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C-Span tells all

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:12 PM
If your not watching the C-Span freed you need to watch it. i am watching it on the free player TVU Player ( google search it) cus I do not have cable tv.

It is very interesting as I watch this. You know who is asking the tough questions and who is sending Tony a signal that they are behind him.

This is truly shocking.. many of the representatives are simply sugar coating everything and telling Tony in effect, " hey it's no big deal we will get through this together".

These people need to be so shunned by the public that they never run for office again.

Tony is stonewalling this committee and saying over and over that he is and has not been part of the decision making process.

If anyone knows where I can download the full recording of this please let me know.. Currently they have just come back fro a break and these were recordings.. I missed to earlier session because I had to work.

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