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NWO women die due to abortions, any arguements?

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:14 PM
The bases of this topic all starts here with the tens of thousands of woman that are being maliciously raped in most inner cities and not just minorities. These girls get raped all the time maybe even several times a day. If you can imagine one city, think about all over the U.S. there are at least 5 major cities in each state. For instance the smaller state of Connecticut: Hartford, New haven, New London, Bridgeport, and Waterbury. People don’t really notice the rape crimes because it‘s being swept under the rug. Fact: Most women/girls that get raped are on birth control making it almost impossible to prove. Half of all women that get raped do not report it because they are either to embarrassed, scared of public humiliation, or have been threatened. Nine out of ten times there is no/ not enough evidence to prove it. This is really starting to bug me and that's why I'm asking you to fight me in this political debate.
I also have taken into consideration how cruel people can be towards rape victims with kids since they are not married, stereo typed as sluts, or that they tried to incriminate the attacker. Hearing the same thing over and over again, and nothing has been done about it, this problem just keeps getting worse! (yes I know several women that have had this happen to them, close to this hypothetical situation)
Say for example my friend gets raped, she is to scared to report it, she is in her 20’s and becomes pregnant, the boy is the same age. Age is not the issue where I’m going with this.
Although I’ve seen this same topic posted by a 14yr old on another advise site, only she was asking if she thinks her new b/f will think she’s a female that puts out easily because she got raped and was unable to prove it. Thus making her a minor and in her situation it would have been statutory but still she was unable to prove that it happened due to no one was around to witness this awful crime.
Anyways then the 20yr old girl finds out that she is pregnant and reports it to the police but not at the scene of the crime. The police say that because it happened when no one was around that there is no evidence of any crime and that it’s her word against his.
They also ask her a series of questions as they do with all rape victims.
How come you didn’t report it right away?
As of which statistically speaking woman are more emotional than men there fore when raped they are terrified and don’t speak out until it’s to late. Possibly threatened, didn’t have a phone, ect.
-How do we know this isn’t your boyfriend and that you are just trying to get him in trouble?
She then responds by saying I’ve never met him, he was an acquaintance, or that he is her boy friend and it wasn’t consensual.
-How do we know your not lying to us?
-If you, young lady are lying to us we will arrest you! (victimizing the victim)
-Where are the marks on him?
-Where is the sign of a struggle?
Replies he threatened me, said he would kill me, forcibly held me down against my will, or that there were marks.
-How do we know he didn’t have those marks before he supposedly raped you?
At this point the argument become more of a domestic case with the he said she said when is it really okay to defend myself. (The only state in the U.S. that you can get away with shooting someone that breaks into your home is FL)
-The police do not know who is telling the truth and say that they both are at fault and will arrest both parties.
-Police also add that they think she is lying to them and that she led the guy on.
-Really they don’t have any reason to believe her other than she reported it to them and on average how many people report false cases because they don‘t like some one.
-In addition they harass her and say you were just mad at your boyfriend and want to get him in trouble.
They tell her if she decides to keep the baby then MAYBE she can prove it. But why would any woman want to keep a baby from non-consensual sex, that’s 9 miserable months and for what? Only to prove some guy raped you.
So say this is you or your g/f, walking home late one night because your car doesn't work and some guy jumps out of the bushes and rapes you, or you are home alone and forget to lock the door. There is no evidence except if your lucky enough to become pregnant w/ a rape baby. I mean if you were on birth control the police see it as no crime because there is no proof even though there is a man out there that just shoved an unsuspecting woman into the dirt and forcefully ripped off her pants ect. Also this doesn’t just effect women it can effect men as well. For instance say you’re a young guy just out of High School or transferring to a 4 years college in L.A. and decide to walk off campus to the local store. On your way there an ex gang member fresh out of jail sees you as meat, pulls you into a dark ally way, while pulling down your pants he threatens you and then begins to insert his penis into your anus.
If you are a guy or a girl I want you to get up and go in the other room and tell who ever is there that you were raped, Right Now! Be it by a guy in the anus or you being a female in the vagina. I bet this does not come easy to you and this is the exact feeling that the victim goes through except its worse because it actually happened to them. (don’t forget to tell them it was for their reaction) Or if you really want you can go test the police see if they will convict someone innocent of a rape crime. They will do exactly as I’ve already explained, PROVE ME WRONG! After being raped, no matter if you are a man or woman you will report it to the police and they will tell you that for all they know you led the guy on or that you were out cheating on your boyfriend.
These girls are stuck in the position of this isn't how I wanted to get pregnant but at the same time this is also my own child. I cant speak for all woman but I know that if some crack head junkie looking guy raped me I wouldn’t want to keep that kid. Some women have abortions costing them any where from $500-$1,000 depending on where they live and how many times they may have had this happen to them. If they were to save the fetus for DNA reasoning the abortion clinic by law can only keep it for 2 weeks (go ask them if you don‘t believe me), and as far as our civil liberties go, you can’t take a man to court with out the police arresting him, but you can serve him papers just like a paternity test only its on a fetus and not on a baby. If a judge doesn’t approve the case with in the two weeks you loose your DNA evidence and two weeks isn’t a lot of time to serve someone papers to take them to court. It can take several weeks to get a hearing or trial not to mention
