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Is the oil in the Gulf radioactive?

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 01:13 PM
I am not taking any credit nor blame for this, one of the posters over at GLP has come up with evidence to support this hypothesis. Another of the posters who has been all over the spill (he lives down there, been giving video updates, etc) read the thread and went and tested some oil samples he got off the beach with his Geiger, and they appear to be radioactive.

Things are going to get interesting real quick if this proves to be true.

You can follow it here......

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 01:24 PM
The person who tested (in the last posts of that thread) said the radiation is double the normal readings, but not bad. I guess it depends on the sample though, who knows. I'd like to hear more on this.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 01:45 PM
That would be another thing to the growing list of problems with the oil spill. Also why would it be radioactive?

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 01:55 PM
No reason why it wouldnt be radioactive. Look at radon gas for instance maybe there are traces of that or something.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 02:23 PM
Guarantee it is.

would explain allot...


posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 02:26 PM
The Gulf crude in question is radioactive according to an old colleague of my husband's. He does not subscribe to the meteor impact theory for the creation of the caldera that is the Gulf of Mexico. He believes an ancient weapon was used, and he is entitled to his speculation. There are a host of things in the oil from arsenic to lead, a genuine feast of toxicity.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 04:01 PM
some good info at that link OP. thanks.

I thought this deserved to be seen...

Posted by Anonymous Coward:
There are not many Deep Sea Oil rigs; for hundreds of dangerous reasons. There not ever suggested safe to ever build with current techniques. Your adding the 4+ miles of the actually well plus the depth of ocean. The pressure is I think its said 100k psi. (This is the reason they cant just cap the horizon well.)

Its call the Abiotic oil theory and has been picking up speed over the past decade. (google it) Deepwater Horizon might finally be our first official mass evidence. I say that because this is a dark secret of the oil companies. It was actually learned long ago that Abiotic oil theory was highly possible. If you think about it with as much as we're taught today you have to kind of laugh at the idea of fossil fuel.

Not to sure about the Radio active aspect but its very plausible.

We've gone to far this time; this BP event hasn't even started.
Its gone on so long now that people are starting to get num to it that are outside the region. Yet its been proven the amounts released are increasingly larger not smaller; and bp keeps hiding it; and getting caught lieing about it.
Its not stopping; its not going to stop. Its been reported that thew casing is cracked; and fissures are starting to appear in the ocean bed. We have literally torn the earth open and its bleeding on this one. The illness have not even really begun and the size of the leak and death of the ocean its causing will only get larger. Theres so many lvls to this catastrophe that we can't even know half the truth or the effects. (The BP CEO called it an accident)
Its whats going in under the water thats even worse. We might even be getting ready to witness one of mother natures largest explosions in recent history. I curiously think Liquid Displacement is something to worry about to. Due to pressure this oil is moving at the speed of sound.. like I was saying lots of mechanism to it the average person is not aware of.

Considering the scope of this situation; Ive come to realize although bush seemed ignorant or oblivious to me in many things; compared to him Obama is literally sleeping on the job because hes unattached and delusional. I truly believe now hes a narcissist.
And you have to be freaking delusional to think what hes doing is gunna cause anything but bad.
People need to stop thinking about money, numbers, figures, politics, religions beefs, and start thinking about people, you're neighbors not only on a family, and local lvl but on a planet earth lvl.

Id like to think after hes done raping us; whether we will use it to empower and rejuvenate and finally go in the right direction. But I worry it will only bringing the polar opposites of extremes. I mean the other side will get power again obviously; only to be even more delusional. American is done. Road kill by our very own system. (Or rather the twisted people) No government is better then the other. And whether left or right just doesn't seem to matter anymore either. Everyone's worried about the wrong things. That only happens when your struggling to hold on to something your losing. Its all about the lesser evils and profit. We have gone from the shining beacon to the bully on the corner :/.

We truly are sinking; I thought we were getting better; but its a freaking illusion that has been cracking at the seems and Americans are finally starting to see; our way of life has been hijacked. This BP situation is showing many people the light I hope. Our system its a sleep... Even the global community points fingers and laughs at the great America because we can't fix the situation, and many of us cry about nothing being done yet we do nothing ourselves. I mean millions of millions of us that don't even live off the gulf at once point or another in our lives used to vacation there.
I point the finger back at the international community also; Because how many have we saved or given aid to even on the smallest disasters...where are your ships, where are your volunteers. Well ill tell you; the EU is falling as flat on its face as the US and its people are buried in the same political/financial sludge as we are... Anyone outside of that probably simply wants to see America drown in Oil; it would be the perfect metaphor.

This BP crisis if anything should show us; who is really running things in the world. If anything not Us. (The people). They are still there and the Oil is still coming.
Shouldn't have happened in the first place. And worse yet; were still letting them "handle" the situation. I felt bad for the CEO until I saw he was caught lieing, withholding, dodging, and no heart or sense of urgency. He was even proven to be incompetent under the operations and responsibility's of the CEO. Worse of all; when I saw all that; after giving him a chance. He seems smug; he wasn't afraid or concerned about the congress members in front of him at all. He got raped a few times; because he obviously wasn't ready. (But the, "who the # do you think you are sent was obvious.")

Sorry to rant; i know i miss facts here and there or things can be debated. (Grammer went out the door 500 lines ago yadda yadda.) But like I said; Im upset like many of you and this event is far from over. Yet its like were on a mass lvl becoming increasingly forgetful of whats going on; as (Im sure BP's reason for dragging it on was for this intention; they still want that oil.)

Did you guys hear that they were caught trying to cap the well to tap it instead of stopping it? I mean lol; every time they start to look better or people point out its not their fault; they prove it to be completely against the facts. The CEO in front of congress just proved it yesterday.

Off with there heads man! Kick them out you #ing lazy Obama and send our own people down there; then send them the largest bill in history. You keep letting them handle the job; but all they done is let it get worse.
THEY HAVE NO SENSE OF URGENCY; doesn't that worry are cause many of you to question wtf there still there.
Americans are losing there lively hoods down there in our country from a non American company. (In a way guys its an environmental pearl harbor I think. The powers that be trying to destroy us.) I mean its possible is all... People are simply taking the fall and mindlessly moving forward because they are sacrificing themselves for the damage they know this will cause us in the long run.

Hell ask another money hungry Oil monster to come in and fix it; and pay them ob seen amounts of money from BPs pocket.

Im as freaking dumbfounded as to why they are still there as much as the catastrophe itself! I mean sure we have been given reason after reason why they are there and should be there.... Lol but they get caught lieing about 80% of it and completely incompetent and heartless another 120%...

Im done -sorry-


posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 04:04 PM
Radiation Test Results On Gulf Crude Oil (video)

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