fragmented response to her victory, and seem to be saying that they will not support her no matter what.

What happened to democracy, Democrats? Liberal? Open-minded? Inclusive?

They are also saying that this woman is a member of a political activist group that is actually racist. She is African-American.

So who's doing African-Americans favors? Not the Democrats.

Conservative politics is beginning to mean "beyond party" imo.

At least, one cannot count on either party for their traditional "platforms."

This should have been a shining moment for Texas and its residents, regardless of race or party.

Instead, another confusing and embarrassing scene showing how little democracy or anything else that matters to us matters to them.


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