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Are we close to BinLaden ?

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posted on Mar, 6 2003 @ 10:41 PM

Looks like we are finally getting some good info from Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. According to the story, we are hot on the trail of BinLaden and his son. Supposedly they met just two weeks ago in Pakistan. I hope that this is credible, who's to say that Mohammed isn't giving false info although they have recovered phone #'s and other evidence from his laptop. I hope they catch him, imagine taking out BinLaden and Saddam in the same week, I'll drink to that.

posted on Mar, 6 2003 @ 11:04 PM
Heck, I am drinking to that at the moment, ProudAmerican.
- and if it does pan out, I wouldn't consider these drinks a waste.

Having thought bin laden might allude us forever, it would be very, very nice.

posted on Mar, 6 2003 @ 11:10 PM
Just remember the formula:

1 USMC Scout Sniper +
1 Barrett M-82 +
getting within a couple miles of OBL =

posted on Mar, 6 2003 @ 11:57 PM
Why kill a prime witness? Sure would be fun to hear what he had to say, at his trial.

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 02:07 AM
Thank you for you steady and reasonable reasoning. I thought I would have to take on this one by myself considering the mumbo jumbo above. Your idea of using him in court is prime. That man knows more than most people do about all sorts of things. He should become our pawn, cause he used to be one anyway right? He probably knows more than this government is willing to admit, if you know what I mean. Although, when given the chance in the past to bring down others he hasn't.

For example, when he speaks on those tapes that make it to Qatar, he could just simply put the United States in there place by exposing their crimes against humanity and peace. Then again, a man like Bin Laden doesn't want to accept American ideals and has no interest to convince us, the American people of our crimes. Not to mention, he probably knows no 'real American' would believe him anyway, right? Personally, I will believe anything that will come out of his mouth as long as it isn't something about how Muhammed would want us to live. You see, if one compares the Muhammed that Bin Laden talks about and the Muhammed Muslims and Christians talk about, you will see a stark contrast. In most creditable sources you will hear that Muhammed was a peace seeking preacher, not a vengeful, war-mongering crusader like the Bush virus. It's Bin Laden who makes the Muslim code of law the evil "Great Satan". For that personification deplores women, children, love, and knowledge. Those things, love, women, children, and knowledge are essentail. Those things, especially love and knowledge are the most important things to me in my life.

Anyway I went off in a maze of my thoughts and emotion once again, I will try to curb that activity when making points I need to make. I was trying to point out Bin Laden's importance and I got mixed up in passion, sorry.

Ok, he being an asset to our investigation into terror, is extremely dependent on his cooperation. That cooperation cannot be assured and it is well know that he is likely not to cooperate because of his hate for our government, which is understood. Nonetheless, this whole issue is going to be very controversial anyway. I think it is in 'National Security Interest' to keep this one from getting lose and into the minds of others, like the American people. I think they fear his power and ability to implicate. I think that our government will do almost anything to make sure he is either dead on arrival or quickly sent to military court and never heard from or talked about again. You watch, if it happens, if he is caught, we won't be able to probe into his mind. We won't be able to see his eyes and hear his lies. We will be denied the right to get to know our worst enemy. Imagine that, we American's being denied the right to judge, gee it just doesn't add up. You See?

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 08:25 AM
This is a man who gave up a life of luxury to live in caves plotting terrorism... He is resigned to his fate. In fact, at the point of capture, his psychological profile would point more towards suicide while taking out others with him... I truly doubt he'll ever stand trial...

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 10:11 AM
Mr Abraham, what mumbo jumbo are you talking about? You can make your point without putting down other views. I dont know what AllSeeingEye was talking about, there was no mention of killing him. When I said taking them out, I meant taking them out of their position as leaders of Iraq and Al Queda.

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 11:41 AM
" imagine taking out BinLaden and Saddam in the same week"

I too, took that as meaning killing the both of them... Of course, that would be fine by me, hehe...

I think that was the point of contention...

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 12:11 PM
Sorry for the misunderstanding, although I wouldn't mind seeing them dead as well. I just dont like my posts called mumbo jumbo.

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by All Seeing Eye
Why kill a prime witness? Sure would be fun to hear what he had to say, at his trial.

Yeah, killing him *before* putting him on trial would just make a martyr of him & would be used to gain more support for the terrorists...