the emotional stress that you undergo, especially if you were the girl walking home late and have no idea who the guy was. If you cant prove he raped you then they wouldn’t be able to arrest him which must me done in order to take him to court for conviction. Every one is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, giving a criminal a chance to run skip town/country.
The real question, my whole theory behind even typing this……are the people in uniform to blame? We all know a lot of people in congress are against abortion because they think it goes against human rights. How could you kill a baby it’s in humane! Why does the baby deserve to die! Women aren’t right when it comes to this matter! What about other family members like the grand parents? Don’t they have rights? Etcetera. what if you did not intend to have it, your family did not intend for such a shocking incident and if the victim keeps the rape baby they will have the excessive amount of unwanted stress that follows. For the next 18 years she will have to explain that she was a rape victim like when the schools, doctors, and family demand for the where abouts of the other parent.(humiliation) Not to mention how does one even go about telling there own child there own flesh and blood that they are a rape baby. They have already started to put this into effect such as the state of Nebraska has done by enforcing the unborn child acts. This act has taken away from woman rights stating that if an abortion is needed it must be done with in 20 weeks of the pregnancy. So what if the government or people in congress are trying to put a ban on abortions with out the public eye watching? The only thing stopping them from doing it, is RAPE. The portion of rape in small towns is nothing compared to it in big cities, you either need it to be caught on camera, interrupted, have the guy confess, or have another victim present. The neighborhood watch in Harlem or Chicago isn’t of much help, no witness in any city wants to talk to a police officer about a crime being witnessed. Just like if you were to witness a murder, you wouldn’t say you saw it because who knows if the attacker would go after you for confessing or have a gang of people come and kill you. The only reason abortions law in America exists right now is because of woman that get raped. I mean once upon a time it was because of woman’s rights but now they have brought human rights into the circulation along with a whole lot of in justice questioning and
civil liberties movements. So in theory, are the police not arresting these men so our congress men can put a ban on abortions?
I have posted this topic on several web sites all in which did the same thing “wouldn’t allow the conversation to continue?” Moderator note: We appreciate the time and effort people such as yourself invest to try and help others, but some answers, especially political ones, can very easily stray from the topic (the OP's problem) to a political debate.
Also: We didn't think your question was appropriate for publication AND: forever banished
WHERE ARE MY RIGHTS?!?! FREEDOM OF SPEECH! FREEDOM OF EXPRESION! I’m not hurting anyone I’m telling the truth but it seems there is some unexplained reasoning to why I cant post this. I am entitled to my own opinion and in this case it seems less and less of an opinion. And more like facts. This was the same on most sites about 10 of them now mostly advise columns and even a few political ones. If this is the case can you imagine how many woman will get raped if this act gets past? Due to the fact nothing is ever going to be done about it. All because some knuckle head congress member who has never been in this type of situation wants to put a ban on abortions, just think of all the woman in age range from 11yrs-40yrs that would be stuck taking care of a baby that they never intended to have. Does any one else share my views? What can be done to stop this from happening?
My next thoughts are why would they want to do this? I mean who cares if women kill a fetus other than the 100’s of people that petition out side the abortion clinics. In most Islamic countries woman are murdered if they are raped along with the child. The same Islamic countries that we are at war with (fishy) This is due to there religious beliefs and how they believe that women should be married before they have children. I also believe this was stated in the roman catholic religion as well slightly because of there strict marriage beliefs. When it came down to woman that weren’t married before having children or the wanting of divorce these women were hung in the gallows with out a trial. There beliefs became more modernized like the present situation in the U.S. today I assume they could easily go back to this way if the right people in power demanded it. If they did pass a ban on abortions the woman would go back to coat hangers like they did in the 70’s. Not much of a choice seeing as how 8 out of 10 women bled to death from destroying there intestines and other sever complications.
To make a long story short are the men in congress standing behind humane activist rights so that way if an abortion ban gets passed they can later kill off woman who have been raped???????? All woman that have had an abortion are added into a computer data base system that the government can cease if a law like this were to prevail. Yes hypo does exist and the right to your privacy provided by any health care provider but in the long run wasn’t that created by the same congress men in power that are making this problem arise. They have done this before, for instance the Vietnam war, or any world war when they drafted men. Think of how many unsuspecting woman would be slaughtered! MILLIONS! A new world order plans for just this a one world government with one religion sacrificing millions of woman that have gone against the man and his beliefs. My own personal theory is that they will pass this ban on abortions and slowly go after the woman that have already had them. They did this for any one that was claimed to be a Nazi (Nazi war crimes disclosure acts) so what’s stopping them from doing it in this situation, nothing! All that the FBI’s joined terror task force would need to do is cease this list so they can start to accuse former rape victims of being terrorists for aborting their own children. No I agree it’s not constitutionals and our very own Declaration of independence goes against just these things from happening. But it was only yesterday that we passed the patriot act which allows the Joined terror task force to point there fingers at anyone, accusing them of being a terrorist. This also allows them to come into your home and do what they want with you with out questioning or reasoning. Another thing to add to the horrors of 2012 and the NWO or is it?
Any arguments???????

