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A drunken car salesman with information concerning THE economy!!!

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:30 PM
It is by the lack of health care options that we are opressed!!!!

A lack of health care options pertaining to your salary bracket... Our health care providers(the business) are limited in the options they can make available to us. If all the options were provided and affordable to us than our providers wouldn't be able to afford to stay in business. it would cut revenue. The administrations F.D.A etc wouldn't allow it. Even they answer to the Global Monetary System Indirectly. You see the dominoes in affect?

One of many ways to Oppress a people is through Health care.

Oppressed people = a People Subdued by it's authorities

I'm really serious when I tell you that we have bought into the illusion that all of our systems operate independant. Call it Health care, Housing, Food, Energy etc Religion, Politics, Education.

The United states answers to the same authorities

Unity among "THE" Governing authority Disguised as our leaders

Divisions among the people of different Nations/All nations

When people speak up and ask questions

Our answer consists of imaginary numbers due to this and due to that... Lack of money.... our economy..... Wall St. etc these political debates are staged for the fueling of the illusion which makes us feel like we are free tyranny. and whats funny is that politicians even buy into the Facade. It is mass Deception.

We Have been asleep Long enough! It's time we Wake Up!

Here is wisdom:

Our Economy: (The United States Empire)

I predict "The U.S. Dollar is being attacked, and it will collapse, and bring down all the paper Money in the World"

Paper Money It is being replaced with Invisible Money that you can't See! Intangible Money, YOU can't touch it!!!

"It is electronic money"

The dangerous thing about electronic money is: that it is controled by the banking systems around the world and the jews control the banking systems... This is not an invalid statement, this is the Real Truth/Fact

We already deal with digital Money, because the Majority of us never touch our earnings

We Just Follow The Digital Numbers

Is it pre-planned? Or just gotten out of hand!

Either way it doesn't make a difference when we now who owns the federal reserve and Who Literally owns money!!!!!!!

unlike the past today's currency is not backed up by gold and silver!....

It is built on Interest and temporary Illusionary value within your mind...

Therefore what you are witnessing today is only the beginning...

The first of several economic collapses in the near future and in the years to come...

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