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The Importance of Feeling!

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 08:10 PM
To start with this is all again just subjective thoughts, it is me trying to explain something to you in such a good and easy way as possible.

We have in this cool society/world thing more or less ignored, ridiculed, and for some reason denied the actual presence of and from our feelings. It is seen with skepticism and as it has no real value to it. We need some hard proof like mathematical formulas, scientific explanations filled with words and some sort of "hard" logic to it. Its like it doesn't exist, we know that we feel something for some reason, but hey thats not so important. Whats important is the things you can grab, the things you can see. Why is it so? Do we not believe in the feelings we are actually feeling? Is our emotions, your emotions some sort of none existing thing? Some thing that cant be explained? Some thing that dont has some sort of knowledge to it?

Give this a thought, what are we actually feeling and for what reason are we feeling the things we are? Something is happening, you are doing something, and for some reason we have emotions, feelings their to guide us. As an example to this, I was looking at an a apartment recently and my first impression from it was, well this was okey. Clean, nice area and enough space. Give me a couple of days to think about it, on my way home the feeling of resistance started to grow. When I thought about it strictly logical it seemed nice. Hard to get somewhere to stay and hard to get a nice and clean place. But for some reason the feeling towards the place was just more or less filled with resistance, it felt unnatural. I did not belong there, thats not the place where I should be. You know, what to do? We need to start see that our feelings actually is something and that it contains so much wisdom, knowledge, experience. Why? Well its you feeling you. And that is alot more than we think, why? Again what are we from? What gave us birth? What is our creator? Universe, the one and only, infinity, everything. What we are doing without even realizing it is that we are feeling everything, we are given _all_ the answers.

That is the reason to actually start wonder and see what that feeling thing is all about. Because what we are doing then is again we are feeling ourself, universe, everything. This should not be compared to what we are feeling today. This should not be compared or even mentioned in the presence from the society. If it still is some sort of big news that we actually not are feeling our own emotions (without any resistance upon them), just try to blank yourself. Try to come down to some sort of level where you feel more or less nothing. From this state, read the newspaper for instance, what are the feelings we get out from that? Or lets say, go to your supermarket, your shopping center with the intentions of just feeling good. Or lets just say your job, what feeling is your job giving you? Despite of the humans who are there, just the actual job.

Negativity is something we dont need to feel. Moral, ethic, know how, fear, anxiety, division, their is no reason to feel this things. Of course I need to feel a bit afraid, just a bit anxiety, why? Why is not our feelings filled with joy, happiness, relief, LOVE, a sense of that this is easy, that you/we belong? You have the answer to it and what do we think will happen when this will be the feelings we feel? When we are filled with a feeling of love, of belong. It is so much more profound then what we ever can imagine, it contains so many "keys" and answers. When someone is saying I feel this about that, it is actually a very important thing that needs to be heard. That needs to be understood. Something we need to discuss, something we need to see what is all about, why? Again its you feeling you, its everything feeling everything. This is us, this is you. Why deny yourself?

Much Love!


As a bonus a techno track

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:37 PM
Vital Shock

You may have noticed, especially in the most difficult or anxious moments, a persistent contraction, or tension of the whole lower trunk of the body, from the heart to the abdomen. This tension often feels like a fist or a stone, or a knot. Especially in the areas of the navel or the solar plexus. It makes you chronically anxious. Not only physically tense, but emotionally, mentally, and psychically uneasy. This tangible disturbance is evidence of a severe and profound reaction to life......
Bubba Free John - 1975

Adi Da Samraj Gives the Talk “Vital Shock”, in which He “Considers” with His early devotees the cramp in the vital region that is the fundamental response of every born being to bodily existence, and how true Spiritual life deals directly with the activity of the “self”-contraction itself, not the strategies that it manifests.
[Melrose Ashram, Los Angeles, November 9, 1972]

See all of this essay in Method of the Siddhas book on the Beezone

From "Vital Shock" in My "Bright" Word:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The usual person lives in the state that I call "vital shock". Ultimately, this shock includes more than the vital. Indeed, this shock operates even on a very subtle level. But its most obvious (and directly motivating) form is the sense of shock in the vital being.

Ordinarily, the vital - at its chief center in the middle of the body - is contracted. You constantly feel that contraction, even physically. You may feel a kind of cramp, a tension in the middle of the body. And everyone constantly tries to relieve that tension through various experiences, various pleasures.

The vital center is like the shutter of a camera. It curls in on itself in order to close, and unfurls in order to open. It is like your hand. If you clench your fist as tightly as you can, it eventually becomes painful. Like your hand, the vital center is alive, sentient - and, like your hand, the vital, when it contracts, causes a painful sensation. Indeed, it causes not only a physical sensation, but also many other repercussions in life and conscious awareness.

