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China’s Military Threatens America: ‘We Will Hurt You’.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:48 AM

The Pentagon finally takes the hint from China’s openly hostile flag officers.


“Every nation has a right to defend itself and to spend as it sees fit for that purpose, but a gap as wide as what seems to be forming between China’s stated intent and its military programs leaves me more than curious about the end result,” said Admiral Mike Mullen this Wednesday. “Indeed, I have moved from being curious to being genuinely concerned.”

It’s about time the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in public, expressed disquiet about the Chinese military buildup. For decades, American flag officers, many of them from the Navy, have remained optimistic about America’s military relations with China. And after every Chinese hostile act — even those constituting direct attacks on the United States, such as the March 2009 attempt to interfere with the Impeccable in the South China Sea — American admirals have either remained silent or said they were “perplexed” or “befuddled” by Beijing’s intentions.

Why the befuddlement?

The assumption in Washington has been that America was so powerful that we could integrate hardline Chinese leaders into a liberal international system they had no hand in creating. To this end, successive administrations sought, among other things, to foster ties between the American and Chinese militaries. The Pentagon, therefore, pushed for port calls, reciprocal visits of officers, a hot line, and an incidents-at-sea agreement, with varying degrees of success. Admiral Timothy Keating even went so far as to offer to help China build aircraft carriers.

Keating’s offer, made in May 2007 when he was commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific, may have been extended with the knowledge the Chinese would reject it, but the apparent generosity was nonetheless in keeping with the general approach of the Navy during the Bush administration, an approach that President Obama has also adopted. So if there is any significance to Mullen’s recent comment, it is that the American military, at the highest levels, is beginning to voice in open forums its doubts about Beijing’s ultimate intentions. At this point, however, the expressions of “genuine concern” remain muted.

Senior Chinese officers, on the other hand, have no trouble telling us how they really feel. In February, Colonel Meng Xianging promised a “hand-to-hand fight with the U.S.” sometime within the next 10 years “when we’re strong enough.” “We must make them hurt,” said Major-General Yang Yi this year, referring to the United States.

And last month, at the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing, a Chinese flag officer launched a three-minute rant that stunned the 65 or so American officials in the audience. Everything that is right with U.S. relations with China is due to China, said Rear Admiral Guan Youfei. Everything that is wrong is Washington’s fault. According to Guan, the United States sees China as an enemy.

Listen to former State Department analyst Robert Sutter: “China is the only large power in the world preparing to shoot Americans.”


Okay, well, I think it is an easy jump to believe all of this-for me anyway. I have no doubt that China see us as the problem in the world and needs to be knocked out or, at least down a few pegs> And, they see them as the ones who can do it.

Just look at this picture of POTUS Obama reviewing some Chinese troops. Look at the faces of the soldiers. I feel it shows utter contempt and distain for Obama and/or the US. A picture that will be picked 50-100 years from now to show the feelings prior to WWIII:

The one on the right cracks me the hell up. You think his buddies weren't slapping him on the back and buying his drinks at the NCO club that night. LOL
See what I mean, it is like they are looking at him like the a big dummy!

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:58 AM
The one on the right almost made me piss my pants. Ever watch Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector? He looked like Larry's retarded neighbor.

Okay… Okay… back to the topic. Last march when the Chinese attacked our ship in international waters and Obama just backed down I was pissed. I am a neutral person and oppose war, but when they attack us outside of their territory I would have told the crew to "Shoot to kill" end of story.

We can't afford to play around with China not now, they have gotten too big and it's our fault. They will become our new Cold War enemy just like the USSR, but unlike the USSR they have over 1 billion people and we gave them their power. We created this problem and now we must end it, or it will end us.

China is just being timid for the past 2 decades while we fed them, now that they are becoming powerful they are starting to talk back and make threats. And within this decade they will be powerful enough to back up their threats with action.

