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Dream log 2010.

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 06:53 PM
I have recently seen a fare few threads about peoples dreams. So I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we can all share our strange dreams.

So lets:-Share eachothers dreams each day.

-Compair and find connections between eachothers dream.

- Try to intepret the dreams.

Have fun.............

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:06 PM
I was going to start something like this... I will post if I have interesting dreams, I won't bother you with the boring ones.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:12 PM

My friend Charlie, who just recently moved to Portland, was back in town visiting. We decided to go out for a night on the town. There was some sort of festival going on in Washington Park that we attended. There were 1000's of people there. It was like a carnival without the rides. Plenty of food and booze to go around. I brought Victoria with me to the festival and Charlie went alone. After spending some time there I went and socialized with some other fellows and Charlie and my companion were spending some time together. Next thing I know Charlie has his hands all over her. At first I was able to ignore it and just spent my time looking for a different companion. In time however I felt my rage building. Everytime I looked at Charlie he just kept pointing to his eyes. At the time that symbolism was empty to me. Eventually Charlie and I had some words. He explained to me that all I wanted was to catch a females eye. I was disinterested in anything beyond her attention. This absolutely infuriated me.

At this point Charlie and I were involved in a fisticuff. It was a very evenly pitched battle. Epic nonetheless. In the end both Charlie and I were bloodied. I am unsure exactly what stopped the fight, but I do recall being very upset as we are Masonic Brothers.

The next thing I remember I was slumped over in a car in front of my house. The sun had just crept over the horizon and had awoken me from slumber. I remember that while I was dreaming in the dream it felt very much like a deep state of meditation. Everything was vibrating and I felt an intimate connection with everything around me. I felt extremem vibration in my dream body. The stronger the sensation the more I felt like I was losing myself to the world around me. So there I was; I had just awoken in a foreign(as in not mine) vehicle. It felt and looked like it was my roommate's mother's car but I was at a loss as to why I would be in it. I was slumped over in the backseat; sore from the night before. Some people were walking their dogs. The dogs noticed me in the backseat and started barking. I then noticed the vibrations were still present. I could feel each bark reverberate throughout my body. It was a very odd sensation. The walkers noticed I was bloodied and pulled me from the car. They then help me to my house as I was just parked outside.

The house looked just as it does in waking life.

As I enetered the house I noticed Charlie was there. He was without any markings whatsoever. This absolutely baffled me. We then talked about how I simply wanted a girl in my life for the attention. At this point my emotions were out of the way of my judgement and I agreed with him. At this point everything changed. It was like I woke up inside of a dream. I felt as if I had been in some sort of Virtual Reality Simulator and now that the lesson had been learned I woke up.

When I woke up I lived in the same home as I do in waking life. It felt the same, but was visually was very different. The ground level was actually more like a warehouse or barracks of some sort. The second story was nearly identical to the ground level of my house currently with the exception of a staircase, and decorations reminiscent of the Masonic Lodge. Mind you; my current home is is without a second story.

I was absolutely baffled at this point, and to an extent was consciously aware that I was in the dreamworld. I went and talked with Charlie who was sitting on the couch. I thanked him for the lesson he taught me, and took notice that his face was still without blood. I went to the bathroom to check my own. My face was healed but it was distorted in the mirror.

When I returned to the kitchen where Charlie was now located; it was filled with people. I started running up the walls(literally). At first I felt like I just wanted to do a backflip off of the wall. Then I realized as I ran up the wall that I could actually run up the wall and onto the ceiling if I wanted to. I made another attempt at it. It worked very well. I made it nearly all the way to the ceiling but lost my concentration and ended up pushing both feet through the wall. That's when I returned to waking life.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:13 PM

I was at the house on Coffman. There were many people there, all nameless and faceless except for Collin. The people all seemed to live there, I felt like we were in a postapocalyptic future and my home was being used as a commune. I remember being in the garage, and it was full of random stuff. I received a text message and left the house to read it. I was outside sitting on the curb between Max's and the Sedar's house. In the dream it felt like it was a text but it was also like I was in the middle of a phone call as I read it. It was Bobbie. She asked when the last time I had sex was. I told her it had been awhile. I felt like I was being interrogated by her because she had contracted an STD or was pregnant and was trying to figure out who to blame.

