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A plea for Sustainability

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:36 PM
Greetings all,

It is certainly been a while since I was active, so I am going to take another shot at this extremely contriversal topic. The oil spill is stinking of corruption, ecological disaster, and even been called an extinction level event. Here I am to examine why sometimes, the pros outweigh the cons.

I don't need to outline why this event is catastrophically bad, because it is, and I cannot deny this, and all the probable causes it may have come by, deliberate or non. I am just asking for you to re-consider some alternate ideas.

Looking back throughout history, it has given us numerous examples of events that have shaped the world: World War II, the creation of the plow and steam engine, and the rise and fall of monarchies all across Europe. Examining these, one can tell that that certain events shaped history. Take the Fall of the Bastille, which is often hailed as the beginning of the French Revolution, but no, it isn't quite. The Revolution had its beginning in the American Revolution. Louis XVI needed funds to fund the French army to support the American colonists, and his treasurer said the Third Estate (The poor, peasants, urban artisans, 97% of the pop.) could simply not be taxed anymore, and the First Estate, the clergy cannot be taxed, so the Nobles simply had to be taxed. The nobles did not want to be taxed so they called the Estates General, which if you know your history, events lined up to solidify the revolution.

As you can see, single events and people in history DO have the power to shape the world, and mostly unknowingly at their time.

I believe that this catastrophe is a positive event in mankind, and we will look upon it as a necessary step to motivate society to adopt a more efficient form of energy. This is another milestone in track to developing cleaner energy sources. As corrupt as the government may be, and how devious they might be, a better energy source is a must, that is indisputable.

Without some form of government motivation, Lazare-fair economics simply will not allow the environment to survive, and some event must happen on this scale to force us to take action of some sorts. The "green" movement and clean energy movement has been slow and cautious, this will allow it to pick up steam.

However corrupt the consequences may be, oil is running out, action must be taken, and hopefully this shows the American people that they need to be self-sufficient.

This isn't all about energy, but about sustainability. Ever since the human race developed technology, they have been stepping away from sustainability, making us ever more reliant on others for everything. Maybe a good wake-up call is what we needed.

Thank you for reading, continue denying ignorance!

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