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Jocelyn Bell Burnell and the discovery of Pulsars

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 06:24 PM
Most interesting documentary on BBC 4 tonight. In the * Beautiful Minds* series The link to Ufology in the programme, was the following..

Upon the first discover of Pulsars, there was a high level meeting behind closed doors amongst the staff who were working on the project. This was before they were recognised as Pulsars and known to be a natural phenomenon.

As the Pulsar radio signature was a regular one, it was first thought that, this was evidence of an extraterrestrial civilisation sending a signal our way in an attempt to, possibly, establish contact.

During the meeting it was mooted that. if indeed, this was evidence of another life-form they should; "Burn the records and say nothing about it". The reasoning behind it being that. It could well be a feint, in order to find another world to colonise on their behalf.

So there you have it. Scientists admitting on TV, in an interview, years after the event that. They, were willing to lie about such a discovery, if they felt the ramifications were, in their opinion, bad for mankind as a whole.

I would say, that nails the accepted skeptic view that. If scientists discovered intelligent life, elsewhere in the universe, they'd be tripping over themselves to get on TV ad tell us all about it. It quite clearly shows that, in the past, this was anything but the situation.


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