I wouldn't call this a new world war, I would call this a new Cold War. Just be on the lookout for proxy wars, I think Iran might be our first proxy war. They just want to test the waters before they dive in.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:58 AM
I wish a little 5' tall chinese soldier walked up to me and wanted a hand to hand fight
I don't think war will exist between China and USA. We both like our money to much and that my friends would be an expensive war. I always get a chuckle when I think about what a war in the US would be like. All the the cowboys, outlaws, gangsters and cops would be united and the enemy would be screwed.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:00 AM
While I agree that China can hurt us they are beyond military way of hurting right now.

China can hurt us more influencing policies and holding their wallet that anything else.

The hurt will comes economically not militarily.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:07 AM
China would be stupid to want to start a war in the next 10 years. Why would anyone want to bite the hand that feeds it
That's like me walking into my biggest customer and saying to him I'm going to kick you in the n*ts in 5 years time. Pretty darn dumb

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by anon72

OK, so the Chinese military talks tough. Isn't that the point of having a military?
Does the civilian leadership talk as tough? What does China gain by going to war with the US? Isn't China becoming rich by doing business with the west, why would they throw that away? It isn't 1965, communism is pretty much kaput in China, there is idealogy to push, no territory to gain, nobody to conquer. Maybe the whole point is to let us know we need to mind our own business in Asia , it's not like we've started wars under false pretense ! Oh wait! So.........

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:14 AM
Its been said forever, we owe china most of our nations debt. They own us and some day they will come to collect. WTF you think Fallout 3 is about china invading america???

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:15 AM
according to the SOUTH Korean PRESS the NORTH Koreans
did not torpedo that ship
and they are pissed about
the American's s Korean police forced propaganda

