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UK's Anti-Gun Unit "Operation Trident" present rented replica guns on national TV as recovered il

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:06 AM

What is Trident?
Trident is an anti-gun crime operation that was set up in 1998 to help bring an end to a spate of shootings and murders among young, black Londoners. Over 350 police officers and 86 support staff work just on Trident. They are advised and informed by a group of black community leaders called the Trident Independent Advisory Group. 75% of London's gun crime involves the victim and suspect both coming from the capital's black communities. Trident was set up in response to black community members wanting the police to do something that specifically targeted the criminals affecting them. Trident only works because it is a partnership with community leaders combined with robust, intelligence based policing.
Trident's commitment to you is:
We will work with you to identify and target those involved in gun crime;
We will investigate and disrupt criminals who use guns;
We will work with schools, the community and other interested groups to try to prevent young people becoming involved in gun crime;
We will arrest and prosecute the criminals who provide the guns;
We will support victims and witnesses of gun crime;
We will support the work of the Trident Independent Advisory Group and other community led anti-gun crime projects.


So after all their commitment to us they forgot to mention how they will rent replica guns and present them to the public as huge horde's of illegal firearms that they've apparently recovered in many of their "successful raids", what a joke.

It's not 100% concrete evidence but this site alerted me to what many already suspected.

Here at Mick's Guns we are often asked if we have replica guns to hire out for film and theatre work. We actually have quite a collection, and this collection will significantly increase when Operation Trident are forced to return all of Mick's possessions. You may remember seeing Mick's replica guns used by Operation Trident in their media fiasco, telling the British public they have taken real guns off the street, holding them in certain ways that hid the tell tale signs they were actually replicas and blank firing guns.

They did the same with Mick's Air Arms air rifle, three times in fact in front of the TV cameras, trying to show the media they had recovered a military assault rifle !

If Operation Trident would like to hire any of our replicas to further their campain of misleading the British public, we will be happy to enter into a hire contract with them at double the normal price !

Genuine film makers and dramatists need only apply!


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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:39 AM
Interesting story, thanks for posting.

For some reason though, i'm struggling to not think there is two sides to this story. By that i mean, reading that website it also looks like this man has quite a grudge too....and fair enough he has every right to after what he's been through.

It gives the false idea though that Op Trident is just a waste of money though and no good. Every time a replica is shown as recovered by the police, i can't believe they are all from Mick's collection. He's not the only one who sells these.

This initially sounds like he lends the police guns for thier pics, therefore making out they are more successfull than they are, when he actualy hires them out for films. The ones he's waiting to get back are the ones taken off him for the alleged crime (am i right).

Replica's are involved in many a gun crime too.

If he is as legit as the site says he is, then i am pleased for the guy, he shouldn't have had to go through this.



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