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Maurice F. Strong

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 01:14 AM
This is a thread to discuss Maurice Strong, and his role in the NWO, the globalist agenda, and keeping power with the elite families.
Maurice Strong first worked with petroleum companies and built what was a small company into a leading player.
Some time later he was granted an appointment to the U.N. It is there that he devolved his image as an environmentalist. That is also where he was implicated int he oil for food scandal.
thread 2

It is said he has intrists in the companies who profit from the cap and trade polices.
With intrists there he is poised to have control of a great majority of the earths resources by way of controlling the cap and trade.
Hear is a video that talks about Maurice Strong and his role in the global warming movement. And hear is a thread that talks about it.

The key point is hear that the worlds resources will be controlled by a few by way of cap and trade. Please post other information you have on this and those who will be controlling them for personal gain.

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