military build up?
edit amount and percent GDP

United States 663,255,000,000 4.3%
2 China 98,800,000,000 2.0%
3 United Kingdom 69,271,000,000 2.5%
4 France 67,316,000,000 2.3%
5 Russian Federation 61,000,000,000 3.5%
6 Germany 48,022,000,000 1.3%
7 Japan 46,859,000,000 0.9%
8 Saudi Arabia 39,257,000,000 8.2%
9 Italy 37,427,000,000 1.7%
10 India 36,600,000,000 2.6%
11 South Korea 27,130,000,000 2.8%
12 Brazil 27,124,000,000 1.5%
13 Canada 20,564,000,000 1.3%
14 Australia 20,109,000,000 1.8%
15 Spain 19,409,000,000 1.2%
16 Turkey 19,009,000,000 2.2%
17 Israel 14,309,000,000 7.0%
18 Greece 13,917,000,000 3.6%
19 United Arab Emirates 13,052,000,000a 5.9%a
20 Netherlands 12,642,000,000 1.4%
21 Poland 10,860,000,000 2.0%
22 Colombia 10,055,000,000 3.7%
23 Republic of China (Taiwan) 9,866,000,000 2.1%
24 Iran 9,174,000,000b 2.7%
25 Singapore 7,966,000,000 4.1%
26 Sweden 6,135,000,000 1.3%
27 Norway 6,098,000,000 1.3%
28 Chile 5,683,000,000 3.5%
29 Algeria 5,677,000,000 3.0%
30 Belgium 5,674,000,000 1.2%
31 Mexico 5,490,000,000 0.5%
32 Indonesia 4,908,000,000 1.0%
33 Thailand 4,908,000,000 1.5%
34 Portugal 4,884,000,000 2.0%
35 Pakistan 4,823,000,000 2.6%
36 Kuwait 4,589,000,000 3.2%
37 Denmark 4,476,000,000 1.4%
38 Ukraine 4,258,000,000 2.7%
39 Switzerland 4,141,000,000 0.8%
40 Malaysia 4,078,000,000 2.0%
41 Oman 4,003,000,000 7.7%
42 South Africa 3,926,000,000 1.3%
43 Iraq 3,814,000,000 5.4%
44 Finland 3,768,000,000 1.3%
45 Egypt 3,665,000,000 2.3%
46 Austria 3,650,000,000 0.9%
47 Venezuela 3,254,000,000 1.4%
48 Czech Republic 3,246,000,000 1.3%
49 Morocco 3,143,000,000 3.4%
50 Angola 2,893,000,000 3.0%
51 Romania 2,616,000,000 1.5%
52 Argentina 2,608,000,000 0.8%
53 Vietnam 2,073,000,000 2.4%
54 Sudan 1,971,000,000c 4.4%c
55 Hungary 1,900,000,000 1.2%
56 Syria 1,883,000,000 3.4%
57 Nigeria 1,681,000,000 0.8%
58 Ireland 1,581,000,000 0.6%
59 Kazakhstan 1,540,000,000 1.2%
60 Sri Lanka 1,525,000,000 3.6%
61 Peru 1,502,000,000 1.1%
62 New Zealand 1,447,000,000 1.1%
63 Azerbaijan 1,434,000,000 3.8%
64 Philippines 1,424,000,000 0.8%
65 Lebanon 1,408,000,000 3.9%
66 Jordan 1,392,000,000 5.9%
67 Slovakia 1,316,000,000 1.5%
68 Yemen 1,196,000,000 4.2%
69 Croatia 1,191,000,000 1.9%
70 Bulgaria 1,127,000,000 2.4%
71 Libya 1,100,000,000b 1.0%
72 Serbia 1,070,000,000 2.4%
73 Bangladesh 938,000,000 1.0%
74 Slovenia 888,000,000 1.5%
75 Bahrain 721,000,000 3.0%
76 Latvia 692,000,000 1.9%
77 Georgia 665,000,000 8.5%
78 Lithuania 648,000,000 1.5%
79 Tunisia 571,000,000 1.3%
80 Cyprus 550,000,000 1.8%
81 Botswana 353,000,000 2.7%
82 Estonia 365,000,000 2.2%
83 Kenya 348,000,000 1.8%
84 Luxembourg 317,000,000 0.7%
85 Namibia 283,000,000 3.0%
86 Uruguay 273,000,000 1.3%
87 Côte d'Ivoire 266,000,000 1.5%
88 Brunei 266,000,000 3.6%
89 Cameroon 265,000,000 1.4%
90 Ethiopia 262,000,000 1.7%
91 Dominican Republic 240,000,000 0.6%
92 Uganda 237,000,000 2.2%
93 Eritrea 231,000,000 20.9%
94 Belarus 220,000,000 1.3%
95 Armenia 217,000,000 3.0%
96 Albania 199,000,000 1.8%
97 Turkmenistan 182,000,000 2.9%
98 Bosnia and Herzegovina 188,000,000 1.3%
99 Bolivia 175,000,000 1.7%
100 Afghanistan 172,000,000 2.2%
101 Zambia 165,000,000 1.3%
102 Senegal 162,000,000 1.6%
103 Tanzania 161,000,000 1.1%
104 Guatemala 149,000,000 0.4%
105 Republic of Macedonia 144,000,000 2.1%
106 Nepal 138,000,000 2.0%
107 Congo, Democratic Republic of the 132,000,000 2.0%
108 Mali 132,000,000 2.1%
109 Panama 119,000,000 1.0%
110 Congo, Republic of the 111,000,000 1.5%
111 Burkina Faso 108,000,000 1.8%
112 El Salvador 101,000,000 0.6%
113 Ghana 92,000,000 0.8%
114 Mauritania 90,000,000 3.0%
115 Cambodia 85,000,000 1.1%
116 Kyrgyzstan 79,000,000 3.1%
117 Honduras 77,000,000 0.7%
118 Paraguay 71,000,000 0.8%
119 Madagascar 67,000,000 1.1%
120 Guinea 65,000,000 2.2%
121 Mozambique 65,000,000 0.9%
122 Jamaica 65,000,000 0.6%
123 Chad 64,000,000 0.9%
124 Swaziland 60,000,000 1.9%
125 Uzbekistan 52,000,000 1.9%
126 Benin 51,000,000 1.0%
127 Rwanda 50,000,000 1.7%
128 Mongolia 47,000,000 1.7%
129 Tajikistan 46,000,000 2.2%
130 Lesotho 43,000,000 2.5%
131 Togo 43,000,000 1.5%
132 Malawi 40,000,000 1.6%
133 Malta 39,000,000 0.7%
134 Fiji 39,000,000 1.4%
135 Burundi 35,000,000 4.9%
136 Nicaragua 33,000,000 0.7%
137 Sierra Leone 33,000,000 1.9%
138 Niger 32,000,000 0.9%
139 Djibouti 30,000,000 4.1%
140 Papua New Guinea 28,000,000 0.5%
141 Central African Republic 23,000,000 1.1%
142 Moldova 15,000,000 0.5%
143 Guinea-Bissau 12,000,000 3.8%
144 Laos 11,000,000 0.4%
145 Belize 11,000,000 1.0%
146 Seychelles 10,000,000 2.2%
147 Mauritius 10,000,000 0.2%
148 Cape Verde 6,000,000 0.5%
149 Guyana 6,000,000 0.8%
150 UK overseas territory,Bermuda 4,000,000 1.0%
151 Liberia 3,000,000 0.5%
152 Gambia, The 3,000,000 0.7%
153 Zimbabwe 560,000 1.3%