Therefore, when this contraction occurs in the vital, you not only get a cramp in the stomach - you have an entire life of suffering.

Every aspect of vital existence is controlled by this state, this vital shock. The patterns to which people become addicted are simply extensions of this contraction in the vital. For instance, in the course of your life in My Avataric Divine Company, you may experience periods of great difficulty, when you are continually obsessed with various kinds of desires, various feelings.

At the beginning of such a period, something occurred. Something in life, somewhere, assaulted (or seemed to assault) the vital. All of the patterns, the rituals, the strategies that began to arise in you were reactions to that assault on the vital. The sensation (or perception) of that assault, that "blow" to the vital, is the form of vital shock that currently obsesses you.

But, even before you began the present episode, vital shock was already your condition. There is a continuous vital contraction. In fact, what people are suffering is not their distinctive life-patterns (or strategies) in and of themselves, but this original shock, in the form of a primal reaction—the "self"-contraction.


The "self"-contraction may be experienced as intense stimulation of life-energy (or life-force) in the vital, felt as all of the various forms of desire. The fundamental forms of this intense cramp of energy - felt as the fire of desire in the vital - are the dramas of money, food, and sex. If the cramp of obstruction is severe, there is loss of vitality, desire, and function in these same areas of life. No vitality - no survival.

One who indulges in the exploitation of desire is no longer conducting the force of life. In that case, there is only the misuse of the life-force, the reversing of it, the emptying of it. People do this because the self-contraction is painful. You discover that, if the life-force itself is diminished, the pain goes away. If the hand goes to sleep, there is no pain from the clenching of the fist. If you empty the vital of its force, the cramp is not felt—even though the contraction remains.

One who is self-indulgent empties the vital constantly—and thereby feels relief, feels open, feels satisfied. But, as soon as strength returns, the pain is felt again—unless the person has exhausted and contracted the vital to the point of impotence.

A person who is self-indulgent tries, by every possible means, to get satisfied, to be free of pain. But all such efforts are made from the point of view of the "self"-contraction, the avoidance of relationship. In that disposition, you will simply continue your efforts—until the entire process of the search fails, and you feel its failure. When you begin to really feel that failure, then Satsang with Me becomes possible, the life of "Radical" self-Understanding becomes possible.
[from "Vital Shock", in My "Bright" Word.]

See full version of talk: "Vital Shock" in My "Bright" Word:

"I was considering this crap in the solar plexus with you the other evening. We were having a conversation about the yoga of the frontal line. Perhaps the most common experience people have of contraction in this frontal line is a cramp over the solar plexus, the "knot in the stomach" that people refer to. If you become aware that you are suffering this knot and this anxiety over the solar plexus, your first resort, by tendency at any rate, will be to try to relax it. You will take deep breaths and so forth. That may work if the contraction is rather superficial and your attention is relatively free, but you may also discover that you cannot do it, that you cannot relax it. In that case, you will begin to think some more and work on your trouble, whereas the most direct way of dealing with it is to divert attention from this knot, rather, than keep attention in, the knot and try to undo it. I suggest to you, as a practical matter, that instead of keeping your attention in this knot over the solar plexus and trying to relax it you should simply remember that attention goes wherever the knot is. Attention gravitates toward the contracted states and becomes fretful suffers the pain of these contractions gets stuck in these contractions and then tries to work its way out of them, you see.............................

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:49 PM


Two basic qualities are constantly in play in the manifest world-the contractive or passive and inert quality of unmoving energy, and the expansive and moving quality of the flow of energy. And there is a third quality that may be added to these, the quality of balance, or clarity, in which the contradiction or conflict between the two opposite forces is brought into dynamic harmony.

The qualities of unmoving energy and of flow, of contraction and expansion, are the root of every polar opposition or play of forces that we find in bodily life and in the world itself. Thus, the quality of expanding energy is generally associated with the lower elements (earth, water, and fire), with the physical body, with the lower part of the body, with the right side, and with extroversion, action, the expending of energy, heat, and the vital-physical orientation. The opposing quality of inertia or passivity is associated with the element air, with the upper body, and with introversion, inaction, conservation of energy, coolness (low energy), and the verbal-mental orientation.


In general, the vital person or tendency is a negative development, in human terms, of the quality of expansive energy. The peculiar person or tendency is a negative development of the quality of balance, based on an inversion of both physical and mental tendencies. And the solid person or tendency is a negative development of the quality of inwardness, or passive inversion.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:02 AM
Many thanks for that post!

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:19 AM
emotions are the grandfather of action
feelings dictate behavior

spell check

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