I then remember being somewhere with my Father and my Grandpa Ival. I was parked on the side of the street and they were in someone's front yard talking. Then Ival pushed my car, the roads were icy and my car was spinning out of control. I remember being very pissed at my inability to control my car and my anger was making things worse. I ended up getting the car stuck on someone's front porch. After the mashing the gas trying to jump the concrete barrier surrounding the porch I was finally able to calm down. At this point I got out of the car and physically picked the front end of the car up and lifted it over the barrier so that I could drive off. I was driving away and the neighborhood reminded me of a scene from District 9. I then saw Becca and Megan Hill standing outside of a house. When I got inside I realized the houses were just entrances to a vast complex of some sort. I was in some form of Resistance headquarters. All the houses in the neighborhood were connected to eachother though a system of tunnels and catacombs. There was a warehouse inside the complex as well. I went in the warehouse and realized I had another text message. It was Bobbie, stating, "I was wondering because I bent over to pick something up and was physically immobilized." I then got another text but didn't know who it was from. I was baffled until Chris Adams who was in the warehouse all of a sudden says, "that one's for me." I then noticed some sort of transponder connect to the bottom of my phone. It reminded me of the radio transmitters you can get for an iPod. I realized Chris and I were on the same frequency. I then went back into the complex and into a room with a table and three chairs. Chris and I sat down with a man. He was in a black leather trenchcoat and looked sort of like an SS officer or something. The man wanted us to sign a bunch of business card sized paperwork. Chris proceeded to sign. I felt like we were signing death warrants for Jews or something. I told him I was sorry but I couldn't participate. He then took us on a tour around a neighborhood behind the one we were just in. It was a slum. A terrible place in fact. The people living in the neighborhood were horribly mutated. I then realized that the death warrants were actually designed to allow the mercy killing of these poor individuals. They weren't even like Humans anymore; they were like animals. I remember someone threw a grenade into one of the individuals shacks. The grenade only partially detonated, but was thrown into our immediate vicinity. Then someone came over and picked it up and threw it back into the shack. At this point the man in the trenchcoat was gone but I realized I still had a stack of his death warrants. I went back inside the complex to return them. I stopped in the bathroom on my way in. I looked in the mirror and noticed some strange glimmering blood cell shaped things moving around underneath the skin of my upper lip. I walked out of the bathroom and to the Directorate's office. When I got inside I realized that the Directorate was none other than my 4th grade teacher Mr. Dipman. At this point I noticed there was some sort of flap of skin growing on the inside of my lip but quickly forgot about it. I gave the Directorate the cards and learned that he advocated the mercy killings. He showed me something on some sort of holographic screen he had in his office pertaining to the mercy kill operation being done in Russia. I then returned to the bathroom to check out the flap of skin and intended to remove it. I returned to the mirror and realized that the flap of skin was more like a tentacle. I went to remove it and it came loose with extreme ease. I rubber my finger around the inside of my lip and it fell out of my mouth and into the sink. It reminded me of one of those novelty stretchy sticky hands I used to buy from vending machines in restaurants when I was a kid. The wated in the sink was running and the thing almost fell down the drain; but as soon as the water hit it the thing started growing. Very rapidly in fact. I was frightened and went to remove it from the drain. It had grown a beak at this point and started snapping at me. I ran to the Directorate's office down the hall to inform him. The creature was growing very fast and followed me all the way to the office. It was still connected to the drain via some sort of "umbilical cord." The creatures flesh and cord reminded me of the flesh from the aliens in Independence Day. It was very translucent and you could see organs and veins through it. I cut the creature loose from the cord and proceeded to wrestle it to the floor. I felt like I was wrestling a snake or something. It was still snapping at me and I was about to kill it when it spoke to me telepathically. It said, "There's a brain between these eyes." I instantly realized that it was a sentient being and let go of it. At this point the Directorate moved in to kill it but I stopped him. I kept asking the being if it was going to quit trying to bite me, and then it did stop. Then time fast forwarded and the being was full grown. It was capable of speech and highly intelligent. It's name was Samantha and looked like a cross between a bird, a dog, and a fish. "Sam" was getting ready to jump into the ocean and swim to Australia

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:14 PM

I was getting ready for work. The Friday before I hadn't closed shop. I had to go in early so I could pick up some milk and close from the Friday before; before I could open on that Monday. I was on my way out the door when someone pulled up and asked for my Mother. Even though she doesn't current live in the same place as I; she was there. After they exchanged some words we were off to take me to work and my Brother to school. We stopped at minimart to grab milk. When I came outside the store there were alot of what I perceived as college students in the parking lot. I looked in one of the cars and the driver was a topless female. I looked at Chris Adams who had appeared out of nowhere and told him to look at the girl. She got out of the car and came to talk to us. Even though I didn't recognize her; I was acting like I knew her for some reason. We left the lot and took Collin to school. Chris and I escorted him to class and he was on the top floor. We were then being chased by some black people wearing red or blue. Every time we ran to a flight of stairs they were coming up. Eventually we were cornered, and I tried to hide between two vending machines. I was spotted. They rounded us up. We thought we were done for; but then they all started breakdancing. It was like an epic dance battle. These guys had the moves. I mean these guys would put Channing Tatum to shame. After the dance battle I had to race off to work. On my way to my car I was attacked by a chainsaw wielding student. He hit me upside the head with the chainsaw. It cut my ear and the side of my head good; but broke the chainsaw. I proceed to pound the heck out of the kid and then went off to work. I last remember being in the coffee shop and it was like I had never even been hurt by the chainsaw.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:14 PM
Those should provide a little look inside my head...

Be afraid, be very afraid.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:17 PM
Great idea. I had an odd and vivd dream the other day.

I was in my childhood home and it was nighttime. Outside there were millions of tiny spots of light winking on and off at different depths, like fireflys. It was very beautiful. The next day, the news and radio said that there was some kind of alien invasion and that the lights were related to the aliens, but nobody knew how. We were all advised to stay indoors.

