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Taliban kidnap gang chief released early

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:39 AM

A Taliban commander who was jailed for kidnapping foreigners in Kabul was released early, the BBC has learnt.

Akbar Agha was sentenced to 16 years in prison for kidnapping three UN workers in the Afghan capital in 2004. He was released from prison late last year.

His friends told the BBC he had been pardoned by President Hamid Karzai. But a spokesman said the president "could not recall the matter".

For those wondering about his main claim to fame...TERRORISM: Three UN hostages taken in Afghanistan

The reason I find this mildly disturbing is what happened the last time a prisoner was released with ties to Afghanistan....

Taleban chief released from Guantanamo to target British troops

This announcement also comes curiously timed to when Karzai recently claimed he may join the Taliban if the west does not stop meddling. Seems a little odd to me.

Just another interesting quote from the article:

"People from Kandahar had been demanding Akbar Agha's release for a long time. He is from a spiritual family - he's a sayed, a descendant of the Prophet Mohammad, and that is why they wanted him released.

"He was pardoned on condition that he stays in Kabul. The government's paying the rent on his house - I think it's about $1,000 a month."


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