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:42 PM
Well, what do you want them to do? You say yourself in your own made up hypothetical that there is no evidence. Should we arrest people with no evidence? What happens at the trial, we send someone to jail for life because they were accused of something horrible? That certainly isn't the solution.

It's not a bad idea for the criminal justice system to use evidence in order to convict people. In fact, not requiring evidence is obviously absurd. Of course it's bad when people get away with crimes. It would be worse, though, if we sent everyone to jail who was accused of something without proving that they did it.

Abortion is legal. The idea that people who are against abortion are involved in some long term conspiracy to kill women who have been raped after a retro-active death-penalty-enforced abortion ban is passed is completely crazy. Some people just think that destroying a life never acceptable. It's nothing too complicated, their beliefs make perfect sense without this preposterous alterior motive.

It's not even clear what you're getting at here. You think that peope who are anti-abortion really have this sensless idea that at some point in the future they will be able to go back and kill women who have been raped? You think it's wrong that courts require evidence to convict people? What's the argument that you're even trying to have?

You seek to explain the fact that some people believe that abortion is wrong in an extremely complicated and utterly rediculous way. The real explanation is either that abortion is against their religion or that they believe that destroying an innocent life is always wrong. Why choose to explain something in a convoluted way, when a much simpler and more reasonable explanation is availible? What reason do you have to believe that their motives are anything other than what they say? You say that "a lot of people in congress are against abortion because they think it goes against human rights." Doesn't that make sense to you? You really think that that is more rediculous than the reason that you suggest for them being against it?

Is this really just a pro-abortion argument with an absurd conspiracy tacked on in order to get attention?

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:46 PM
I can see where you would make those arguments with the assumption that this was written by a pro-choice abortion activist but isn’t this quite a controversial issue. I not only stated the pros of having an abortion for the tens of thousands of women that claim rape every day but I also stated the cons. Stating if a law prevails all women that have been subjected to abortions will die due to an act concerning the N.W.O. a one world government and one religion. Now tell me that isn’t a con? It’s more or less a warning not to get an abortion due to the conspiracy that a one world religion is coming into effect. So this statement is neither pro or cons concerning abortions.

“How can you see if you are blind?” -I quoted this myself

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by againstNWO_acts

Live birth is a hundred times more risky to the life of the woman than an early termination each and every time.

No question about that. Ask any OBGYN.

So let's all try to come up with something that is actually true in our argument against(?) legalized abortion.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 05:44 AM
so what are you suggesting? imprisoning every guy who has ever been accused of rape or for that matter, any crime?

it's a good idea to question and check up the story of the accuser you know. If you have any cop friends they'll tell you that most of the accusations of rape are made up by jealous/insane women.

[edit on 21-4-2010 by Ionut]

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 03:49 PM
No I'm saying that after NATO destroys our constitution :freedom of speech, freedom of expresion, right to bare arms, ect. They are going to try and ruduce the world population and 60% of women in the U.S. are going to be the first to go! If our government can destroy the constitution well then they have alot more power than that and can easily get all the names of every woman that has ever had an abortion. They will kill them off to try and enforce a one world religion.

As for police officers I hope your not talking about the same ones that planted crack in my friends car. I would not trust an officer with any case be it a rape case, murder case, or what ever. (personal oppinion)
They have to much power, when I say that I mean they know the inns and outs of the system as for the average Joe that works at wallmart. The police could easily talk circles around him with out him ever having a clue as to what was being said. Also alot of them I find to be very sexist and in considerate.

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