^ Not updated since 2007.

SIPRI Yearbook 2010

The worlds top 5 largest military budgets in graph.
(also permanent members of the United Nations Security Council)
Figures sourced from SIPRI.
The follow is a table of the top 15 countries with the highest military expenditure for 2009 published in the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Yearbook 2010 using current market exchange rates in current (2009) US dollars.[3]

Rank Country Spending ($ b.) World Share (%)
— World Total 1531 100
1 United States 661 43
2 China 100a 6.6a
3 France 63.9 4.2
4 United Kingdom 58.3 3.8
5 Russia 53.3a 3.5a
6 Japan 51.0 3.3
7 Germany 45.6 3.0
8 Saudi Arabiab 41.3 2.7
9 India 36.3 2.4
10 Italy 35.8 2.3
11 Brazil 26.1 1.7
12 South Korea 24.1 1.6
13 Canada 19.2 1.3
14 Australia 19.0 1.2
15 Spain 18.3 1.2

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[edit on 16-6-2010 by Danbones]

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:15 AM
China cannot project power. They could have the largest military in the world, and they still could not touch the US, as they have no way to move their troops and equipment over the sea. If China wanted to hurt us, we'd have to go to them, because they certainly cannot come to us. Ground war is right out. If China suddenly started building up an amphibious fleet and carrier groups, we'd know about it, and could stop them. The US Navy DOMINATES the seas. No nation can threaten our borders without getting past our Navy first.

Furthermore, if China were to go to war against the US- we'd cancel our debt to them, and they don't want that. If China went to war against the US, they'd lose the largest market for the goods they manufacture, and the foundation of their economy. They certainly don't want that.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:26 AM
Let them talk. I say let them attack us...i welcome a war with the chinese.

No im not a warhawk but its the only way to pay off our debt.

We will do what the mexicans did to the french.

Its time we sent a strong message to china to back the -snip- off.

It seems they forgot one of chairman maos greatest quotes "all the power in the world is held at the barrel of a gun". And the unted states has the biggest,most accurate,most technologically advanced gun in the world.

Let them say they will "hurt us".

well i say our generals should say "They may 'hurt' us...but we will wipe them off the face of the earth"

We are being to weak armed with the chinese.

Its time they step in line or get whats coming to them.

Are they really that delusional to think they can defeat us militarily?


The only thing they have over us i troop numbers. and Numbers stoped mattering during the korean war where we KILLED 1 MILLION CHINESE!

Face it are outgunned and outtrained.

