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Upcoming Wikileaks Video: Obama’s Warplanes Massacre Up to 147 Afghan Civilians

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 08:00 AM

Video report provided by RAWA the day of the Granai Massacre, of which WikiLeaks reportedly will release classified footage. The U.S government has always reported 26 civilians were killed though, investigations by rights groups have said more than 90 children alone were killed in the airstrike. The government has also claimed that the Taliban was responsible for a bulk of the casualties, though civilians claim the Taliban had left well before the U.S. warplanes rained bombs on their village through the middle of the night. (2:08):

Classified video footage of U.S. warplanes “repeatedly” dropping 500- and 2,000-lb. bombs, massacring up to 147 Afghan civilians of the Bala Baluk district of Farah province last May, is expected to be released on the internet by WikiLeaks, Ben Farmer reported at the London Telegraph last night.

The May 4, 2009 late-night attack near Granai in the province of Farah was sharply protested with “Death to America!” chants and become known as the “Granai Massacre“, as Reuters reported, “Villagers brought truckloads of bodies to the capital.” Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan called the attack, “one out of many war crime cases” committed by the Obama Administration in Afghanistan and compiled graphic photos, consistent with the initial claims of Afghan civilians and officials (2:42):

A “tribal elder with extensive local knowledge of the surrounding area” said the Taliban were never within a kilometer of the Granai village, Guy Smallman reported at the Financial Times, last June. “The U.S. disputes this account and claims that the Taliban entered the village, turning it into a legitimate target”, adding [emphasis added]:

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So it looks like the American government were indeed planning on releasing this video themselves (or so they claim) also claiming that the Taliban were there primary targets (although they admit civilian’s were also in the area) but the people on the ground seem to completely disagree and they even claim the Taliban were over a kilometer away.

The only way we can know for ourselves is to see the video which Wikileaks is still desperately trying to come up with funds for.

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 08:35 AM
Well, it was already in the news. Sad really...war is indeed hell.

With every bomb dropped, we appear to kill 2 enemies, and create 20 terrorists. This is madness

I think we need to drop laptops and ipods on the people...when you take away things from people, they quickly become people with nothing to lose...if you give them stuff, they suddenly become mild and wanting to live. We are going about this wrong.

Hearts and them, not blow them up.


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