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Living in the Heart

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 02:47 AM
There is a place unlike no other
where all things are possible
where the freedom to be exists
that place, is the heart

This place existed long ago, in the time before the eye. The people who inhabited this place were in harmony with everyone. There was peace all over earth, union among all nations, and no death. It was heaven. All who lived on Earth made decisions from the heart. There was no good and bad. Everything was perspective. Everyone was happy and in love with everything.

Then the division of forces came to be. The Ying and the Yang became opposites of each other. We now perceived things to be either good or bad. Since our birth, we are taught how to live, who to be, and what to do. We are told that one thing is better than another thing. We left the heart, and entered the mind. The eye (I, ego) ruled for thousands of years leaving behind a mess of corruption and suffering.

We are once again at that shift. The shift in consciousness from the mind, to the heart. We are beginning to realize that our way of living is incorrect. The collapse of the monetary system is inevitable and with that will come all other systems of government.

The oil spill disaster was no coincidence. It was needed to happen for the shift in consciousness to occur. Our collective subconscious decided it was the best way to bring in change. The oil spill is the wake up call to our governments and scientists. They will realize that they can not afford another oil spill because of the ramifications it will have. New forms of energy will be announced, all for free. Poverty will diminish because the wealthy will give away their money to third world countries.

All warfare will seize. Governments will realize that war has and never will be the answer to solve conflict. A world wide peace treaty will be signed and there will be absolutely no strings attached. All law enforcement throughout the globe will become the keepers of peace and love. All weapons will be destroyed.

This will happen. When this will happens is unsure, but together we can bring about the change by doing one thing: Live from the heart

Whenever you are presented with a choice, do what feels rights, not what you think is right.

Do what ever you can to be in a constant state of happiness and positivity. If you are surrounded by negative people all the time, do not pay attention to them.

Do not worry, everything will be okay.

There is nothing to fear.

You know that special person you have in your life? That person that gives you the feeling of love? Why should that feeling be limited to that one person? Feel that feeling towards everyone.

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