The dream jumped to the next evening. Looking out the window, there were many more lights. I noticed that as soon as I stood at the window, the lights seemed to "focus" on me more intensely. Then a stronger, yellow light would emerge, as if "targeting" me. We all became very frightened and tried to stay away from the windows. We turned on the TV and the news said that all contact outside the local area had been lost and the Pacific Northwest was cut off from the rest of the US (the dream took place in the Northwest, but oddly enough I have never lived there or even visited there). The news advised that it would only be safe to go out in the daytime, and the US government was arranging emergency food and gasoline, etc. to be delivered to the Northwest, and we could pick it up in the morning.

The next day, we went outside and everything appeared to be normal. My dad said he was going to pick up emergency supplies and he would be back in "a cantered 4% of a two-toned day." I instinctively understood this to mean an hour, but I couldn't figure out why. (When I woke up from the dream, I did the math and realized an hour was a little more than 4.1% of a day, and presumably the "two-toned" reference referred to daytime/nighttime. I find it interesting that my brain automatically calculated an hour as "a cantered 4%" of a day, even though I didn't realize that consciously).

Later we started to hear theories from the neighbors that the alien invasion was a faked pretext for some sort of government operation to cut the Northwest off from the rest of the US. The neighbor noted that a few people had been out at night among the lights and nothing had happened, although we also heard contradictory reports of people disappearing after leaving in the night.

Then I woke up. Wonder what it means? (maybe it means I've been spending too much time on ATS...)

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:55 PM
This happened during my slumber sometime in February.

I was in a room overhearing a conversation going on by some older English gentlemen. It must have been a small den in a home somewhere, I remember the walls being the stately dark wood with a few bookshelves and old-style wingback chairs. A pretty comfortable place with that air of intellect and aristocracy about it.

They were debating Bible texts, something about Textus Receptus and Jerome's latin vulgate. I remember drifting into a little day dream within a night dream, annoyed by the squeaky voice from one of the gentlemen rambling on about differences in the volumes.

For some reason I felt compelled to look out of the small window to my right, which had mini-blinds that were open enough to allow me to see the outside world which looked to be just a residential setting.

A few seconds later I heard a rumbling noise and saw what appeared to be the white tip of an airplane wing or something similar blitz by the window. The next second involved all surroundings inside the room being instantly engulfed in flames and then the ceiling itself collapsing on us.

Everything then whited out and I was somewhere else. Those six gentlemen were arranged seated in a perfect semi-circle around me, as if gauging my reaction to the incident. Mentally I felt violated, like they were reading and judging my every thought.

Then I woke up but I can't remember whether I was panicked after this dream, but there have been some that made me wide awake very quickly.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:05 PM
I went for a ride in the country. I drove past the cityscape into the urban scape. I traveled farther, taking the old roads, and began to notice the houses were further apart, which is normal as you move into rural territory.

Suddenly I had such an overwhelming feeling of freedom and felt a certain lightness of spirit reminiscent of childhood. That's when I noticed there were no more telephone poles in sight. The radio in the car began to static out, then there was complete silence.

There were no activities going on anywhere as I passed the farmlands. No tractors, no people. There were cows and horses in fields.

I pulled into a gas station and the attendant told me the town had been demagnetized, but he could sipher some gas from some other vehicles for my tank.

I wondered where the owners of the vehicles had gone. It seemed like a creepy town.

I drove on and suddenly the road came to a dead end. Right in the middle of the road, the pavement had been torn up in chunks and was undriveable. Further down the road, I could see where the pavement had been removed and trees had been recently planted right in the middle of the street. There were no houses down the road that I could see, but then, in rural areas houses are often far back from the road.

The oddest part was that the road and rural area appeared to be turning into a forrest. And it was the first time I could remember ever seeing a landscape without telephone poles.

I got out of the car and I heard a cell phone ringing. I looked around and realized it was a bird making the noise.

That's all.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:29 PM
Excellent work! I have a thread of my own concerning a place I keep going to in my dreams, and I've seen the latest vivid dream thread but this seems like the best place to share dreams of mine that don't fit into either of those threads, but are unusual nevertheless.

For instance. Three or four days ago I dreamt I was with a group of people. I have no idea who they were. The dream wasn't that clear. We we outdoors, on a plateau? of some sort. I turned around in a circle to try to make out where we were. The plateau or whatever it was was surrounded by mountains. I guess the best way to describe it is: imagine yourself inside a non-active volcano not far below the lip of the crater. Imagine if you looked around 360 degrees. Now imagine that the rim of the volcano was miles and miles away. The plateau seemed circular, but surrounded by mountains. I asked the group if anyone had ever tried to see what was on the other side of the mountains. Or if they had tried to climb to the other side of the mountains. They seemed to respond in a way that indicated that my idea of seeing what was on the other side of the mountains was silly. Like they had never been outside of the mountain surrounded area, and never thought of going over the mountains. I said there might be other people "over there". The dream either shifted to something else or I woke up.I don't really remember.

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