If (WHEN) found guilty, life in prison would be the *worst* thing you could do to a fundimentalist-terrorist...He's no longer in a position to fight "satan"...He's hasn't gotten his "free ride to heaven" by dying while fighting...He has no chance to become a martyr for his terrorist cause...And he gets to sit there *thinking about his whole situation* for the rest of his life.

...I'm kinda' thinking though...What possible prison in the world could confine him indefinitely *without other prisoners having the chance to end his misery?*

[Edited on 7-3-2003 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 03:22 PM
Solitary confinement for life. And make sure there's no way he can commit suicide.

posted on Mar, 7 2003 @ 10:28 PM
The prison time is the best thing for all such offenders, including Saddam and Slobe. Proud One...... I must apologize for my comments. I think it was that I had mixed up someone else's comment on another topic with a comment on this topic here. It was late at the time I wrote that and I had been writing alot that night. So I guess I literary went overboard on both ends. I'm sorry. I looked at your comments again I realized it wasn't as suggestive as I thought it was. What I saw and still do see in your statements is that you would consider it a victory for us to get Bin Laden regardless of his welfare. It suggested that you wouldn't mind his right of justice and a fair trail to destroyed by the mark of his assassins' bullet. The act of murder is still murder, no matter how you look at it. He could be innocent for all we know. Do you speak Arabic? Do you know what he was saying on those tapes, especially the one that is supposed to be the one that implicates him as the master of the 911 attacks; you remember, right? He kept pointing his arm up like he was acting if it were some object and had his other arm acting as another object striking it. Well he could have been describing to his friends why the mighty towers fell because he is an engineer. For all we know he could have been saying what could have been done to prevent that from happening by explain some rules of engineering to them. Yes, I know that all is most likely mumbo jumbo in itself, but who REALLY KNOWS? The point is, one should celebrate death. Nor should one celebrate another's demise. You See?

posted on Mar, 8 2003 @ 03:29 PM
I say we put him in a federal prison with all the ex GI's. That will show him. All the GI kicken his ass every day. Also cell him up with a big gay GI that will make him his bitch.

posted on Mar, 8 2003 @ 10:41 PM
in my opinion is if the american do catch the osama ben laden it nearly mean the holy jihad the jugment day at hand cos most of the muslim counted him as one who is again to the western imperial(america,britain) so i m just thinking if he really the one who the western media propagate use to be a terorist leader than why not the eastern jihad intelligent kill him before he been arrested by the american elite pakistan only the is a report nearly 100 thousand jihad force then why not 10 of this jihad men do somekind operations to set a blow like a vietnamise chicken.i m just wondering

posted on Mar, 9 2003 @ 05:01 AM

Originally posted by Abraham Virtue He probably knows more than this government is willing to admit, if you know what I mean. Although, when given the chance in the past to bring down others he hasn't.
For example, when he speaks on those tapes that make it to Qatar, he could just simply put the United States in there place by exposing their crimes against humanity and peace.

Have you considered the possibility that he *does*, but the tapes get "edited" before the public hears them?

Originally posted by Abraham Virtue He could be innocent for all we know. Do you speak Arabic?

Good point...The Feds are pretty notorious for seizing as much of the evidence as they can & not letting anyone else investigate. From that point, all they have to do is tell the media what they want us to think & most people fall right in line. Unless you can speak Arabic (or know someone who does...Which would put you on Bush's Black List really quickly), how can you *know* what those tapes are really saying?
So, in a way, just the fact that the Feds get involved with an investigation is more than enough to insert "reasonable doubt" into any accusations anyway.

posted on Mar, 9 2003 @ 07:56 AM
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan March 9:

The walls may be closing in on Osama bin Laden after the capture of one of his most trusted lieutenants, but the world's most wanted man has survived a lifetime of close calls, and has made narrow escapes his calling card. Will this time be any different?

Intelligence agencies are acting on a trove of information found during the March 1 arrest of alleged al-Qaida No. 3 Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Pakistani military sources have told The Associated Press that U.S and Pakistani intelligence have narrowed the search for bin Laden to a remote 350-mile corridor from the southwestern Pakistani town of Chaman to the Afghan-Iranian border.

Former Taliban and Taliban in hiding have told The AP that bin Laden is constantly on the move, usually with an entourage of less than 10 people, and there were reports Friday denied by senior Pakistani and U.S. officials that at least one of his sons was captured.

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