Maybe you should start talking about 'hurting' us when you upgrade the majority of your jet planes from the 60-70s era.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:27 AM
All I can say to any country (China included) who wages war inside this country is....


We will have more guns, more angry citizens and more reasons to win.


Other than that, I don't care what outlandish claim they are making.
They don't want a war on our own soil.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by moonwilson

Attacking the US mainland wouldnt be the game. They could get us to bleed off resources in Korea, another war there whiel at the same time invading Afganastan.

As well they could be part of a coalition of nations that could strike at key points simultaneously.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:37 AM
they dont need to attack american soil for hand to hand combat. they just need to make a short trip to afganistan. china is the one country the U.S dose not want to fight. they dont even have to do it milatarily they could cripple them economicly. and i wouldnt put it past china to be able to hack there whole system hell if garry mckinnon can do it think what an army of hackers can do. america would be brought to its knees!

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Logarock
reply to post by moonwilson

Attacking the US mainland wouldnt be the game. They could get us to bleed off resources in Korea, another war there whiel at the same time invading Afganastan.

As well they could be part of a coalition of nations that could strike at key points simultaneously.

thats a great point just think how many pissed of countrys round the world are waiting for a crack at the u.s. they might even lose some allies. i'd hope britain would back away cuz i dont want no war with the china.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:43 AM
if china where to ever be silly enough to attack america, just imagine the secret weaponry that we dont even know about yet, that would be used to retaliate, its a terrifying thought. american airpower alone could end any war very very quickly, but just imagine the secret stuff comming out

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:46 AM
Nice info, however China has no need to attack the USA. It has greater wealth, better natural resources, better education system, better infrastructure pretty much anything important is better and anything that isn't they are working on. They already own the USA both public and privately in both corporate ownership as the debt they hold.

Attacking the USA would serve no purpose. the USA attacking China however does have benefits for the USA. For one if they win they can do away with all that debt, they get to rebuild the country which makes billions for the same wasters that ruined the Middle East.

I would bet the USA will start a war, but first they have to make the sheeple believe that they are in grave danger from an evil empire hell bent of destroying the great USA who is such a bastion of peace, fair trade and tolerance. China has always been a peaceful country, they suppress people to ensure their way of life, but they have never started a major international conflict. All their wars are border issues related to sovereignty or neighbours. Tibet, Taiwan etc. The USA however not only starts international wars like they were football matches, they also screw around in the domestic affairs of countries so they can claim they are the victim and start yet more wars.

America has had it's day and is about to find out what happens when you set of fireworks and forget to go outside. - You burn your OWN house down!

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by ulsterman
if china where to ever be silly enough to attack america, just imagine the secret weaponry that we dont even know about yet, that would be used to retaliate, its a terrifying thought. american airpower alone could end any war very very quickly, but just imagine the secret stuff comming out

Airpower will never be enough to win any war, Look at how many millions of tons of bombs we dropped on Vietnam and they still beat us. Boots on the ground is what ultimately wins wars and China has more boots than anyone.

Now that everyone know Afghanistan has enormous mineral resources China will be eyeing that prize very closely. They already want Taiwan, Tibet, India and parts of southeast asia. IF America becomes crippled economically or militarily China will strike. They are the patient snake in the grass just waiting for the right time to strike. China is not to be toyed with.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:53 AM

Obama gets the same dirty looks from our troops.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:01 PM

Originally posted by ulsterman
if china where to ever be silly enough to attack america, just imagine the secret weaponry that we dont even know about yet, that would be used to retaliate, its a terrifying thought. american airpower alone could end any war very very quickly, but just imagine the secret stuff comming out

you say that like america are the only ones that can have secret weapons. the chinees arnt stupid and like someone on here just said there the snake in the grass just waiting to strike. the'd let america half destroy its self then step in to finish what america is perfectly capable of doin to its self.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:02 PM

Line up a gigantic army of L's.

They would never be able to get past them.

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