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Words of Love.

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 10:56 PM
Religion is not the answer. God exist in love and love is found inside you. Hence you are god. express yourself through infinity, infinity is found in love. Unify yourself with the infinite. Individuality is an illusion. It is an illusion of ego. Ego is an expression of self separate from the whole. When you realize your individuality is expressed through the whole, and the whole is the infinite creator, and you are apart of the infinite creator it will simplify your entire being.

We are in love.

Our eyes are open.

I am in love.

My eyes are open.

We live in the now.

I live in the now.

Feel these things. Say them to yourself, then say them out loud. Say them to your friends, your loved ones. Say these things to strangers on the street.

Peace, love, and compassion to all of you.

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:09 PM
Reading this makes me want to post a poem I wrote; this is my thought for the world and the people in it:

Well write me a song that the robins will sing
That will bloom like flowers on the first days of spring
While the moon cradles the stars in sweet harmony
Yes the salmon do swim up the rivers to spawn
And feed the cycle of life that lives on
While rushing waters run rampant to the seas
Dear God I want to dream of some clear blue skies
And reasons to dry all these tears from my eyes
So the nightmares will disappear from my dreams
So please take the time and open your minds
Show everyone there's truly a reason for trying
Dear God bless our children and lift them please
Yes, show them each and every little thing
That an evil world has that's truly worth saving
Yes join them one and all and lift them please
For I've walked down some long cold roads
I've carried the pain and it's been quite a load
It's enough to drive any strong man down to his knees
And though I've learned things that very few know
Pain sometimes comes and who is to know
But tonight we shut it off and can shout it out
Through prayer you can let everything go
Yes oh if you've seen what my eyes have seen
You know that all our sufferring is caused by death, drugs and greed
And if you do then this little favor I'll do for you
I'll write you the songs that the robins will sing
That will bloom like flowers on your first days of spring
While the moon cradles the stars in sweet harmony
You see harmony will be here for you and for me

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